Revelation 2:4 - Balaam in the Church Today.

Revelation 2:4 - Balaam in the Church Today.

Revelation 2:14 (NIV) Nevertheless, I have a few things against 
you: There are some among you who hold to the teaching of Balaam, who 
taught Balak to entice the Israelites to sin so that they ate food 
sacrificed to idols and committed sexual immorality.  

Revelation 2:14 (NLT) "But I have a few complaints against you. 
You tolerate some among you whose teaching is like that of Balaam, 
who showed Balak how to trip up the people of Israel. He taught them 
to sin by eating food offered to idols and by committing sexual 

As the Israelites migrated through the wilderness, the prophet 
Balaam, prevented from cursing them, advised Moab's king to seduce them 
into both sexual and spiritual adultery (Num. 25:1-2; 31:16). [ESV SB 

While Israel was staying in Shittim, the men began to indulge in 
sexual immorality with Moabite women, who invited them to the 
sacrifices to their gods. The people ate and bowed down before these gods. 
[NIV SB 2008 re Num. 25:1, 2] 

The doctrine of Balaam links a philosophy which was rampant in 
the church at Pergamos with one of the most shameful incidents in 
the history of Israel. Recorded in Num. 22; 23 and 31:15, 16, the 
tragic story of Balaam's counsel to Balak to employ Moabite women to 
seduce the men of Israel culminated in disaster for God's people. 
[Believer's SB] 

The doctrine of Balaam, which had apparently infiltrated the 
Pergamos church, was that of compromise with the immoral and ungodly 
lifestyle of the pagans around them, in similar fashion to the way Balaam 
had influenced the Israelites to take Moabite wives. [Defender's 

Your town might not participate in idol feasts, but it probably 
has pornography, sexual sin, cheating, gossiping, and lying. Don't 
tolerate sin by bowing to the pressure to be open-minded. [Life 
Application SB] 

Numbers 22:32 (NKJV) And the Angel of the LORD said to him, "Why 
have you struck your donkey these three times? Behold, I have come 
out to stand against you, because your way is perverse before Me.  

Numbers 22:32 (AMP) And the Angel of the Lord said to him, Why 
have you struck your donkey these three times? See, I came out to 
stand against and resist you, for your behavior is willfully obstinate 
and contrary before Me.  

   In Numbers 22:32-35, Balaam was going forth to do as God had 
instructed him, but he was going with the wrong motives. His wholehearted 
obedience turned half-hearted because of his greed for wealth and 
prestige. His covetousness blinded him to the angel of the Lord who was 
blocking the path on which he traveled, because his eyes were focused on 
hoped-for riches and not on the hope-filled mission. Balaam ceased to 
reside in prayer - in a conscious awareness of God's presence. However, 
three times God was there narrowing the road in attempts to stop 
Balaam and get his attention. What path is God "narrowing" in your life 
so that you feel his resistance? God loves us enough that if we 
persist in doing things our way and ignore his presence or resist his 
will, he will derail us, just as he did Balaam's talking donkey, in 
order to get our attention and restore our fellowship with him.  
   LORD, thank you for your love that opens my eyed to see you 
on every path of life and leads me in obeying your will your way! 
Help me to follow you, whether it is to move forward into new 
territory or to return to a previously visited place. Only you know the 
direction I need to go. I will trust in your leadership and rely on your 
character. Thank you for leading me exactly where I need to go! [Praying 
Through The Bible By Fuller] 

   The fate of Balaam was similar to that of Judas, and their 
characters bear a marked resemblance to each other. Both these men tried to 
unite the service of God and mammon, and met with signal failure. 
Balaam acknowledged the true God, and professed to serve Him; Judas 
believed in Jesus as the Messiah, and united with His followers. But 
Balaam hoped to make the service of Jehovah the steppingstone to the 
acquirement of riches and worldly honor; and failing in this he stumbled and 
fell and was broken. Judas expected by his connection with Christ to 
secure wealth and promotion in that worldly kingdom which, as he 
believed, the Messiah was about to set up. The failure of his hopes drove 
him to apostasy and ruin. Both Balaam and Judas had received great 
light and enjoyed special privileges, but a single cherished sin 
poisoned the entire character and caused their destruction.  {PP 452.1}  
   It is a perilous thing to allow an unchristian trait to live 
in the heart. One cherished sin will, little by little, debase the 
character, bringing all its nobler powers into subjection to the evil 
desire. The removal of one safeguard from the conscience, the indulgence 
of one evil habit, one neglect of the high claims of duty, breaks 
down the defenses of the soul and opens the way for Satan to come in 
and lead us astray. The only safe course is to let our prayers go 
forth daily from a sincere heart, as did David, "Hold up my goings in 
Thy paths, that my footsteps slip not." Psalm 17:5.  {PP 452.2} 


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