Genesis 1:27 - In His Image.

Genesis 1:27 - In His Image.

Genesis 1:27 (KJV) So God created man in his own image, in the 
image of God created he him; male and female created he them. 

After the first five days of creation, God saw that "It was 
good" (Genesis 1:21). And after his creation of mankind on the sixth 
day, he saw that "it was very good" (verse 31). That's because God 
created human beings in his image. We have the capacity to think, feel, 
express ourselves and relate to him. This is the distinguishing 
characteristic that raises us above anything else God made. It gives us 
inherent and infinite value. This is where we find our sense of worth. In 
the beginning, God created us in his image specifically for 
fellowship with him. If we don't make that our primary purpose, life will 
be empty and unfulfilling. If we do, we will fulfill the purpose 
for which we were designed. [NIV Once A Day Bible] 

   Most Christians do not pant after God in the way the psalmist 
described in Psalm 42:1. Now I must attempt to make clear what I mean.  
   First, let me pull into focus the major problem with which we 
all struggle as soon as we are born. When God created us in the 
beginning, He designed us to have a relationship with Him. This means that 
deep within our being is a thirst for God which will not go away. It 
can be ignored, disguised, misunderstood, wrongly labeled, or 
submerged underneath a wealth of activity, but it will not disappear. And 
for good reason. We were designed to enjoy something better than 
this world can give us, particularly in the sphere of relationships. 
No human relationship can satisfy in the way that a relationship 
with God does.  
   This deep thirst for God that resides within us makes us 
dependent on God for satisfaction, and that is something our sinful human 
nature deeply resents. You see, due to Adam and Eve's sin in the garden 
of Eden, we have all been left a legacy called "Do It Yourself." 
There is something within every single one of us that wants to take 
charge and have a hand in bringing about our own salvation. So here is 
the problem: facing the fact realistically that we inwardly thirst 
after God puts us in touch with a level of helplessness from which our 
sinful human nature shrinks. It reinforces the conviction that we are 
dependent on someone outside of ourselves for satisfaction. And that is 
something we don't care to acknowledge.  
   O Father, I recognize this elemental drive in my nature which 
causes me to resist standing in utter helplessness before You. But I 
sense that there can be no breakthrough in my life until I face this 
issue and deal with it. Help me, Father. In Jesus' name. Amen. [Every 
Day With Jesus Bible with Selwyn Hughes devotional re Dan. 5:23] 

Your needs and My riches are a perfect fit. I never meant for 
you to be self-sufficient. Instead, I designed you to need Me not 
only for daily bread but also for fulfillment of deep yearnings. I 
carefully crafted your longings and feelings of incompleteness, to point 
you to Me. Therefore, do not try to bury or deny these feelings. 
Beware also of trying to pacify these longings with lesser gods: 
people, possessions, power. Come to Me in all your neediness, with 
defenses down and with desire to be blessed. As you spend time in My 
Presence, your deepest longings are fulfilled. Rejoice in your neediness, 
which enables you to find intimate completion in Me. (Phi. 4:19; Col. 
2:2, 3) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 

Do everything in dependence on Me. The desire to act 
independently - apart from Me springs from the root of pride. Self-sufficiency 
is subtle, insinuating its way into your thoughts and actions 
without your realizing it. But apart from Me, you can do nothing: that 
is, nothing of eternal value. My deepest desire for you is that you 
learn to depend on Me in every situation. I move heaven and earth to 
accomplish this purpose, but you must collaborate with Me in this training. 
Teaching you would be simple if I negated your free will or overwhelmed 
you with My Power. However, I love you too much to withdraw the 
godlike privilege I bestowed on you as My image-bearer. Use your freedom 
wisely by relying on Me constantly. Thus you enjoy My Presence and My 
Peace. (John 15:5; Ephesians 6:10; Genesis 1: 26-27) [Jesus Calling by 
Sarah Young] 


"Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our hearts are 
restless until they rest in thee." [St. Augustine] 

"God did not make the first human because He needed company, but 
because He wanted someone to whom He could show His generosity. God did 
not tell us to follow Him because He needed our help, but because He 
knew that loving Him would make us whole." Irenaeus 

We begin our growth in God by understanding that all people are 
created in His image.  The image encompasses male and female; black, 
white, red, yellow and all other skin combinations; all ages; all 
intellectual levels; all size of persons from all types of cultures.  There 
is no limitation on the image God imparted to His creation.  This 
is where our basic dignity comes from: we are made in God's image.  
It is true of believers and nonbelievers. The next time you feel 
like cursing another person, or even saying something mean in a small 
way, remember, that one is made in God's image.  In the temptation to 
strike out, either physically or verbally, remember, that one is made 
in God's image.  If you are ever tempted to take a life, or 
encouraged to do so by society, whether a life in the womb or one no longer 
able to care for itself, remember, that one also is made in God's 
image.  Act upon this truth. Ignoring this truth is blasphemy against 
God.  [In His Time; Walk With Wisdom]