Romans 8:5, 6 - Spirit Living.

Romans 8:5, 6 - Spirit Living.

Romans 8:5-6 (NIV) Those who live according to the flesh have 
their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in 
accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. 
6 The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed 
by the Spirit is life and peace. 

Romans 8:5-6 (NLT) Those who are dominated by the sinful nature 
think about sinful things, but those who are controlled by the Holy 
Spirit think about things that please the Spirit. 6 So letting your 
sinful nature control your mind leads to death. But letting the Spirit 
control your mind leads to life and peace. 

   There are so many forces in the world that aim to control our 
minds: the media, trends and advertising, secular philosophy, and 
materialism. Yet none of these brings us real life. Through computers, 
television, malls, and music, the enemy comes in like a flood to distract 
us, capture our minds, and dominate our thoughts. There's also our 
own sinful nature, which today's verses say will lead to death if we 
give over the controls of our life to it. But the good news is in the 
last part of verse 6: "If the Holy Spirit controls your mind, there 
is life and peace." Yielding our minds and thoughts to Christ Jesus 
will result in a spirit of calmness, a quiet confidence that he is in 
control no matter what is happening in the world around us. When the 
Spirit controls us, we are able to think about things that please God 
and, as this verse describes, he will allow our hearts to experience 
life and peace.  
   LORD, I want your Holy Spirit to control my mind, heart, and 
thoughts so that I can experience life and peace. I yield my mind to you 
today. Direct my thoughts. Cause me to think about things that please 
you. Guard my mind from being controlled by anything that is contrary 
to your ways. Thank you for setting me free from sin and death 
through the power of your Life-giving Spirit! [Praying Through The Bible 
By Fuller re vv. 5, 6] 

   God is working within you. He is shaping your character, your 
desires, your feelings, your sense of direction, your vision of the 
future ... everything. While you are listening for an external voice to 
guide you, God is renovating your heart and mind internally. He may 
speak through an external voice, but not independent of His Spirit's 
internal work. According to Romans 8:5 and Philippians 2:13, God is busy 
shaping your thoughts, your will, and your works for His good pleasure. 
   Most Christians are deeply suspicious of their own desires, 
and we have some basis for that. Our desires can be selfish and 
misdirected. But our tendency to crucify all of them isn't the answer. If God 
is working within us to shape our will, and we try to crucify 
everything that qualifies as "our will," aren't we then at odds with the 
Holy Spirit's work? If God has planted many of our desires within us, 
it will do no good to try to crucify those desires. Though many 
people assume that if they want something it must not be God's will, we 
can assume that if we want something it very well might be God's 
will. He is cultivating us to want what He wants for us.  
   Don't be afraid of the work God is doing within you. Don't 
assume that your pleasures and His are at odds with each other. He is 
working His pleasure into you, helping you desire what He desires and 
pursue His purposes. When your will and His will align, it may feel 
like you are simply seeking your own interests. But you are seeking 
His interests too. And both you and He will be satisfied with the 
   Holy Spirit, are my desires really okay? Have You put Your 
desires within me? Help me discern which ones are Yours and which have 
flowed out of my own selfishness. Satisfy me with the fulfillment of 
every desire that fits Your purposes. [The One Year Hearing His Voice 
Devotional by Chris Tiegreen] 


   Let Me control your mind. The mind is the most restless, 
unruly part of mankind. Long after you have learned the discipline of 
holding your tongue, your thoughts defy your will and set themselves up 
against Me. Man is the pinnacle of My creation, and the human mind is 
wondrously complex. I risked all by granting you freedom to think for 
yourself. This is godlike privilege, forever setting you apart from 
animals and robots. I made you in My image, precariously close to deity. 
   Though My blood has fully redeemed you, your mind is the last 
bastion of rebellion. Open yourself to My radiant Presence, letting My 
Light permeate your thinking. When My Spirit is controlling your mind, 
you are filled with Life and Peace. (Gen. 1:26, 27; Rom. 8:6) [Jesus 
Calling by Sarah Young] 

