Psalm 59:9 - God Our Strength & Fortress When We Have No Other.

Psalm 59:9 - God Our Strength & Fortress When We Have No Other.

Psalm 59:9 (NIV) O my Strength, I watch for you; you, O God, are 
my fortress,  

Psalm 59:9 (AMP) O my Strength, I will watch and give heed to 
You and sing praises; for God is my Defense (my Protector and High 


David faced several years of danger and exile before he received 
his rightful throne. Twice he could have killed Saul, but he refused 
to do so. He knew that God would deal with his enemies in His way 
and in His time (1 Sam. 28:8-11). [Chapter by Chapter Bible 
Commentary by Warren Wiersbe] 

When Saul had sent men to watch David's house in order to kill 
him. [TNIV] 


With Friends Like These....
   Betrayal from a close friend or relative often results in a 
significant turning point in life. Devastated and angry, we wonder how we 
could have ever trusted that person in the first place. What is worse, 
though, is that this one experience may affect our future relationships. 
Will we ever trust anyone again?  
   Few people know what it is like to be betrayed better than 
David. In Psalm 59, David prays to God for protection from those who 
have turned against him. Yes, he has been betrayed. This is his 
prayer - it's also his solution. We can learn from his example.  
   The other psalms in this reading provide prayers for healing 
and examples for scarred and beaten pilgrims who are looking for a 
reason believe. They speak of enjoying God's faithful love and help in 
times of trouble (Psalm 57), and leaving ultimate justice in God's 
hands (Psalm 58).  
   Read Psalms 57-59
   David was hunted by those whose love had turned to jealousy, 
and this was driving them to try to murder him (Psalm 59: 1-4). 
Trusted friends, and even one of David's sons, had turned against him. 
Despite the fact that their love for David had eroded, God's love for 
him was constant. David knew that he could count on God to deliver 
him from his enemies.  
   When people betray and hurt you, remember that God still 
loves you and that he will never betray you. So rest in his enduring 
love, even if you feel that he is allowing bad things to happen to 
you. When the situation passes, you will be able to see that God was 
with you, sustaining you through the whole ordeal. [The One Year 
Through the Bible Devotional by Dave Veerman re vv. 1-9] 


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