Proverbs 17:22a - A cheerful heart is good medicine. [addendum]

Proverbs 17:22a - A cheerful heart is good medicine.  [addendum]

Proverbs 17:22 (NIV) A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a 
crushed spirit dries up the bones.  

   My dog is chronically, maddeningly happy. His tail wags 
incessantly, which causes me to describe him as having a "happy ending:" No 
matter what his day brings, it doesn't change his joyful outlook on 
life. Personally, I had perfected the art of moaning and groaning and 
practiced it religiously. I was so adept at spiritlessness that I could 
instantly sap my strength and the strength of anyone else within shouting 
   My prognosis was not pretty, so I was referred to a spiritual 
cardiologist who specialized in cheerful hearts. His exhaustive examination 
dictated radical treatment to snatch me from the jaws of certain death. 
The bottom of my heart was identified as the diseased area. I was 
quarantined to the highly infectious wards of "Daily Laughter" and 
"Delighting in the Little Things:" My prescription was to forcibly readjust 
my eyesight from my problems and look to God as my focused 
destination. After months of rehabilitative metamorphosis, I emerged and was 
issued an XXL calculator to count my abundant blessings, joys, and 
forgiven sins with pinpoint accuracy and proficiency. My Great Physician, 
pronouncing me healed (and sealed), released me back into the "wild:" I 
fluttered down to the first challenge, wondering whether I was healthy 
enough to face the infected, dejected world.  
   Cured I was-quite permanently! And I was imbued with the 
spiritual immunity to defeat any cracks appearing in my armor while 
engaging in warfare. Once plagued with Broken Spirit Syndrome, I'm now 
completely recovered and dangerously contagious.  
   Susan M. Watkins, an author and Bible teacher, is a former 
writer for The 700 Club. [The One Year Bible Live Verse Devotional] 

   This verse describes the positive benefits to our physical 
bodies when the inner person of the heart is happy. It also describes 
the opposite effect: when we are depressed or sad for an extended 
length of time, it is detrimental to our physical health and strength. 
When I pondered this verse on a not-so-happy day, it made me think, 
"Why am I not cheerful? Where has my joy gone?" Nine times out of ten 
I have been fretting about circumstances - which may not be all 
that happy -  instead of focusing on my relationship with Jesus. Life 
isn't always a feast of pleasant experiences. We can't control the 
ways our days unfold or muster up a cheerful heart on our own, but we 
can pour our energies into knowing and loving Jesus, the source of 
all joy, and lifting his name high in good times and bad. When he 
and his kingdom are our focus, he provides what we need in those 
other situations and circumstances (Matthew 6:33), and he fills us 
with true cheerfulness, hope, and joy.  
   LORD, I want to have a cheerful heart, not a broken spirit. 
Help me to focus today on you and not on the circumstances I see 
around me. As you help me to do that by your Spirit, I will know and 
experience your true joy in my heart and Life.  
   Quote: Happiness is caused by things that happen around me 
and circumstances will mar it; but joy flows right on through 
trouble; joy flows on through the dark.... It is an unceasing fountain 
bubbling up in the heart. D. L. Moody (1837-1899) [Praying Through The 
Bible By Fuller] 


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