1 Timothy 6:6 - Secret of Contentment.

1 Timothy 6:6 - Secret of Contentment.

1 Timothy 6:6 (NKJV) Now godliness with contentment is great 

This statement is the key to spiritual growth and personal 
fulfillment. We should honor God and center our desires on him, and we should 
be content with what God is doing in our lives. [Life Application 

It is often helpful to distinguish between 'needs' and 'wants.' 
We may have all we need to live but let ourselves become anxious 
and discontented over what we merely want. Like Paul, we can choose 
to be content without having all that we want. The only alternative 
is to be a slave to our desires. [Life Application SB] 

   What God wants me to cultivate is an attitude of contentment 
with what I have now. Having "food and clothing," Paul said, "we will 
be content with that." God provides the necessities--and I don't 
need the luxuries. 
   How do I know? Why, when I die, nothing material I've gained 
will be taken with me. But the essential "me"--all that I am as an 
individual, all that I have or will become, is carried on into eternity. In 
the last analysis, nothing else counts. 
   So if you're not rich, count it a blessing. The opportunity 
to deepen your faith in God as you trust Him is a great blessing. 
For the more godly person that you are becoming will enter God's 
presence, and every material possession will be left behind. [The 365-Day 
Devotional Commentary] 

   Advertisers work diligently to create in us a sense of need 
and to cause us to want what we didn't realize we wanted. That 
desire to always want more may fuel the economy, but it does nothing to 
develop the godly attitude of contentment in us.  
   We need to go to extra lengths to cultivate contentment. One 
of the ways to do that is to constantly give thanks for what God 
has given us. It's impossible to frequently express gratitude and 
remain dissatisfied. That's because discontentment focuses on what we 
don't have while gratitude focuses on what we do have. Whichever we 
focus on becomes bigger in our own minds. A persistent focus on what 
we do have makes us more aware of the blessings God has lavished on 
us. [NIV Once A Day Bible re 1Ti. 6:6-10] 

   Our world promotes dissatisfaction with our lives. We are 
constantly bombarded with newer and better things that will make our lives 
more complete if only we would obtain them! If we listen to the 
world, we will always be comparing the lifestyles and possessions of 
others with our own, and we will always be dissatisfied. If our 
contentment comes from possessions, activities, or other people, these can 
be altered or removed. If our contentment comes from our 
relationship with Christ, there is absolutely nothing that can take that 
   Paul had enjoyed power and status among his people. He had 
also been imprisoned and bound in stocks in the depths of a jail 
cell. He had stood before a king and been stoned almost to death by an 
angry mob. Paul had enjoyed the benefits and pleasures of life, yet he 
could give them all up and still be filled with the joy of the Lord. 
His contentment did not depend on his environment but on his 
relationship with Christ. 
   Contentment frees you to enjoy every good thing God has given 
you. Contentment demonstrates your belief that God loves you and has 
your best interest in mind. Discontent stems from the sin of 
ingratitude and a lack of faith that God loves you enough to provide for all 
that you need. Strive to be grateful for all that God has given you. 
A grateful heart has no room for envy. [Experiencing God Day by 
Day by Henry and Richard Blackaby re Phi.4:11] 

