Psalm 5:3 - Praying In The Morning.

Psalm 5:3 - Praying In The Morning.

Psalm 5:3 (NIV) In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice; in 
the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.  

Psalm 5:3 (NLT) Listen to my voice in the morning, LORD. Each 
morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.  


   The best time to fellowship with God is anytime. He's always 
waiting, always inviting. But if we want to receive the most from our 
time with him, there is one thing we should consider: we should 
choose a time when we are at our best, fresh and awake, ready to 
receive from him. For some, that is first thing in the morning; others 
might find that evening is better. Still others might prefer 
mid-afternoon or right before lunch. All that matters is that we choose a part 
of the day that feels best to us and stick with it. 
   So what does fellowship with God consist of? Prayer? Bible 
meditation? Yes. It also means being quiet and listening to what God has to 
say to us. The most important thing to remember is that this 
fellowship shouldn't feel forced. Think of it as sitting down with a close 
friend or loved one. In such cases, we talk about lots of things - our 
needs, our wants, our circumstances, our burdens, and more. 
Conversation takes place, along with smiles, humor, encouragement, and words 
of loving affection. 
   Fellowship with God shouldn't be a chore. It should be a time 
we look forward to every day, an oasis of peace and devotion in our 
busy days. How wonderful is it that God wants to be with us? 
   Thank you, Lord, for inviting me to spend time with you every 
day, time to talk through challenges, be refreshed, and cast off my 
burdens. In Jesus' name, Amen. [Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotional by 
John & Johnny Baker] 

   If you're not a morning person, you don't have to dedicate a 
full hour of prayer time. It's simply a time of bowing your heart 
before God, saying, "Lord, I devote this day to you, my heart, my 
life." This is a way to begin a surrendered day, following him wherever 
he leads.  
   Another way is to feed our souls with nourishment from the 
Bible. It is God's love letter to us, and he reveals himself through 
his Word. The psalmist says about God's Word, "The precepts of the 
LORD are right, giving joy to the heart" (Psalm 19:8).  
   It's a tremendous blessing to seek God with all our hearts. 
How replenishing it is when we make a practice of seeking him as 
part of our daily routine. [The Daniel Plan 365-Day Devotional re 
Jer. 29:13] 


David begins his day in prayer and expectant waiting. [NIV SB 

The psalmist (David ) begins and ends each day with prayer, 
awaiting new expressions of God's fidelity and goodness (143:8)... The 
psalmist does not demand God's grace but places hope in it (Mic 7:7; Hab 
2:1). [NLT SB 2008]  

This psalm is sometimes called a "morning psalm" and underscores 
the importance of a daily devotional time. Much depends upon how we 
start each day, and what better way to begin the day than with a 
personal time of meditation. An intimate fellowship demands 
communication. The breakdown of communication presupposes disruption in 
fellowship (cf. Gen 3:8). Therefore, to enjoy fellowship with the Creator, 
one must make time to communicate with Him. God speaks to man 
through His Word (103-105; 119:9-16); man talks to God through prayer 
and then listens for the divine response (cf. 1 Sam 3:3-15; Matt 
7:7, 8). One cannot live a Spirit-filled life without daily direction 
and sustenance from God (cf. Prov 3:6; John 6:33-35). [Believer's 

The secret of a close relationship with God is to pray to him 
earnestly each morning. In the morning, our minds are more free from 
problems, and then we can commit the whole day to God. Regular 
communication helps any friendship and is certainly necessary for a strong 
relationship with God. We need to communicate with him daily. Do you have a 
regular time to pray and read God's Word? [Life Application SB] 

There is no better habit than the habit of morning prayer, when 
alone with God the soul prepares to discharge the duties and meet the 
problems of the unknown day... It is well to cultivate the habit of 
offering the first fruits of our consciousness as a morning offering to 
God. [SDA Bible Commentary] 

Prayer in the morning - a commendable habit that helps a person 
to dedicate all the activities of the day to the glory of God. 
[Nelson SB] 

