Mark 5:36 - Don't Be Afraid; Just Believe.

Mark 5:36 - Don't Be Afraid; Just Believe.

Mark 5:36 (NIV) Ignoring what they said, Jesus told the 
synagogue ruler, "Don't be afraid; just believe." 

Mark 5:36 (NLT) But Jesus ignored their comments and said to 
Jairus, "Don't be afraid. Just trust me." 

Mark 5:36 (NJB) But Jesus overheard what they said and he said 
to the president of the synagogue, 'Do not be afraid; only have 

   In this amazing chapter of Mark's Gospel we read of two 
miracles Jesus performed: the healing of the woman with a hemorrhage and 
the raising of Jairus's daughter from the dead. The doctors had 
given up on the woman, taken all her money, and instead of healing her 
had left her worse than before. Yet with just the touch of her 
finger on Jesus' robe, all the blood dried up and all the disease was 
gone from her body. Likewise, no one had hope for Jairus's daughter; 
she had died, and the neighbors were already bringing food and 
mourning with the family. But one touch from Jesus raised her to new 
   But that happened way back in Bible days, we may think. It's 
not relevant to my life today. On the contrary, the same power that 
went out through the hem of Jesus' garment and through his words "Get 
up little girl!" is available to us today. God desires that through 
the Holy Spirit, we know and understand the unlimited, surpassing 
greatness of his power for us when we trust him. Voice your needs and 
cares to God, and then receive these words he speaks to you, his 
child, this day: "Don't be afraid. Just trust me." 
   Father, I praise you that the same power that raised Jairus's 
daughter from the dead, healed the woman with a hemorrhage, and raised 
Jesus from the dead is available to us through your Spirit! Open the 
eyes of my heart to see, know, understand, and believe in the working 
of your power in and for us who believe. [Praying Through The Bible 
By Fuller] 

   Two people in desperate straits came to Jesus. First, a 
father came on behalf of his dying daughter. "Please come and lay your 
hands on her; heal her," he said desperately. Next came the woman who 
had been hemorrhaging for twelve years. Imagine her weakness, her 
fear, and especially her feelings of uncleanness. Crawling through the 
mob, she had only one goal in mind--touch Jesus' robe. She needed his 
healing power, and she knew she could get it just from a touch to his 
garment. She was right. Then Christ spoke to her, "Daughter, your faith 
has made you well. Go in peace. Your suffering is over." The man 
with the dying daughter? His daughter died before Jesus arrived. The 
desperate situation turned for the worse. But that was no problem for 
Jesus--he simply brought the child back to life. 
   Christ wants you to acknowledge his power to heal and repair 
what is broken in your life. Whatever the size of your crisis, bring 
it to Jesus. Nothing is too difficult for him; no situation is too 
desperate. Reach out your hand. He's there. [The One Year Bible for New 

   All kinds of people came to the feet of Jesus. A well-known 
synagogue leader and an anonymous sick woman could find help there. 
Perhaps the woman's faith was a bit superstitious, but the Lord still 
honored it. If you cannot grasp His hand, touch the hem of His garment. 
The first step of faith, no matter how weak, will lead to greater 
   No situation is so desperate that Jesus cannot work. Disease, 
delays, and even death are under His control. Jesus goes with you to the 
place of disappointment and sorrow and meets your needs. No matter how 
depressing your situation may appear, "Do not be afraid; only believe" (v. 
36). [Chapter by Chapter Bible Commentary by Warren Wiersbe] 

The "Elijah complex" can rob you of power and joy, so beware! 
Elijah went from victory to defeat because he started walking by sight 
and not by faith (v. 3). He believed the queen's words but not God's 
word, and he forgot how God had cared for him for three and a half 
years. Fear replaced faith, and he ran for his life. We need to obey 
these words: "Do not be afraid; only believe" (Mark 5:36). [Chapter by 
Chapter Bible Commentary by Warren Wiersbe re 1Ki.19] 

   I will never forget the statement which that great man of 
faith George Mueller once made to a gentleman who had asked him the 
best way to have strong faith: "The only way to know strong faith is 
to endure great trials. I have learned my faith by standing firm 
through severe testings."  
   How true this is! You must trust when all else fails. 
   Dear soul, you may scarcely realize the value of your present 
situation. If you are enduring great afflictions right now, you are at the 
source of the strongest faith. God will teach you during these dark 
hours to have the most powerful bond to His throne you could ever 
know, if you will only submit.  
   "Don't be afraid; just believe" (Mark 5:36). But if you ever 
are afraid, simply look up and say, "When I am afraid, I will trust 
in you" (Ps. 56:3). Then you will be able to thank God for His 
school of sorrow that became for you the school of faith. A. B. Simpson 
[Streams In The Desert By Cowman re Rom. 4:18, 19] 


   After twenty years of marriage, I finally sought counseling 
for pain from childhood sexual abuse. My husband and two teenage 
Sons were supportive, yet they did not understand the intense pain I 
was in. The deep emotional trauma that resulted from exposing 
long-buried secrets and bringing the pain and dirt to the surface for the 
first time drove me to my knees in search of any answers I could 
   Suicide could not be an option. I had already made a bargain 
with God: Either he would take my life and heal it, or I would take 
it. He did take it, and I threw away the handful of pills I had in 
my fist. Still, I had so much pain. 
   One day, as I searched the Scriptures and begged God for 
relief from the pain, he led me to the story of the woman who had an 
issue of blood (see Mark 5:25-34). That was me! She had a blood 
hemorrhage; I had a heart hemorrhage. We were both hurting and unclean, 
unworthy and frightened--in desperate need of healing. I saw myself run to 
Jesus, touch the hem of his garment, and disappear into the crowd, yet 
Jesus knew! He turned and looked right at me. He saw me and made me 
worthy of his love. He said I was healed by my faith, but I knew it was 
his faithfulness. Today I live by this verse. I am healed, I am his, 
and I am at peace with my past. 
   Margaret Heaton, a wife, mother, grandmother, Bible student, 
and Bible teacher, is writing her first novel. [The One Year Bible 
Live Verse Devotional re Mark 5:34] 


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