Deuteronomy 31:8 - Courage in Calamity: The Dynamics (also see Joshua 1:9).

Deuteronomy 31:8 - Courage in Calamity: The Dynamics (also see 
Joshua 1:9). 

Deuteronomy 31:8 (NLT) Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the 
Lord will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will 
neither fail you nor abandon you."  

It's human nature to get wrapped up in relationships - spouses, 
friends, siblings, parents, and children. It's also human nature for 
people in these relationships to disappoint each other. But God 
promises His enduring faithfulness. His friendship will never disappoint. 
[The 365 Daily Promise Bible By Barbour] 

   When I was seven years old, I ran away from home. I'd had 
enough of my father's rules and decided I could make it on my own, 
thank you very much. With my clothes in a paper bag, I stormed out the 
back gate and marched down the alley. [But] I didn't go far. I got to 
the end of the alley and remembered I was hungry, so I went back 
   Though the rebellion was brief, it was rebellion nonetheless. 
And had you stopped me on that prodigal path ... I just might have 
told you how I felt. I just might have said, "I don't need a father. 
I'm too big for the rules of my family."  
   I didn't hear the rooster crow like Peter did. I didn't feel 
the fish belch like Jonah did. I didn't get a robe and a ring and 
sandals like the prodigal did. But I learned from my father on earth 
what those three learned from their Father in heaven. Our God is no 
fair-weather Father. He's not into this love-'em-and-leave-'em stuff. I can 
count on him to be in my corner no matter how I perform. You can, too. 
from The Great House Of God [Grace For The Moment SB By Max Lucado] 

   I can picture it now. As we gathered around the dinner table, 
my dad would share exciting Bible stories, play "Guess Who?" games, 
and challenge us to memorize Scripture. He made it fun for my 
sisters, my brother, and me to learn about the God who saved us.  
   Little did I know how important our family verse, Deuteronomy 
31:8, would become. On June 30,1992, six years after our wedding, my 
first husband died in an automobile accident. Reeling from shock, I 
wondered how I was going to survive and raise my son, who was only nine 
months old.  
   Many times I felt lonely and afraid. I remember, one 
particular night, reaching my hands to heaven and calling out to God, 
"Lord, I need you! I feel so alone!" What happened? Nothing, 
physically, except the nudging of the Holy Spirit to claim God's promises. 
With tears streaming down my face, I began to quote his Word. What 
was the first verse that came to mind? Deuteronomy 31:8.  
   When my emotions threaten to take control, the stability of 
that Scripture verse keeps me grounded. In a way, it continues to be 
my guiding light. When I feel overwhelmed with daily tasks, I 
remember that God has not abandoned me and that he personally leads me in 
the way I should go.  
   Susan Kelly Skitt, a contributing author to several daily 
devotionals for women, is also a speaker and a mentoring specialist. [The 
One Year Bible Life Verse Devotional re v. 8] 

   Fred Smith, in a time of personal economic uncertainty, wrote 
that, no matter how financial matters rise or fall, "I like to believe 
we are eagles driven to soar when we are most sore."  
   Many have experienced the gut-wrenching loss of financial 
security and wondered how to cope and pay the bills. Smith says that, 
from his experience, we may need to "zig and zag," but as we do, we 
need to focus on doing all things God's way. Then we're able to claim 
2 Timothy 1:7, which tells us God has not given us the spirit of 
fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind.  
   We need such encouragement, not only for financial reversals 
but also for the many global threats that seem to darken the future 
and make us more than ever concerned for our children and 
   Sometimes it looks as if darkness keeps expanding and will 
envelop all we hold dear. Yet Smith reminds us that the light of Christ 
burns brightest in the darkness and that it cannot be extinguished.  
   When darkness comes, the smallest candle provides light. We 
may think that our candle is flickering in the wind, but it won't go 
out if we walk with the Spirit.  
   "Ours is not a fragile faith," Smith insists. "It is tough 
stuff. It is faith that grows stronger under pressure.  
   "Remember the Good News when the bad news shouts. It is real. 
It is strong. It is eternal."  
   Lord Jesus, I pray that you will fill me with your Holy 
Spirit of courage and love and purpose. As difficult things happen to 
me and to those I love, help me show the "love, power, and sound 
mind" you supply. [The One Year Book of Encouragement by Harold Myra] 

   Numerous passages of Scripture remind us that God is always 
with us. The fact of His Presence isn't in question. The issue is 
whether we remain aware of His Presence or not. And surprisingly, the 
degree to which we are aware of Him seems to correlate to the level at 
which we experience Him. In other words, though His Presence is always 
with us, He seems more available to us when we notice.  
   Perhaps that's because when we're aware of Him, we tend to 
talk to Him more. We ask for His help, therefore we receive it. When 
we don't ask for His help - well, He helps in some ways anyway 
because His mercy is great. But He doesn't step into our circumstances 
as often. As James said, "You don't have what you want because you 
don't ask God for it" (James 4:2). Apparently, asking is important. 
And awareness is the first step in asking.  
   But even before our increased asking, simply noticing His 
Presence seems to motivate Him to speak to us and to move on our behalf. 
He knows when He has our attention and when He doesn't. And when He 
does, He seems to intervene much more often than He otherwise would.  
   One of the most important exercises in Presence is one of the 
simplest: remind yourself that He is there. Whatever it takes, call Him to 
mind frequently. There's nothing superspiritual about that; it's a 
mental practice like remembering the items on your to-do list or 
keeping track of the time. Reminding yourself of the truth of His 
Presence as often as you can - every day, every hour, every minute - will 
increase the power of His Presence in your life.  
   Lord, help me remember. I give you complete permission to jar 
my memory as often as You need to. I always want to be aware that 
You are here. [The One Year Experiencing God's Presence Devotional 
by Chris Tiegreen] 


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