Joshua 24:15 - Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve. (update)

Joshua 24:15 - Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve. (update)

Joshua 24:15 (NLT) But if you are unwilling to serve the LORD, 
then choose today whom you will serve. Would you prefer the gods your 
ancestors served beyond the Euphrates? Or will it be the gods of the 
Amorites in whose land you now live? But as for me and my family, we will 
serve the LORD." 

Josh 24:15 (CWR) If you can't serve Him and Him alone, then make 
up your minds whom you will serve.  Will it be the gods from beyond 
the Euphrates, the gods of Egypt or the gods of the Amorites where 
you live?  Make up your minds once and for all.  As for me and my 
family, we've made up our minds.  We will serve the Lord! 

CONTEXT: Choose Whom You Will Serve:  Jos. 24:14-28.

APPLICATION COMMENTARY with Emphasis On Verse 15.

One of the most famous of Old Testament affirmations of faith, 
"As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD" [The 365-Day 
Devotional Commentary] 

   [God's] invitation is clear and nonnegotiable. He gives all 
and we give him all. Simple and absolute. He is clear in what he 
asks and clear in what he offers. The choice is up to us. Isn't it 
incredible that God leaves the choice to us? Think about it. There are many 
things in life we can't choose. We can't, for example, choose the 
weather. We can't control the economy. 
   We can't choose whether or not we are born with a big nose or 
blue eyes or a lot of hair. We can't even choose how people respond 
to us. 
   But we can choose where we spend eternity. The big choice, 
God leaves to us. The critical decision is ours. 
   That is the only decision which really matters. [Grace For 
The Moment SB By Max Lucado re Jos. 24:15] 

Jesus places mankind in two categories:  those who follow Him 
and those who do not.  Those who follow Him are in the minority and 
must struggle against the current of our time in order to be obedient 
to Him.  The Lord calls His followers to a life of selflessness; 
the world encourages each to get all that he can.  The Lord calls 
His followers to a life of patient waiting; the world urges 
immediate gratification.  The Lord calls His followers to labor for the 
kingdom; the world strives for bigger, better, and the most now.  What do 
you do more than others?  Are you more selfless or selfish?  Are you 
waiting or striving?  Does what you do have eternal or temporal 
significance?  Think about it! [In His Time; Walk With Wisdom re Mat.5:47] 

Man is made to worship and he will worship something.  It ought 
to be Almighty God.  But man is very inventive in this regard and 
may worship stone, wood, money, lust, another person, an idea or 
many other things. And what man worships, man serves.... Consider this 
as you look at your life and the things you serve. They will 
reflect what it is you truly worship.  Let your service be rendered unto 
God Almighty.  It is the only service that has eternal value and 
whose product will continue on throughout all eternity, to God's glory 
and your benefit. Be warned, anything less than God that you serve, 
the product of that service will be burned up and destroyed.  Today, 
choose to serve the Lord.  [In His Time; Walk With Wisdom] 

It's easy to slip into a quiet rebellion--going about life in 
your own way. But the time comes when you have to choose who or what 
will control you. The choice is yours. Will it be God, your own 
limited personality, or another imperfect substitute? Once you have 
chosen to be controlled by God's Spirit, reaffirm your choice every 
day. [Life Application SB] 


