1 John 4:18 - Love and Fear Don't Mix!

1 John 4:18 - Love and Fear Don't Mix!

1 John 4:18 (ESV) There is no fear in love, but perfect love 
casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears 
has not been perfected in love. 

1 John 4:18 (CWR) Fear and love just don't go together.  Love 
dispels fear because fear focuses on punishment and won't let love 
mature.  The one who is afraid of God does not understand God's love. 

1 John 4:18 (MSG) There is no room in love for fear. Well-formed 
love banishes fear. Since fear is crippling, a fearful life--fear of 
death, fear of judgment--is one not yet fully formed in love.  


   Love is evidence of salvation. If you are born of God through 
faith in Jesus Christ, you have His nature within (2 Pet. 1:4). Since 
"God is love" (vv. 8, 16), His children who have His nature should 
also manifest His love. The children should be like the Father! 
   Our love for others makes God's love real and visible to them 
(v. 12) so we can better witness to them about Christ. It also makes 
God real and personal to us. Merely reading in the Bible about God's 
love is not enough. Seek to experience that love in your heart by 
sharing it with others. 
   Just as truth is victorious over lies (vv. 1-6), love is 
victorious over fear (vv. 17-19). As you mature in your love for God, you 
realize that you have nothing to fear, for your Father has everything 
under control. You trust those you love, and faith and love will give 
victory over fear. [Chapter by Chapter Bible Commentary by Warren 


The Highest Dynamic in the Universe
   George Macdonald describes love as what is most precious in 
the Godhead. He writes that love is "a higher thing than the making 
of worlds and the things in them." He says this in exploring the 
many implications of the first chapter of John with its reference to 
Christ: "He existed in the beginning with God. God created everything 
through him.... The Word gave life to everything that was created, and 
his life brought light to everyone" (NLT).  
   For MacDonald, the deepest essence of God is the dynamic love 
between the Father and the Son.  
   We find plenty of scriptural support for that, including 1 
John 4:8, which states it simply and plainly: "God is love" (NLT).  
   The mystery of how we could be drawn into this love goes far 
beyond our grasp. Yet the way Jesus stayed in constant prayer to his 
Father gives us a clue. The astounding promise that we can become 
children of the heavenly Father means we can pray as Jesus prayed and 
invite his Spirit of love and truth to become dynamic in us.  
   If we are to be like Jesus, we will naturally love the 
   This comes, of course, with requirements. Obeying his Father 
cost Jesus the Cross. To obey our loving heavenly Father may cost us 
many things, starting with our self-will and our natural bent to run 
our own lives without interference. Praying like a child means 
obeying like a child, with both love and respect.  
   MacDonald emphasizes that Jesus loved the Father with his 
whole being. As his redeemed children, we are now from "the same birth 
home" as Jesus. His Father is our Father. What a wonderful reality to 
   Loving Father above, fill my mind and heart, I pray, with the 
realization and conviction that you are love and that you love me. Pour your 
love into me that I might, in some small way, love you back as Jesus 
does. [The One Year Book of Encouragement by Harold Myra] 

   Ole Hallesby describes our times of prayer when the Spirit 
works in us as wonderful times of rest we can anticipate with joy. He 
also says the time of prayer should be not only a resting place but 
also a workshop.  
   Power and grace from heaven come through prayer, and Hallesby 
urges us to avail ourselves of what God wants to give. He paints a 
picture of Jesus after his ascension to heaven, reaching his arm so far 
down to us that we who are small and sinful can reach it every time 
we pray. "Whenever we touch his almighty arm, some of his 
omnipotence streams in upon us, into our souls and into our bodies. And not 
only that, but through us, it streams out to others."  
   When Hallesby gets specific about prayer's workshop 
practicality, it cuts close to the bone: "We should say to God as we mingle 
with our dear ones each day, 'God, give them each thy blessing. They 
need it, because they live with me, and I am very selfish and 
unwilling to sacrifice very much for them, although I do love them.'"  
   Whatever we may feel about that self-indicting prayer, his 
prediction that such prayers would bring "a good spirit to our homes" rings 
   Hallesby points out something we'll seldom admit - we 
sometimes make critical remarks in our minds about people we see. He 
challenges us with this exhortation:  
   "Just think if the Spirit of God could make the new nature 
within us so strong that we would automatically lift our hearts in 
prayer to God every time we met someone."  
   Instead of critical thoughts, we would pray God's blessing on 
others. "Wherever we go," Hallesby says, "we meet people who are in need 
of something. If the Spirit could give us that open eye of love, we 
would turn to the Lord and tell him the needs of both our friends and 
of our enemies. That is how he would like to have us pray."  
   Father, as I meet people today, help me to see them with your 
eyes. I pray for your Spirit to love them through me. Instead of 
judging others, help me to pray for them. [The One Year Book of 
Encouragement by Harold Myra re vs. 19] 