   Seek My face, and you will find not only My Presence but also 
My Peace. To receive My Peace, you must change your grasping, 
controlling stance to one of openness and trust. The only thing you can 
grasp without damaging your soul is My hand. Ask My Spirit within you 
to order your day and control your thoughts, for the mind 
controlled by the Spirit is - Life and Peace. 
   You can have as much of Me and My Peace as you want, through 
thousands of correct choices each day. The most persistent choice you face 
is whether to trust Me or to worry. You will never run out of 
things to worry about, but you can choose to trust Me no matter what. I 
am an ever-present help in trouble. Trust Me, though the earth give 
way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea. (Rom. 8:6; 
Psalm 46:1-2) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 

Trust Me and don't be afraid, for I am your Strength and Song. 
Do not let fear dissipate your energy. Instead, invest your energy 
in trusting Me and singing My Song. The battle for control of your 
mind is fierce, and years of worry have made you vulnerable to the 
enemy. Therefore, you need to be vigilant in guarding your thoughts. Do 
not despise this weakness in yourself, since I am using it to draw 
you closer to Me. Your constant need for Me creates an intimacy that 
is well worth all the effort. You are not alone in this struggle 
for your mind. My Spirit living within you is ever ready to help in 
this striving. Ask Him to control your mind; He will bless you with 
Life and Peace. (Isa. 12:2; Rom. 8:6) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 

   There is a mighty battle going on for control of your mind. 
Heaven and earth intersect in your mind; the tugs of both spheres 
influence your thinking. I created you with the capacity to experience 
foretastes of heaven. When you shut out the world and focus on My Presence, 
you can enjoy sitting with Me in heavenly realms. This is an 
incredible privilege reserved for precious ones who belong to Me and seek 
My Face. Your greatest strength is your desire to spend time 
communing with Me. As you concentrate on Me, My Spirit fills your mind 
with Life and Peace.  
   The world exerts a downward pull on your thoughts. Media 
bombard you with greed, lust, and cynicism. When you face these things, 
pray for protection and discernment. Stay in continual communication 
with Me whenever you walk through the wastelands of this world. 
Refuse to worry, because this form of worldliness will weigh you down 
and block awareness of My Presence. Stay alert, recognizing the 
battle being waged against your mind. Look forward to an eternity of 
strife-free living, reserved for you in heaven. (Eph. 2:6; Rom. 8:6; 1 Joh. 
2:15, 17) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 

   I will fight for you; you need only to be still. I know how 
weary you are, My child. You have been struggling just to keep your 
head above water, and your strength is running low. Now is the time 
for you to stop striving and let Me fight for you. I know this is 
not easy for you to do. You feel as if you must keep struggling in 
order to survive, but I am calling you to rest in Me. I am working on 
your behalf; so be still, and know that I am God.  
   Quieting your body is somewhat challenging for you, but 
stilling your mind may often seem downright impossible. In your striving 
to feel secure, you have relied too heavily on your own thinking. 
This struggle to be in control has elevated your mind to a position 
of autonomy. So you need the intervention of the Holy Spirit. Ask 
Him to control your mind more and more - soothing you from the 
inside out. Take time to rest in the shadow of the Almighty while I 
fight for you. (Exo. 14:14; Psa. 46:10; Rom. 8:6; Psa. 91:1) [Jesus 
Today by Sarah Young] 

   Rejoice and exult in hope. Raise a shout of Joy! You have 
good reason to be joyful, because you're on your way to heaven. I 
have paid the penalty for your sins and clothed you in My own 
righteousness. This is the basis of hope - for you, for all who truly know Me 
as Savior. No matter what is going on in your life at this time, 
your hope in Me is secure. No one will be able to snatch you out of 
My hand. In Me you have absolute, eternal security!  
   Be constant in prayer - at all times, but especially when you 
are struggling. During trials, you need close communication with Me 
more than ever. However, your ability to concentrate may be hampered 
by stress and fatigue. So make full use of the amazing source of 
strength within you - My Spirit. Ask the Holy Spirit to control your 
mind: to think through you and pray through you. Your prayers need not 
be pretty or proper. Just let them flow out of your current 
situation. As you stay in communication with Me, I help you to be steadfast 
and patient in suffering. (Rom. 12:12; Tit. 2:11, 13; John 10:28; 
Rom. 8:6) [Jesus Today by Sarah Young] 




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