Psalm 27:1 - The LORD Is My Light, My Salvation And My Strength. {addendum]

Psalm 27:1 - The LORD Is My Light, My Salvation And My Strength. 

Psalm 27:1 (KJV) The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom 
shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be 

Psalm 27:1 (TNIV) The Lord is my light and my salvation - whom 
shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life - of whom shall I 
be afraid? 

Never Abandoned
   King David, in Psalm 27, gives us a remarkable example of 
praying with vulnerability, repentance, and faith. He senses God's warm 
invitation: "Hear me as I pray, O Lord. Be merciful and answer me! My heart 
has heard you say, 'Come and talk with me.' And my heart responds, 
'Lord, I am coming'" (verses 7-8, NLT). 
   Yet, as soon as David prays these words, he seems disturbed 
by memories of his sins or things he's done that he fears 
displeased the Lord. He abruptly shifts his prayers to pleading: "Do not 
turn your back on me. Do not reject your servant in anger. You have 
always been my helper. Don't leave me now; don't abandon me, O God of 
my salvation!" (verse 9, NLT). 
   Apparently, as he prayed, he received full assurance that God 
would answer that pleading, for he proclaims: "Even if my father and 
mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close" (verse 10, NLT). 
   David then gets down to the business at hand of talking to 
the Lord about his current troubles: "Teach me how to live, O LORD. 
Lead me along the right path, for my enemies are waiting for me. Do 
not let me fall into their hands. For they accuse me of things I've 
never done; with every breath they threaten me with violence. Yet I am 
confident I will see the Lord's goodness while I am here in the land of 
the living" (verses 11-13, NLT). 
   David gets specific about his predicaments, lays them before 
the Lord, and leaves them there, confident in him. He then turns to 
us and advises from long and hard experience: "Wait patiently for 
the LORD. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord" 
(verse 14, NLT). 
   In Psalm 28, he bursts out in exultant song: "Praise the 
LORD! For he has heard my cry for mercy. The Lord is my strength and 
shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is 
filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving" (verses 6-7, 
   David in these psalms gives us a model of God's warm 
invitation to come talk to him, to throw ourselves on his mercy, to tell 
him of our troubles, and then to leave them with him and rejoice in 
his love and care. 
   Lord, I am grateful for your invitation to talk to you. It's 
a privilege, and I ask that you'll make our conversation right now 
authentic. May your Spirit open my mind and speed wisdom and courage into 
all my thoughts. 
   The LORD is my light and my salvation--so why should I be 
afraid? Psalm 27:1 NLT  [The One Year Book of Encouragement by Harold 

Finding Comfort Outside Your Comfort Zone
   The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The 
Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid. Psalm 
27:1 NKJV 
   Have you spent too much time playing it safe? Are you 
uncomfortably stuck inside your comfort zone? Would you like to change the 
quality and direction of your life, but you're not sure how? If you 
answered these questions in the affirmative, maybe you're more afraid of 
change than you need to be. 
   Change is often difficult and sometimes uncomfortable. But 
the world keeps changing, and the longer you delay needed changes, 
the more painful they'll become. Instead of fighting change, maybe 
it's time to embrace it. 
   Next time you face a decision that involves a major 
modification in your own circumstances, look to God. He will give you the 
courage to step outside your comfort zone.  
   You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every 
experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able 
to say to yourself. "I lived through this horror, I can take the 
next thing that comes along." You must do the things you think you 
cannot do. Eleanor Roosevelt [Hugs Daily Inspirations Words of Comfort 
by Criswell Freeman] 

We don't need to be afraid of the dark when the Lord gives us 
His light. We don't need to fear the power of enemies when we walk 
in the power of God's Spirit. John says, "Perfect love casts out 
fear" (1 John 4:18).  [Life Principles SB By Charles Stanley]