   What a remarkable thing that we can rely on the love of God. 
How amazing that we get to experience that love because all who live 
in love live in God and God lives in them. That love does not 
originate in us but in God's love for us. Our love for God is not perfect 
or complete, but his love is perfect and complete and as we abide 
in him by his Spirit, our love will grow more complete. In all our 
trials we can know that God loves us more than we can imagine. This 
love rescued us from darkness and brought us into his marvelous 
light. This love covers all of our sins. It will equip us to stand 
before the Lord on the Day of Judgment with confidence, not with fear. 
This love is so powerful that with it we can live victoriously and 
fearlessly because "perfect love expels all fear." Take a few moments to 
meditate on the love of God and to draw near to him in thanksgiving and 
   Lord Of Love, thank you for first loving me! As we live in 
you, our love grows more complete. Although I don't understand all 
the trials I may go through, I trust in your love for me. Help me to 
abide in you. Fill me with your perfect love that casts out all fear 
so that I can live in confidence and rest in you and share your 
amazing love with those around me. [Praying Through The Bible by Fuller 
re vv. 16-18] 


   Sometime in my early twenties, I woke up one night with a 
strange sensation: panic, fear, utter helplessness. This was the early 
eighties, and I didn't know that the strange thing happening to me was a 
panic attack. I did the only things I knew to do--pray and sing. I 
flipped on my bedroom light and reached for my Bible. Although I didn't 
understand the source of this terror, I did understand this: God's perfect 
love casts out all fear. I prayed and quoted Scripture for several 
moments, and the sense of fear and panic went away. 
   Off I went to college, where I enjoyed the life of a sorority 
girl while sidelining my relationship with God. Once I graduated, 
though, I wanted to change, to be serious about God and about loving 
him. I moved to a new town and took a job that would fulfill one of 
my lifelong secret dreams--to travel. I was to go from California to 
Maine, Canada to Venezuela, Ireland to Australia. But the fear--a 
paralyzing claustrophobia this time--struck again. The idea of spending 
hours on an airplane only heightened my panic. But I knew I couldn't 
give in. I had to trust and believe. I would literally sit on a plane 
repeating Bible verses to myself until the panic subsided. 
   During long international flights, in strange cities where no 
one spoke my language, my only choice was to rest in God's Word and 
his love. In a way, those panic attacks were a great gift. They 
drove me to depend on God alone. I found a strong church family who 
prayed for me. I had some soulish and spiritual housecleaning to do, 
but Jesus' perfect love delivered as promised. No longer do I live 
in fear. 
   Rachel Hauck--a worship leader and the author of Georgia on 
Her Mind, Lost in NashVegas, and several other novels--lives in Palm 
Bay, Florida, with her husband, Tony, a pastor. [The One Year Bible 
Live Verse Devotional] 


   Suppose you had a friend who was in serious financial 
trouble. What would you do for that person? Would you help bail him or 
her out or give financial counseling? What if your friend's problem 
was health related? Or worse, what if your friend was in trouble 
with the law? How far would you go out of your way to help this 
   In this reading, John illustrates how far Jesus went to save 
us from our serious spiritual trouble - sin. Through Jesus' 
sacrifice, we see what true love really is. As John points out, we now have 
a standard against which to compare our love for others.  
   Jesus loved us so much that he gave his life for us. His 
death on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins came as a result of 
his love. His selfless, sacrificial gift models how we should show 
love to one another (1 John 3:16).  
   To love someone means to be like Jesus to that person - to be 
selfless and to give sacrificially. Loving this way ignores all the 
enticements that normally compel us to be nice to people, such as the 
personal benefits we may gain from doing so. Also, loving others as Jesus 
did may not feel good all the time. This kind of love regards 
others' welfare above our own, and it may cost an awful lot (pride, 
possessions, time, money). It may cost everything.  
   If you truly want to reach out to others, extend to them what 
God extended to you: unconditional love. [The One Year Through the 
Bible Devotional by Dave Veerman re 1 John 3:11-16] 

   I am the Gift that continuously gives ~ bounteously, with no 
strings attached. Unconditional Love is such a radical concept that even 
My most devoted followers fail to grasp it fully. Absolutely 
nothing in heaven or on earth can cause Me to stop loving you. You may 
feel more loved when you are performing according to your 
expectations. But My Love for you is perfect; therefore it is not subject to 
variation. What does vary is your awareness of My loving Presence. 
   When you are dissatisfied with your behavior, you tend to 
feel unworthy of My Love. You may unconsciously punish yourself by 
withdrawing from Me and attributing the distance between us to My 
displeasure. Instead of returning to Me and receiving My Love, you attempt to 
earn My approval by trying harder. All the while, I am aching to hold 
you in My everlasting arms, to enfold you in My Love. When you are 
feeling unworthy or unloved, come to Me. (1 John 4:15-18; Deu. 33:27; 
Psa. 13:5) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 










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