   Several men went on a mission trip to Haiti where they met a 
nineteen-year-old boy who loved Christ deeply. He impressed them so profoundly 
that they invited him to visit the United States. 
   Upon arrival a whole new world opened up before this young 
Haitian's eyes. He had never slept between sheets, never had three meals 
on the same day, never used indoor plumbing, and never tasted 
   While traveling the U.S., this godly young man made many new 
friends. At the end of a six-week-long visit, his sponsors hosted a 
farewell dinner in his honor. After dinner several members of my group 
offered warm parting remarks. Then they asked the young Haitian if he 
would like to say anything. 
   "Yes," he said as he rose, "I would. I want to thank you so 
much for inviting me here. I have really enjoyed this time in the 
United States. But I am also very glad to be going home. You have so 
much in America, that I'm beginning to lose my grip on my day-to-day 
dependency on Christ." 
   Do you have "so much" that you find it hard to keep a grip on 
your day-to-day dependency on Christ? Or worse, have you lost your 
   When we don't need to depend on Christ, we will not.... Our 
natural tendency is to depend on self, not Christ. Depending on Christ 
is an act of the will by faith, not the natural disposition of our 
   I have prayed that God will always keep some major unmet need 
in my life so that I will always depend upon Him. To be really in 
need, like the widow in 1 Timothy 5:5, creates dependency. To have so 
much, as the young Haitian observed, creates self-sufficiency. When 
our lives prosper, the natural tendency is to lose our grip. 
   Have your abundant resources kept you from depending on God? 
Have you lost your grip on God's help? Focus on a special need that 
only God can meet. Seek his help today. by Patrick Morley  
[Inspirational SB] 

   In Fit to Be Wed, Bill and Lynne Hybels write: "There is a 
cruel, ungodly world out there that wants to eat our kids for lunch. 
Our son was offered drugs when he was ten years old and taunted by 
friends to 'have sex' with a fourth grade girl. In the halls of her 
suburban high school our daughter is daily bombarded with profanity and 
sexual innuendoes, with immoral lifestyles and alluring temptations. 
Never before have our children and yours so needed the advantage of 
being led by parents with shared values and beliefs; there is power in 
a unified front. But you can't fake that. Kids pick up on the 
discrepancies. So, what do they do when they sense that the two primary 
authority figures in their lives don't agree on the basics? What do they 
believe? What do they have to go on? What can they grab on to and say, 
'This must be true?' How can they determine right from wrong? 
   "The only way to present a united front is to marry someone 
who has the same Lord - someone who cherishes the same treasure, 
trusts the same blueprint, and taps the same strength. Only then can 
you share the same values and establish a home where children can 
get the kind of guidance they need." [God's Little Devotional 

   You've experienced God's Presence. It's a beautiful thing 
between you and Him. And that's the way it should be - at times. But 
God's Presence, as personal as it is, isn't entirely private. He fills 
you with Himself not only to fellowship with you. You can actually 
be the Presence in the world.  
   Where do you do that? You house His Presence in every area of 
society, first and foremost in your family. As a member of a Kingdom of 
priests, you represent your family to God and minister His gifts and 
graces to each of its members. You help shape the environment of your 
home through your attitude, your actions, and your spiritual 
connection with Him. (You've likely noticed how contagious your moods and 
outlook can be.) Your worship affects the atmosphere anywhere, 
especially where you live and among those closest to you.  
   Many people find family members to be the most difficult 
people to live the gospel around. That's because they know all of our 
issues, and that can cause us to feel that we've lost all credibility 
with them. But being both transparent and humble has a powerful 
effect on others, especially those close to us. And when our 
transparency allows them to see the Presence of God, even through all our 
flaws, lives can change. Even without words, we can impact the 
environment of a home.  
   Whatever your family situation - whether you live alone, with 
parents or siblings, or with a spouse and children - God has put 
relatives in your life that can benefit from your relationship with Him. 
Be His Presence among them. Let your attitude shape the atmosphere. 
Treat Him as an honored family member. Let the Kingdom come in your 
   Lord, Your Presence brings peace to a home. Of all the places 
You want Your Kingdom to grow, families are a priority. Help me 
carry Your Presence around those closest to me. [The One Year 
Experiencing God's Presence Devotional by Chris Tiegreen] 

Though it can be flattering, our ministries, accomplishments, 
and endeavors mean little if they exalt a man or woman or a program 
rather than God. Just as Joshua pointed the way to God, each of us has 
the same opportunity. Ask God to help you examine your ministry or 
work. Whether you're a teacher, a salesperson, a mom, a pastor, or a 
computer technician, are you pointing the way to God? Will those who 
follow your leadership remember your deeds - or the God who 
accomplished them through you? [Praying Through The Bible By Fuller re Jos. 


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