James 4:10 - Humility & Your Relationship With God.

James 4:10 - Humility & Your Relationship With God.

James 4:10 (KJV) Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and 
he shall lift you up. 

James 4: 10 (MSG) Get down on your knees before the Master; it's 
the only way you'll get on your feet.  


James writes harsh words, but they have a noble purpose: to 
cultivate humility in the hearts and minds of his readers. Why is that 
important? Because humility positions us to receive the best God has to 
offer us. He comes near to those who are humble and lifts them up at 
the proper time. God opposes the proud - and apparently withholds 
favor from them - but he generously gives grace to the humble. The 
implication of these verses is that our attitudes toward ourselves go a long 
way toward determining the degree and consistency with which we 
experience God and his goodness. When we see ourselves humbly, God can 
bless us lavishly without ruining us in the process. [NIV Once A Day 
Bible re Jam. 4:1-10] 


   How can you come close to God? James gives five ways: First, 
humble yourselves before God. Yield to his authority and will, commit 
your life to him and his control, and be willing to follow him. 
Second, resist the devil. Don't allow Satan to entice and tempt you. 
Third, wash your hands and purify your hearts. In other words, lead a 
pure life. Be cleansed from sin replacing your desire to sin with 
your desire to experience God's purity. Fourth, let there be sorrow 
and deep grief for your sins. Don't be afraid to express deep 
heartfelt sorrow for what you have done. Fifth, humble yourselves before 
the Lord, and he will lift you up in honor (see also 1 Peter 5:6).  
   This list begins and ends with a call to humble ourselves 
before God. Bowing in humility before God means recognizing that our 
worth comes from him alone. Humility involves depending on his power 
and his guidance, and not going our own independent way. Although we 
do not deserve God's favor, he wants to lift us up and give us 
worth and dignity, despite our human shortcomings. [One Year NLT SB re 
vss. 7-10] 

   Getting close to God requires a transfer of ownership - a 
humble submission of our lives to him (James 4:7-10). Once that 
transaction takes place, we must continue the fight against the forces that 
draw us away from Christ. We must resist the devil and flee from him. 
We must embrace God's will and let go of our own evil desires. We 
must grieve our sinfulness rather than celebrate it. And we must 
purify ourselves.  
   To sign away your life won't mark you as a distinctly heroic 
person in most people's eyes. But it will lead to intimacy with God, 
and it will allow God to "lift you up" (4:10). [The One Year Through 
the Bible Devotional by Dave Veerman re vvs. 1-10] 


The power that set the galaxies spinning, that holds the earth 
in place, that calmed the seas, that turned water into wine--that 
power is in your life. Why would we go through life trying to do 
things in our own strength? And yet, so many of us fall into that very 
temptation. Be different. Thank God for his power at work in your life and 
on your behalf. Rely on him instead of yourself. [The One Year 
Bible for New Believers re Eph.1:19, 20] 


   Humble yourself under My mighty hand. You are well aware of 
My powerful hand working in your life experiences. Sometimes you 
feel weighed down by My Sovereign will - trapped by circumstances you 
cannot change. The temptation at such times is to grow impatient with 
Me and My ways. But this will only frustrate you further, and your 
negative feelings will pull you down. Your impatience will also alienate 
you from Me.  
   When you are feeling weighed down by your circumstances, 
change your perspective by looking up to Me. Muster the courage to say, 
"Lord, I humble myself under Your mighty hand." Submit to Me and My 
ways in your life, even though you long to break free. This protects 
you from fighting against Me - the Creator and Sustainer of the 
universe. Instead of engaging in this battle you cannot win, use your 
energy to cope with the situation and learn from it. Trust that I will 
lift you up - relieve your suffering - in My perfect, wisely 
appointed time. (1Pe. 5:6; Mic. 6:8; Jam. 4:6, 10) [Jesus Today by Sarah 




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