   Discontentment can be dangerous. It can drive us to hasty 
decisions or unwise actions we later regret. A desire to be someone we're 
not, a wish to be somewhere we don't need to be or a motivation to 
have something not ours--can easily derail our life. Why let our 
discontentment obsess over the thrill of the chase, when contentment patiently 
waits on the joy of all Jesus has for us. Contentment has a way of 
cleansing our motives. It moves us closer to Christ's heart. 
   Contentment is the ability to endure hardships or handle 
prosperity. If we are never satisfied, always in want of a little bit more, 
we are set up for disappointment. More relationships, more stuff or 
more opportunities only complicate and confuse our life, if they 
become the object of our affections. Or, we may struggle under the 
weight of adversity. It can crush our contentment unless we see God at 
work where we are unable to work. Contentment grows our trust in 
   "I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, 
that he considered me trustworthy, appointing me to his service" (1 
Timothy 1:12). 
   Paul understood the fruit of contentment. He was a work in 
progress, but by God's grace he had progressed. He used hard times to 
better understand the heart of God. While in jail, he started the first 
jail ministry and he penned profound words of truth. Contentment was 
the canvas of his life on which the Lord painted His beautiful 
masterpiece of grace. From the beginning of His walk with Jesus he submitted 
to whatever He wanted. Christ working through him was his big 
   Therefore, we stay enrolled in the school of contentment for 
it is a lifelong educational process. Like wisdom and humility, we 
are always learning and growing in the discipline of contentment. 
The secret is surrender to Jesus Christ and by faith allowing Him to 
live His life through us. His strength sustains us. His Spirit 
empowers us. His wisdom enlightens us. His humility humbles us. His love 
embraces us. The secret of contentment is resting in Jesus. It's trusting 
Him to handle the rest we can't control. Prayerfully we wait on 
God's best. Contentment in Him is great gain! 
   "Godliness with contentment is great gain" (1 Timothy 6:6).
   Heavenly Father, I surrender to You and Your expectations for 
my life. I trust in Christ to strengthen my soul. [Wisdom Hunters 


   Rejoice in Me always! No matter what is going on, you can 
rejoice in your Love-relationship with Me. This is the secret of being 
content in all circumstances. So many people dream of the day when they 
will finally be happy: when they are out of debt, when their children 
are out of trouble, when they have more leisure time, and so on. 
While they daydream, their moments are trickling into the ground like 
precious balm spilling wastefully from overturned bottles.  
   Fantasizing about future happiness will never bring 
fulfillment because fantasy is unreality. Even though I am invisible, I am 
far more Real than the world you see around you. My reality is 
eternal and unchanging. Bring your moments to Me, and I will fill them 
with vibrant Joy. Now is the time to rejoice in My Presence! 
(Philippians 4:4, 12; Psalm 102:27) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 

   You can live as close to Me as you choose. I set up no 
barriers between us; neither do I tear down barriers that you erect.  
   People tend to think their circumstances determine the 
quality of their lives. So they pour their energy into trying to control 
those situations. They feel happy when things are going well, and sad 
or frustrated when things don't turn out as they'd hoped. They 
rarely question this correlation between their circumstances and 
feelings. Yet it is possible to be content in any and every situation.  
   Put more energy into trusting Me and enjoying My Presence. 
Don't let your well-being depend on your circumstances. Instead, 
connect your joy to My precious promises. (Phi. 4:12; Gen. 28:15; Phi. 
4:19; Rom. 8:38, 39) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 

   Welcome challenging times as opportunities to trust Me. You 
have Me beside you and My Spirit within you, so no set of 
circumstances is too much for you to handle. When the path before you is 
dotted with difficulties, beware of measuring your strength against 
those challenges. That calculation is certain to riddle you with 
anxiety. Without Me, you wouldn't make it past the first hurdle!  
   The way to walk through demanding days is to grip My hand 
tightly and stay in close communication with Me. Let your thoughts and 
spoken words be richly flavored with trust and thankfulness. Regardless 
of the day's problems, I can keep you in perfect Peace as you stay 
close to Me. (Jam. 1:2; Phi. 4:13; Isa. 26:3) [Jesus Calling by Sarah 

   It is good that you recognize your weakness. That keeps you 
looking to Me, your Strength. Abundant life is not necessarily health 
and wealth; it is living in continual dependence on Me. Instead of 
trying to fit this day into a preconceived mold, relax and be on the 
lookout for what I am doing. This mind-set will free you to enjoy Me and 
to find what I have planned for you to do. This is far better than 
trying to make things go according to your own plan. 
   Don't take yourself so seriously. Lighten up and laugh with 
Me. You have Me on your side, so what are you worried about? I can 
equip you to do absolutely, anything, as long as it is My will. The 
more difficult your day, the more I yearn to help you. Anxiety wraps 
you up in yourself, trapping you in your own thoughts. When you look 
to Me and whisper My Name, you break free and receive My help. 
Focus on Me, and you will find Peace in My Presence. (Phi. 4:13; Pro. 
17:22) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 


We find our greatest source of contentment, of course, in a 
delightful relationship with Jesus Christ: [Life Principles SB By Charles 









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