Psalm 147:11 - God's Delight and Our Praise.

Psalm 147:11 - God's Delight and Our Praise.

Psalm 147:11 (NIV) the Lord delights in those who fear him, who 
put their hope in his unfailing love.  

Psalm 147:11 (CWB) But He delights in those who respect him and 
depend on His unfailing love. 


We spend much effort trying to sharpen our skills or increase 
our strength. There is nothing wrong with doing so, and, in fact, 
our gifts can be used to glorify God. But when we use our skills 
with no regard for God, they are indeed worth little. It is our 
'fear' (reverence) and trust that God desires. When he has those, then 
he will use our skills and strengths in ways far greater than we 
can imagine. [Life Application SB] 

There is always hope when God is brought into the picture, 
because there is nothing greater than God's power. He is able to provide 
for all our needs and is never overwhelmed by the problems or 
dependencies that we call our enemies. [Life Recovery SB] 


   In this psalm we discover an important secret about relating 
to the Lord. Our great and mighty God, who has absolute power over 
everything in heaven and on earth, is not impressed with powerful people. 
Those who are strong and mighty in their own strength don't get God's 
attention. Instead, it is the brokenhearted and humble he notices and 
supports (vv. 3, 6).  
   He chooses to work not through those who are strong but 
through those who are weak. And most of all, we don't earn his approval 
by being great or strong. He delights in those who reverently honor 
him and put their hope and trust in his unfailing love and mercy, 
not in their own ability. Today, if you've put your hope in anyone 
or anything else, ask the Lord to forgive you. But don't stop 
there. Ask his Spirit to so work in your life that your primary goal 
becomes honoring and pleasing God.  
   Dear LORD, there have been timed-even many-when I have relied 
on someone or something other than you. Forgive me. Those things 
are "puny" compared to the strength that you give to us when we 
acknowledge our own weakness and dependence on you. Help me to put my trust 
in you, and show me the way to a Life that honors you. I hope in 
your unfailing Love. [Praying Through The Bible By Fuller re vv. 

   I tried to have a sense of humor in dealing with life. But 
laughter had become more difficult as I lost the ability to walk and move 
about as I once did, My husband bought me a wheelchair so it would be 
easier to go shopping at the mall, visit the zoo with the 
grandchildren, and wait in line to vote. My biggest hindrance to using the 
chair was my pride; I didn't want others to see me stuck in a 
wheelchair. Worst of all, I felt that my increasing inability to walk and 
stand (the result of severe arthritis and fibromyalgia) was hindering 
my ability to serve God. Didn't he want me to glorify him in humble 
   Then, in July 2005, I read Psalm 147, and verses 10-11 
changed my whole attitude. Now I realize that to God, the most important 
thing is not physical strength but what is in my heart. Am I thinking 
about God or myself? I can think about God whether I'm sitting, doing 
cartwheels, or standing on my head--chair or no chair. Wheel away! 
   Alice McGhee, a writer and Bible teacher, lives in Littleton, 
Colorado, with her husband, Ken, and enjoys sewing, playing with her 
grandchildren, and singing in the choir. [The One Year Bible Live Verse 
Devotional re vv. 10, 11] 

   A. W. Tozer writes, "Many think of God as far removed, gloomy 
and mightily displeased with everything!" He then vigorously 
declares that view erroneous. "True, God hates sin, but now in Christ, 
all believing souls are objects of God's delight."  
   Tozer goes on to quote Zephaniah as capturing this aspect of 
God's personality: "The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; 
he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in 
his love, he will joy over thee with singing" (3:17 KJV).  
   He points out the Bible emphasizes God enjoys his creation. 
For instance, in Psalm 104, we read at great length about God's 
greatness: "You are dressed in a robe of light. You stretch out the starry 
curtain of the heavens.... You placed the world on its foundation.... 
You make springs pour water into the ravines, so streams gush down 
from the mountains. They provide water for all the animals.... Birds 
nest beside the streams and sing among the branches" (verses 2, 5, 
10-11, 12 NLT).  
   In describing and celebrating all of God's creation in this 
exuberant chapter of Holy Scripture, the psalmist declares, "May the glory 
of the LORD continue forever! The LORD takes pleasure in all he has 
made!" (v. 31 NLT).  
   God enjoys his creation, and that includes us. 
   God loves us and delights in us and prepares a place for us. 
What a hope!  
   Tozer tells us, "Heaven is full of music because it is the 
place where the pleasures of holy love abound."  
   Lord, it's delightful you're delighted in your creation. You 
certainly have unlimited wonders to celebrate! I pray you'll bring me into 
full harmony with your Spirit so that I can live in your delight. 
[The One Year Book of Encouragement by Harold Myra re Psalm 147:11] 

