Luke 2:11, 13-14 - Merry Christmas!!!

Luke 2:11, 13-14 - Merry Christmas!!!

Luke 2:11, 13-14 "Today in the town of David a Savior has been 
born to you; he is Christ the Lord." Suddenly a great company of the 
heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, "Glory to 
God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor 

   The birth of Jesus is meant to be a grand celebration. The 
angels in heaven, accompanied by a celestial choir, kicked off Christ's 
coming out party. It was something to behold. It was not a passive 
holiday greeting. It was instead a bold and jubilant "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" 
It was merry because there was a festive spirit in the air. Eternal 
God had come to be with meager man. Our Creator came face to face to 
correspond with us and to show His concern for us.  
   The celebratory scene in heaven cascaded toward earth and 
crashed upon unsuspecting shepherds. God started his gleeful disclosure 
with those whose labor illustrated His heart. Shepherds knew 
shepherding. So now the Great Shepherd Jesus had come. So, this is another 
rip-roaring righteous reason for followers of Christ to exclaim "MERRY 
   Eventually, Mary was overtaken by gratitude to God for being 
chosen by Him. But in the beginning of God's revelation to her, she 
experienced disbelief. She felt she did not deserve this type of recognition 
or honor. But she later gave in to God. It was not about her. It 
was about her baby, Jesus. He would save the world from their sin 
and she would serve as the surrogate mother of God. Once she took 
all this in, she suddenly exploded in praise and adoration to God. 
   Mary's manifesto toward being chosen by God, still shouts, 
"MERRY CHRISTMAS!" 2,000 years later! How many more reasons today do 
you and I have to exclaim our gratitude to God? He has chosen us. 
Therefore, by faith, Christ indwells us. This intimacy with the Almighty 
drives us to our knees in appreciation and awe. Because of this 
heartfelt joy, our life and lips cannot help but announce to a wandering 
CHRISTMASES!" Yes, you too, can experience a "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" 
   We can be merry because of Mary. Mary's submission and 
obedience has given mankind the opportunity to be merry. "MERRY 
CHRISTMAS!", for the grateful follower of Christ, is like breathing. It is as 
natural as saying hello or goodbye. It is the vernacular of the 
   So, be valiant with your gracious greeting, "MERRY 
CHRISTMAS!" Indeed, trying to refrain a Christian (especially on the 
birthday of Jesus) from being merry, is like telling a child who just 
received a favorite toy to cease from joy and laughter. It is not 
possible. It is ludicrous to think one or many can stop Jesus-followers 
from celebrating his birthday with a "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" We are merry 
Christians because it is a "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" We are jolly, joyous, and 
jovial because we are merry. We are cheerful and effervescent because 
we are merry. 
   You cannot take Merry out of Merry Christmas any more than 
you can take Thanks out of Thanksgiving. It is un-American. It is 
dishonoring to the one for whom it is intended. Therefore, be merry, so that 
indeed your "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" is authentic and inviting. It is good to 
not take "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" for granted, because it reminds us to 
not take God for granted. Be merry this Christmas. He is. Merry 
Christmas to all, and to all a grace filled life! [Taken from the December 
25th reading in Seeking Daily the Heart of God &