Psalm 145:8, 9 - God's Character - Fuel for Praise.

Psalm 145:8, 9 - God's Character - Fuel for Praise.

Psalm 145:8-9 (NIV) The LORD is gracious and compassionate, slow 
to anger and rich in love. 9 The LORD is good to all; he has 
compassion on all he has made.  


Compassion/Mercy means that God does not give us what we 
deserve, and Grace means that He gives us what we do not deserve. What a 
loving God He is! ... When the night is dark and long, keep on 
trusting, and the dawn, will come in God's good time.  [Chapter by Chapter 
Bible Commentary by Warren Wiersbe re Psa. 6] 

And his tender mercies are over all his works - In all that he 
has made there is evidence that he is a kind and benevolent God. He 
has a heart to love, to bless, what he has made; everywhere 
arrangements are made for happiness; he is not disposed to cast off the 
feeble, the erring, and the suffering; he is willing to receive back 
again those who have wandered from him, to pardon the offending, to 
wipe away the tears of the sorrowful. (Barnes' Notes) 

The Lord is good to all his creatures. That is, he is kind and 
compassionate toward them; he is disposed and ready to do them good. There is 
not one of them whom he is not ready and willing to bless; not one 
whose happiness would not be agreeable to him, or whose welfare he is 
not ready to promote. Compare Ps. 100:5. (Barnes' Notes) 


In Psalm 145-150, praise is the dominant theme and more so than 
in any other section of the Psalter. [Believer's SB] 

Psalm 145 serves as an introduction to this final collection of 
praises (Ps 145-150). [Wycliffe Bible Commentary] 

Psalm 145 is an acrostic psalm: Each line begins with a 
different letter of the Hebrew alphabet. We might name it, "Praising God 
from A through Z," as each letter brings to mind a different reason 
to praise the LORD. [The 365-Day Devotional Commentary] 

Psalm 145: A Psalm of Praise: The only psalm with this title in 
the entire collection, Psalm 145 praises God for His mighty acts 
(145:1-7), His gracious character (vv. 8-9), and the glory of His coming 
kingdom (vv. 10-16). Our loving Lord shows His care for His own, who 
praise Him in return (vv. 17-21). [Victor Bible Reader's Companion] 

In Psalm 145 David extols the Lord for His greatness (v. 3), 
grace (vv. 8, 17), goodness (v. 9), glory (vv. 11-12), and generosity 
(vv. 15-16). If you are having a hard time praising the Lord today, 
that should help get you started! ... When you live a life of praise, 
you have the Lord's help in every situation. If you stumble, He 
helps you up (v. 14). If you are hungry, He feeds you (vv. 15-16). If 
you call, He draws near (v. 18). No wonder David blessed the Lord so 
much! And remember the Lord inhabits the praises of His people 
(Psa.22:3). [Chapter by Chapter Bible Commentary by Warren Wiersbe re Psalm 
145 mod] 

Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised. Verse 3 is the 
theme of his praise. Although this greatness is unsearchable, the 
psalmist does an admirable job of illustrating it. His hope is constantly 
that others will bear witness to God's greatness. In the verses that 
follow he emphasizes God's greatness in terms of his mighty works, his 
glory and splendor, his great goodness, his gracious compassion, his 
tender mercies, his glorious and everlasting kingdom, his providential 
care, his righteousness, his holiness, and his availability for those 
who call upon him in truth and with fear. This understanding of 
God's nature is a high-water mark in the Psalter. [Wycliffe Bible 

Everything we do is an expression of our character. Unless we're 
being hypocritical, our actions are generally a reflection of who we 
are and the thoughts we have. The same is true of God; his works 
reflect who he is. Psalm 145 describes God's character and praises him 
for his works. He is compassionate, gracious, good, merciful, 
righteous and kind. As a result, he saves, upholds, satisfies and 
fulfills. The picture this psalm gives us is of a God who not only is 
hypothetically good but is intimately involved in the details of our lives in 
very practical ways. He is active in the ways he relates to us. [NIV 
Once A Day Bible re Psa. 145:8-13a] 


   What do you think when someone says, "Praise the Lord"? Does 
it strike you as strange, appropriate, logical, or weird? Does it 
make you uncomfortable? Or does it make you feel at ease?  
   David, the author of Psalm 145, didn't feel shy about 
expressing his love for God. In 2 Samuel 6:14, he danced for joy before the 
Lord, and here he says boldly, "Praise the Lord!" As you read, see 
what you can learn about praise.  
   Other psalms in this section give advice for people in need 
(Psalm 146); tell how to please God (Psalm 147); and list many reasons 
and ways to praise and worship God (Psalm 148-150).  
   Sometimes life goes on with such an even rhythm that we may 
wonder why we should praise God. In Psalm 145, David gives us many good 
reasons: God is great (v. 3). God does mighty, wonderful deeds (vv. 4-6). 
God is righteous (v. 7). God is gracious, compassionate, patient, 
and loving (vv. 8-9). God rules over an everlasting kingdom (v. 13). 
God lifts us up when we are down (v. 14). God meets all our daily 
needs (vv. 15-16). God is righteous and loving in all he does (v. 17). 
God stays near to those who call on him (v. 18). God hears our cries 
and saves us (vv. 19-20).  
   If you are looking for a reason to praise God, start here. He 
is ready to listen. [The One Year Through the Bible Devotional by 
Dave Veerman re Psalm 145] 

   This marvelous psalm is full to the brim with attributes of 
God and revelations of his character: he is compassionate ("to all 
his creation"). He is gracious and generous, loving and 
all-powerful, righteous, watchful, protective, near to us, great and good, and 
ever faithful. The passage also reveals some of God's titles: Judge, 
King, and Lord.  
   Think of the Savior: Jesus is the Bread of Life, the Light of 
the World, our Counselor, our Good Shepherd. Prayerfully studying 
and meditating on the character traits and names of God is one of 
the most faith-building, encouraging things you can do for your 
spiritual life. It will dispel your anxiety and boost your faith. It will 
enable you to trust God more. Knowing the true character of God will 
renew and transform your mind with the truth, dissolve doubt, and 
breathe life into your soul. Saying aloud the attributes of the Lord and 
thinking about how you've experienced different aspects of his character 
can be a powerful act of worship. Take a few moments to pray this 
psalm aloud. Ask God to reveal himself to you in greater clarity than 
you've ever experienced before.  
   LORD, how blessed I am to know you! You are all mercy and 
justice, full of loving-kindness and compassion. You are good to all, 
majestic and rich in grace. And you always do what you promise! Reveal 
more of yourself to me. I want to tell others about the glory of your 
kingdom and examples of your power. Help me to tell of your mighty deeds 
and praise you forever. [Praying Through The Bible By Fuller] 


The Lord, according to this verse, is full of undeserved favor 
and tenderness towards us; He is patient and continuously withholds 
judgment and punishment even though we might deserve it.  Can we respond 
any other way but in humble thankfulness to Him?  How many of us go 
along our merry way, oblivious to His great care, His blessing, His 
provision?  Today is a good day to begin accessing how much we have to be 
thankful for and to express it to our wonderful Lord!  [In His Time; Walk 
With Wisdom] 


There is a fountain of goodness in God's nature (v. 8): The Lord 
is gracious to those that serve him; he is full of compassion to 
those that need him, slow to anger to those that have offended him, 
and of great mercy to all that seek him and sue to him. he is ready 
to give, and ready to forgive, more ready than we are to ask, than 
we are to repent... the works of his mercy out-shine all his other 
works, and declare him more than any of them. (Matthew Henry's 


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