   I loved seeing my little grandson Noah as he watched 
snowflakes twirling from the sky, patted our dog's black, furry coat, and 
later folded his hands and bowed his red head to say thank you to God 
for his peanut butter sandwich. He is aware and alive, and his 
wonder was contagious. Kids are full of wonder, amazement, and awe. 
Many of us adults, however, have lost our sense of wonder and awe. So 
God gives us psalms such as this one. They draw us from our ho-hum 
existence that takes such things as rainbows, snowflakes, and sunrises for 
granted back to a childlike wonder of our great God who fills the sky 
with clouds, sends the snow like white wool, and hurls hail like 
stones. He created everything and possesses all power yet cares for the 
weak and brokenhearted. He calls the stars by name yet supports the 
humble. He reigns over all creation yet delights in the simple, 
heartfelt devotion of those who trust him. His understanding is beyond 
human comprehension. Surely a God like this can inspire our wonder and 
awe! Meditate today on the amazing greatness of God, and find your 
own words to sing his praise. 
   God Of Wonder, I am in awe of your creation, your power, and 
your compassion. I sing out my praise to you. Your understanding is 
beyond comprehension! Your power is absolute! How good it is to sing 
praises to my God! How delightful and how right! Praise the Lord! 
[Praying Through The Bible By Fuller re vv. 1-5] 

   Fred Smith points out what many of us have experienced: "Life 
needs continual aeration. When life gets heavy, it settles down on us 
and needs to be lightened up." Smith recognizes that the majority of 
people who sit in church on a Sunday carry major hurts, and he calls 
for us to discover inspiration and joy in our faith, whatever our 
   "The 'blessed hope' is not guilt but grace," he emphasizes. 
"We are forgiven, we are free, we have fellowship and an inheritance 
immortal. We have talents and gifts. Each of us can make a difference. 
Exult in it! Breathe it in."  
   Smith challenges us to find lilt and buoyancy in life, 
through wonderment, respect, and gratitude.  
   We can feel wonder by looking with fresh eyes at our world 
and universe. "It's easy to become jaded and say, 'So what?' But 
that's not the biblical spirit. Paul seemed to say in the Scriptures 
not 'So what?' but 'So that.' Paul had a vision and a sense of 
wonder in what God was doing."  
   Smith tells us that respect for others aerates his spirit-and 
he takes his own advice. In heavy traffic, for example, he resolves 
to do favors for other motorists instead of blowing his horn at 
them. Doing so lifts his spirit as he drives to the office.  
   Psychologists say that gratitude is the healthiest emotion of 
all, and the Bible is full of admonitions to be thankful. Yet, in the 
United States, many refer to Thanksgiving as "turkey day," avoiding the 
holiday's meaning. What a loss! To be thankful is to live with spiritual 
and physical vitality.  
   "Gratitude puts a lilt in life," Smith says. "Each morning I 
need to say, 'I am part of this marvelous human race which, though 
fallen, is so greatly loved by God that Jesus Christ died for it.' Talk 
about gratitude! If we think of the magnificent work of God on our 
behalf and all of his works of wonder, we will be aerated in such a way 
that we can genuinely glorify our Creator."  
   Lord, so often things go wrong, and tragedies around me 
overwhelm any lilt I feel. Aerate my spirit. Help me to focus my eyes on 
your greatness and to experience your inspiration and joy.  
   Praise the LORD! How good to sing praises to our God! How 
delightful and how fitting! Psalm 147:1 NLT [The One Year Book of 
Encouragement by Harold Myra mod.] 


God being who and what he is, and we being who and what we are, 
the only thinkable relation between us is one of full lordship on 
his part and complete submission on ours. We owe him every honor 
that it is in our power to give him. A. W. Tozer  


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