Although prayer is always good, there is special blessing 
associated with prayer and meditation early in the day. Guidance is needed 
for the activities of the day; rest is needed for the night. Note 
the example of Abraham (Genesis 19:27), Jacob (Genesis 28:18), Moses 
(Exodus 24:4), Gideon (Judges 6:38), Hannah (1 Samuel 1:19), and 
especially that of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself (Mark 1:35). [Defender's 


   Nancy Guthrie writes, "Sometimes what causes us the most pain 
and confusion is not what God says to us but the fact that in the 
midst of difficulty, he seems to say nothing at all."  
   God's silence. This was a major issue for Job, who in his 
extreme circumstances asked for answers from the Almighty.  
   The silence of God has been explored by many novelists, 
playwrights, and theologians - and by most people who have gone through deep 
waters. We may not eloquently articulate our questions, but they roll 
deep within us. The answers we receive can feel inadequate to provide 
comfort or to genuinely explain what weighs on us and bewilders us. We 
long to know why devastating things happen to us. Like Job, we long 
for understanding so we can bear the pain.  
   Did God answer Job? He did, but with his own questions and a 
long, dramatic romp describing birds, beasts, mountains, and storms - 
all the wonders of his creation. Where was Job when God made all 
   "God doesn't explain," Guthrie writes. "Instead he reveals 
himself, and in the midst of his awesome presence, Job's questions are 
not answered - they simply disappear."  
   Magnificence and mystery - those are the two "answers" the 
book of Job reveals to us. We find much wisdom, guidance, and truth 
in God's Word. We also find much mystery. Our minds cannot even 
frame the right questions.  
   We'll never solve all the mysteries, but we know all that 
happens is weighted with significance. "Job had no idea he was a player 
in a cosmic confrontation," Nancy says. "He had no idea his 
faithfulness in extreme difficulty mattered so much. But it did."  
   It does for us as well, as we worship God in his grandeur and 
pray that he will keep us faithful. Each follower of God is a key 
player in this magnificent mystery.  
   God of all creation, I am in awe of all you have made. Help 
me to leave my questions with you and walk in your light as you 
illuminate my path. Protect me from all that wages war against my soul. 
[The One Year Book of Encouragement by Harold Myra] 


Wait quietly in My presence while My thoughts form silently in 
the depths of your being. Do not try to rush this process, because 
hurry keeps your heart earthbound. I am the Creator of the entire 
universe, yet I choose to make My humble home in your heart. It is there 
where you know Me most intimately; it is there where I speak to you in 
holy whispers. Ask My Spirit to quiet your mind so that you can hear 
My still, small voice within you. I am speaking to you continually: 
words of Life . . . Peace . . . Love. Tune your heart to receive these 
messages of abundant blessing. Lay your requests before Me and wait in 
expectation. (1Ki. 19:12; Psa. 5:3) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 

   I am able to do immeasurably more than all you ask or 
imagine. So think big when you pray, but remember that I always think 
bigger! I am continually at work in your life, even when you can see 
nothing happening. It's easy for you to feel stuck in a situation you'd 
like to change because you can see only the present moment. But I 
look at the big picture - all the moments of your life - and I am 
doing more than you can imagine.  
   Try to stay in communication with Me as you go through this 
day. You can talk with Me about anything because I understand you 
perfectly. The easiest way to keep in touch is to begin each day with Me - 
bringing Me your praises and requests. Then, as you get into your 
activities, it's more natural to continue talking with Me.  
   The longer you wait to start communicating with Me, the more 
effort it will take. So come to Me early, before you get too far into 
your day. You may think you cannot spare the time for this, but 
remember that you don't handle things alone. You work collaboratively 
with the One who can do far more than you ask or imagine. (Eph. 3:20; 
Psa. 93:1, 2; 5:3) [Jesus Today by Sarah Young] 


Prayer without fervency is like hunting with a dead dog, and 
prayer without preparation is hawking with a blind falcon. Charles 


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