John 10:10 - Finding The Abundant Life!

John 10:10 - Finding The Abundant Life!

John 10:10b (NKJV) I have come that they may have life, and that 
they may have it more abundantly.  

John 10:10b (NIV) I have come that they may have life, and have 
it to the full.  

John 10:10b (AMP) I came that they may have and enjoy life, and 
have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).  

John 10:10b (MSG) I came so they can have real and eternal life, 
more and better life than they ever dreamed of.  


This text is the concluding statement of the Third I AM; Jesus 
is The Door or Gate of Salvation. 


   The life Jesus gives is abundantly richer and fuller. It is 
eternal, yet it begins immediately. Life in Christ is lived on a higher 
plane because of his overflowing forgiveness, love, and guidance...  
   Abundance of life points to depth of living now and length of 
living in eternity. It is not only life as good as it can be, but also 
life beyond what we can imagine!... 
   It is clearly not, however, a life that denies problems and 
pain. Rather, it is a life that faces them and makes use of them. 
Instead of letting us focus on the ups and downs of life, Jesus takes us 
deep into life itself, where there is a calm center even in the 
storm. [Life Application SB & Commentary] 

Jesus not only wants us to have eternal life with him in heaven 
but he also wants us to have an abundant life on earth. Our 
salvation is meant to have immediate benefit: true purpose, deep meaning 
and fulfilling joy. That doesn't mean a life without difficulty, but 
it does mean we can be absolutely secure in God's love and 
forgiveness, experiencing lasting significance in his kingdom. [NIV Once A 
Day Bible] 

Abundant life includes salvation, nourishment, healing (v. 9), 
and much more. Life here refers to eternal life, God's life. It 
speaks not only of endlessness, but of quality of life. With Christ, 
life on earth can reach much higher quality, and then in heaven it 
will be complete and perfect. [Nelson SB] 

When we try to live our own lives, life is a dull, dispirited 
thing. When we walk with Jesus, there comes a new vitality, a 
superabundance of life. It is only when we live with Christ that life becomes 
really worth living and we begin to live in the real sense of the word. 
[Barclay Commentary] 

Everything in this natural world is pitted against you, and 
unless you have this life Jesus offers you will never have real peace.  
[Devotions for a Deeper Life by Chambers] 

Who would ever say they really didn't want the very best life 
could bring?  No matter what the environment we find ourselves in, we 
all want the best there is.  And this is where the best begins, with 
a personal relationship to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. It is 
a simple message. We are lost and must be saved, if ever we are to 
enjoy the best there is.  Best really isn't even a good word, for it 
connotes comparison.  And what comparison is there between life and 
death; between an intimate relationship with the Creator of the 
universe and a constant growing knowledge of Him, or a habitual process 
of pain, frustration and degradation?  None.  God's desire is for 
all to come to Him in salvation, and His grace provides the way 
through Jesus His Son. This salvation cannot be earned.  It is available 
through the love of God. Do you have this intimate, growing 
relationship?  Tell others.  If you don't have it, it is available now.  [In 
His Time; Walk With Wisdom] 

   Jesus warns us to be on guard for thieves who will try to rob 
us of what God has for us. Jesus wants us to enjoy abundant life 
(John 10:10). Since the time of Adam and Eve, people have had to 
choose whom to believe. Satan convinced Adam and Eve that forfeiting 
their obedience to God would gain them everything. Instead, their 
disobedience robbed them of all they had. For the rest of their lives they 
experienced only a fraction of the blessings God had intended. Scripture is 
replete with accounts of those who forfeited their inheritance as 
children of God in order to gain that which was transitory and empty.  
   The world seeks to convince you that you will find 
fulfillment if you adopt its standard of morality for your marriage, raising 
your children, advancing your career, or pursuing pleasure. If you 
believe this, you will never experience the blessings God intended for 
you. Sin brings death (Ro 6:23). It is tragic to listen to the voices 
of the world instead of to the One who created life and who wants 
you to experience life to its fullest.  
   Jesus wants you to live your life with security, knowing that 
you are a beloved child of God. If you are not experiencing love, 
joy, and peace, you have settled for less than what God intends for 
you. If you have been making excuses for why you are not experiencing 
an abundant and joyful life, determine today to settle for nothing 
less than God's best for your life. Stop following the world's way of 
finding satisfaction. Instead, listen to the Savior's voice, and you 
will find true fulfillment. [Experiencing God Day by Day by Henry and 
Richard Blackaby re John 10:10] 


Truly Abundant Life
   I came across this verse in the sixth grade in my King James 
Version Bible with the illustration of a very westernized Jesus on the 
cover. His beautiful words were printed in red, and I added my own 
yellow highlighting for emphasis. Always a happy, funny young girl, it 
was easy to access this abundant life as promised. I recognized the 
enemy's schemes in high school classmates, but I trusted my youth 
minister's words that Jesus planned to use even my quirks to his glory. 
Faith is easy when it goes untested. 
   Fast-forward through easygoing years at Baylor University and 
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I fell in love and got married, 
and soon my theories of the abundant life got strained. I watched my 
mother-in-law die of cancer, despite heroic, constant prayer from a myriad of 
people. Two years later, my beloved father died. We pastored a church 
where I saw hate firsthand, directed at me and my husband, of all 
people, despite my brownie baking and turning the other cheek. How could 
Christians act this way? 
   It was getting harder and harder to wing it on my sanguine 
personality, even with my quiet time. I hit the wall. Still, I sought God's 
purpose, and slowly he restored my soul, giving me not what I had prayed 
for, but himself. I'd asked for an ocean of abundant life and gained 
a mere thimbleful. But, with God, that tiny container held enough. 
When I travel the country speaking, I share my experience of faith, 
not hitching a ride on a happy train but sowing in tears. 
Surrendering, crawling, yet continuing the journey. It has taken decades to 
decode John 10:10, yet those few words continue to have an impact on 
every moment of my life. 
   Jinny Henson is a stand-up comedienne who travels the country 
encouraging women. She is a pastor's wife and nutty blonde soccer mom. [The 
One Year Bible Live Verse Devotional] 


The Bible is the most amazing resource for living! Bible study 
is the major way God communicates with us and prayer is the key way 
we communicate with God. [The One Year Bible for New Believers] 

Bold but true bumper sticker: You've Tried the Rest; Now Try The 
Best - TRY JESUS!!! 




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