John 7:37, 38 - If Anyone Is Thirsty.

John 7:37, 38 - If Anyone Is Thirsty. 

John 7:37b, 38 (NNAS) If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me 
and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, From his 
innermost being will flow rivers of living water. 

   In my opinion, the biggest single preventative to us having 
feet like "hinds' feet" is a stubborn commitment to independence. 
This reflects itself in the lives of every one of us--even those who 
have been on the Way for several decades. In the garden of Eden, Adam 
and Eve, who were designed to experience fulfillment by being 
dependent on God, decided to act independently of Him. Sin can be summed 
up as a "Declaration of Independence"--an attempt to do for 
ourselves what only God can do for us.  
   What happened in the garden of Eden is duplicated millions of 
times daily, not only in the lives of unbelievers but in the lives of 
Christians also--Christians who use self-centered strategies to satisfy the 
deep thirst that is in their heart for God. Almost every spiritual or 
psychological problem has at its roots this condition--the person is failing in 
some way to let God satisfy his deep inner thirst.  
   This might sound simplistic to some, but after many years of 
experience working in the field of counseling, I am convinced that this is 
what underlies such conditions as anorexia, sexual perversions, 
worry, hostility, depression, homosexuality, and so on. You see, if we 
are not conscious that God is meeting the deep thirst we have for 
Him on the inside of our being, then the inner emptiness will move 
us in one of two directions--to fill the emptiness in any way we can 
or to withdraw and protect ourselves from the possibility of any 
further pain.  
   Father, I see yet again that until and unless my deep thirst 
for You is being quenched, I am in deep trouble and vulnerable to 
all kinds of problems. I simply must get this issue straightened 
out. Help me, dear Father. In Jesus' name. Amen. [Every Day With 
Jesus Bible with Selwyn Hughes devotional] 

   Anyone who is thirsty. That's who is qualified to come to 
Jesus. Our thirst will drive us to Him for salvation, for deliverance, 
for provision, for fulfillment, for anything we need. But the 
promise of Jesus when He shouted these words to the crowd in Jerusalem 
was that our thirst coupled with our faith would give us access to 
an ever-gushing river of water, the Spirit Himself. Those who drink 
of Him will be satisfied.  
   Isaiah had issued the same invitation centuries earlier 
(Isaiah 55:1), and God's promise of thirst-quenching provision was 
provided through His Son. Jesus had echoed the same promise in an earlier 
sermon: "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for 
they will be filled" (Matthew 5:6, NIV). Clearly, God is interested 
in our desire and uses it to draw us to Him. We long for 
fulfillment, for the "shalom" of the Kingdom, for the wholeness and peace of 
knowing everything is just as it should be. His Spirit gives us deep 
tastes of that fullness now with the promise of its thorough completion 
at the end of the age. But it all begins with thirst. That's the 
key to experiencing it.  
   How relentlessly would you pursue God if He said your 
relationship with Him hinges on your thirst? Your ability to know Him, 
experience His presence, and hear His voice will be defined in large part 
by the intensity of your longing. He rarely speaks to the 
apathetic, but those who long for Him, who crave Him and seek Him with all 
their hearts, will be rewarded. If you want to hear Him, keep 
thirsting. Let your longings drive you toward Him. Never give up your 
persistent petition for His personal touch and clear response to your 
cries. He will reveal Himself clearly to those whose thirst settles for 
nothing less.  
   Lord, I echo Jacob's words: I will not let You go until You 
bless me. My thirst will not let me settle for a mediocre spiritual 
experience. It's too strong for that, and I know You will honor my 
persistence. May the river of living water flow freely in me. [The One Year 
Hearing His Voice Devotional by Chris Tiegreen] 

