Acts 1:8 - Witnessing In The Spirit.

Acts 1:8 - Witnessing In The Spirit.

Acts 1:8 (NIV) But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit 
comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all 
Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."  


One hundred and twenty ordinary people hardly constitute an 
imposing army; but in a few days, they would make an impact that is being 
felt even today. The same resources God gave them are still available 
to us. 
   A living Lord (1-3). 
   The power of the Spirit (4-8). 
   The promise of His return (9-11). 
   The power of prayer (12-14, 24-26). [Chapter by Chapter Bible 
Commentary by Warren Wiersbe re Acts 1] 


Here the mandate to witness that stands as the theme for the 
whole of Acts is explicitly set out. It comes as a direct commission 
from Jesus himself--in fact, as Jesus' last word before his ascension 
and, therefore, as one that is final and conclusive.... This commission 
lays an obligation on all Christians and comes to us as a gift with a 
promise. It concerns a person, a power, and a program--the person of 
Jesus, on whose authority the church acts and who is the object of its 
witness; the power of the Holy Spirit, which is the sine qua non for the 
mission; and a program that begins at Jerusalem, moves out to "all Judea 
and Samaria," and extends "to the ends of the earth." [Expositors 
Bible Commentary] 


The risen Christ told his disciples that they would be his 
witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and, ultimately, the remotest parts 
of the earth. As generation after generation becomes involved in 
carrying out the Great Commission (see Matthew 28:16-20), each Christian 
starts in their own "Jerusalem" - at home. We are to be living 
demonstrations of God's mercy and message, showing his goodness to those around 
us. And we reach beyond home by praying for the nations of the 
world, supporting those who minister to them and going to them 
short-term or longer. It's a comprehensive all-hands-on-deck mission, and 
God is fully behind it. When we invest in showing his nature to the 
world, we are aligned with his heart's desire. [NIV Once A Day Bible] 

   Our very way of life depends on electricity. If you don't 
think so, see what happens when you turn off the power in your home. 
You can't use your lights when it gets dark, or your TV, stereo, or 
computer. If you have an electric oven or if your house has electric heat, 
forget about cooking or staying warm. You may also want to go out and 
buy some ice to keep your food cold.  
   The church without the Holy Spirit is like a house without 
electrical power. That is why Jesus sends his power source - the Holy 
Spirit - to the church soon after his ascension. When the Spirit comes, 
the church is radically transformed - Peter preaches his first 
sermon, converting thousands; a lame beggar is healed; and Peter and 
John boldly face Jesus' killers. The promise Jesus gave his disciples 
is coming true - they have received real power.  
   Jesus said that shortly after he ascended to heaven, the Holy 
Spirit would come and give his disciples power to take his message to 
the whole world (Acts 1 :8). That's exactly what happened. First the 
disciples received the Holy Spirit (2:3-4).Then the Spirit gave them power 
that enabled them to speak in other languages and to perform miracles 
(2:4-12,43; 3:6-8; 4:13).As a result, they took the message of Christ to the 
rest of the world (8:4).  
   Often, Christians try to use their own power and authority to 
persuade others to follow Christ. But sharing God's message should not 
involve slick debate or manipulation. Instead, we should share what God 
has done for us through the power of the Holy Spirit. Then we should 
depend on the Spirit for the results. The Holy Spirit works in people, 
helping them see that the incredible Jesus really did come to die for 
them, paying the penalty for their sins. [The One Year Through the 
Bible Devotional by Dave Veerman] 

   During the years of Jesus' ministry on earth, the disciples 
continually wondered about the restoration of the kingdom. When would it 
come? What would be their role?  
   In the traditional view, the Messiah would be an earthly 
conqueror who would free Israel from Rome. Like other Jews, the disciples 
chafed under their Roman rulers. They wanted Jesus to free Israel from 
Roman power and then become their king.  
   But the Kingdom Jesus spoke about is a spiritual Kingdom 
first of all, established in the hearts and lives of believers (Luke 
17:21). Jesus' followers are called to testify to people of all nations 
about the living, victorious King, and they need the power of the Holy 
Spirit to fulfill God's mission.  
   God has important work for you to do, but you must do it by 
his Spirit's power. Are you waiting and listening for God's complete 
instructions? God's timing and power is essential for you to be truly 
effective. When you face a difficult task, an important decision, or a 
baffling dilemma, make your first step prayer for the Holy Spirit's power 
and guidance. In this way, God's Kingdom will come in you so that 
you can be part of his Kingdom in the world. [One Year NLT SB] 

   Fred Smith often spoke of our being the pipe for God's power 
to flow through and not the source of the power itself "When I get 
out of the way and let God work through me," he says, "I am the pipe 
.... The pipe never gets tired. When I try to be the pump as well as 
the pipe, it takes way more than I have."  
   With his pipe and pump illustration, Smith gives us a word 
picture of the apostle Paul's declarations about our weaknesses and 
God's strength. We read in 2 Corinthians 12:9-10, "I am glad to boast 
about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me. 
That's why I take pleasure in my weaknesses, and in the insults, 
hardships, persecutions, and troubles that I suffer for Christ. For when I 
am weak, then I am strong" (NLT).  
   Paul's strength was extraordinary. In fact, his endurance of 
shipwreck, beatings, and stoning's seems superhuman. In many ways it was, 
for his strength came from above.  
   "When I try to substitute my power for God's," Fred says, "I 
become powerless, dissatisfied, even frantic and defeated."  
   In contrast, Paul said he could do all things through Christ 
who strengthened him. Sometimes it may seem we can't do even one 
thing well, let alone all things. Yet whatever our variety of 
experiences and challenges as we go through our seasons of life, God is 
faithful. He is the one who pumps out the power when we come to him and 
seek his will.  
   Properly aligned with God's will, we can become the pipe-the 
delivery system for his grace, love, and blessings.  
   Father above, sometimes I feel overwhelmed. I have plenty of 
weaknesses for you to transform into strengths. Please guide and strengthen 
me as I open myself to be a conduit for your grace.  
   You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. 
Acts 1: 8, NLT [The One Year Book of Encouragement by Harold Myra] 











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