   Jesus stood up on the last day of the feast, right at the 
time when a symbolic act of pouring our water normally took place, 
and declared Himself to be the source of living water. He not only 
announced the eternal springs available to all who believe in Him, He 
located those springs in the heart of the believer. The source of life, 
of God's truth, of God Himself, would flow from within human 
beings. If we believe, we can embody the Spirit of God.  
   This is the primary means of hearing God's voice, even when 
we're reading Scripture, which we can't understand apart from the 
Spirit. This internal spring is our access to God's voice. A river is 
flowing through those who believe - streams of His thoughts and 
impressions and desires - and all we need to do is get into the current of 
that river. That doesn't mean that every thought, impression, or 
desire within us is God-given, but many of them are. We simply need to 
discern the difference.  
   That's a pretty big challenge, but not an impossible one. In 
fact, God would not tell us to rely on His Spirit or listen to His 
Spirit if He were not going to enable us to do that and teach us how. 
It's ludicrous to think of God giving us an astounding, costly gift 
and then leaving us in the dark as to how to access that gift. He 
doesn't give light for us to fumble around in obscurity trying to figure 
out how to live in it. He gives us remarkable but simple gifts - if 
we believe Him. And when we believe, the divine voice resonates 
inside of us, flowing through us with the thoughts and desires of God 
   Holy Spirit, flow through me like a rushing river, filling me 
with dreams and ideas from Your heart. I want more than trickles; I 
want torrents. Help me discern the difference between my thoughts and 
Yours, but let me not get stuck trying to analyze them. Give me faith 
to believe. [The One Year Hearing His Voice Devotional by Chris 


Bring Me the sacrifice of your time: a most precious commodity. 
In this action-addicted world, few of My children take time to sit 
quietly in My Presence. But for those who do, blessings flow like 
streams of living water. I, the One from whom all blessings flow, am 
also blessed by our time together. This is a deep mystery; do not try 
to fathom it. Instead, glorify Me by delighting in Me. Enjoy Me now 
and forever! (Psa. 21:6; John 7:38; Psa. 103:11) [Jesus Calling by 
Sarah Young] 

Learn to listen to Me even while you are listening to other 
people. As they open their souls to your scrutiny, you are on holy 
ground. You need the help of My Spirit to respond appropriately. Ask Him 
to think through you, live through you, love through you. My own 
Being is alive within you in the Person of the Holy Spirit. If you 
respond to others' needs through your unaided thought processes, you 
offer them dry crumbs. When the Spirit empowers your listening and 
speaking, My streams of living water flow through you to other people. Be 
a channel of My Love, Joy, and Peace by listening to Me as you 
listen to others. (Exo. 3:5; 1Co. 6:19; John 7:38, 39) [Jesus Calling 
by Sarah Young] 

   Come to Me, and rest in My Peace. My Face is shining upon 
you, in rays of Peace transcending understanding. Instead of trying 
to figure things out yourself, you can relax in the Presence of the 
One who knows everything. As you lean on Me in trusting dependence, 
you feel peaceful and complete. This is how I designed you to live: 
in close communion with Me.  
   When you are around other people, you tend to cater to their 
expectations--real or imagined. You feel enslaved to pleasing them, and your 
awareness of My Presence grows dim. Your efforts to win their approval 
eventually exhaust you. You offer these people dry crumbs rather than the 
living water of My Spirit flowing through you. This is not My way for 
you! Stay in touch with Me, even during your busiest moments. Let My 
Spirit give you words of grace as you live in the Light of My Peace. 
(Phi. 4:6, 7; John 7:38; Eph. 5:18-20) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 


   Johan is young, tall, blond, and Dutch.  I got to know him 
through my cousin, who attended the same Bible school in England.  
Gifted and handsome, Johan could have carved out a comfortable youth 
ministry in his native Netherlands - or most anywhere in the world, for 
that matter. 
   Comfort, however, isn't one of Johan's major goals.  He chose 
to take the gospel of Christ to the Bedouins and nomads near 
Israel's desolate Sinai desert.  A forgotten people in one of the most 
desolate corners of the world. 
   Johan works by an oasis near the sea, attracting travelers 
and Bedouins by offering hot meals, clothing, and first aid.... 
   From the Bedouins, Johan learned it is considered worse than 
murder if you know of a water source and yet neglect to tell your 
fellow man. 
   Few of us will ever live in a wilderness like the one where 
young Johan has pitched his tent.  Not many among us will ever 
proclaim salvation to desert nomads.  But all around us, no matter where 
we reside or work, there are thirsty men and women.  The neighbor 
down the street, the man at the service station, the boy who carries 
our groceries, the secretary who types and files, or even the 
distant aunt who occasionally comes by for visits. 
   If these people don't know Christ, they're going to die of 
   Do you know the Source of living water?  If you do please 
don't withhold a drink from somebody who is thirsty. 
   It's not just a matter of hospitality.  It's a matter of life 
and death. Joni Eareckson Tada [Time with God SB] 

Every true Christian is a living fountain, ever receiving of the 
unfailing streams of grace, ever refreshed and ever refreshing those that 
are around him. Those who are coworkers with God manifest a 
missionary spirit; for they are ever receiving, that they may ever be 
giving to others the light and blessing of heaven. CSW66 




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