Psalm 46:10 - Being Still to Know God.

Psalm 46:10 - Being Still to Know God.

Psalm 46:10 (KJV) Be still, and know that I am God;... 


   I spent much of my life chasing the American Dream. I started 
working eight-hour days when I was seventeen, and by the time I was 
forty, I was working fifteen hours a day. I was spending more time at 
the office, hotels, and airports than I was with my family. The 
corporate world had taken over my life. It happened so gradually that it 
was hard to notice at first. But just when I thought I was on top of 
the world, it was all taken away. God had to pull me from that life 
kicking and screaming. 
   In the midst of corporate mergers and decisions of my own, I 
found myself jobless. After twenty-seven years of chasing the dream, I 
had nothing. Then, on a quiet morning, I heard it. I heard him. 
Jesus spoke to my heart, "Be still, and know that I am God!" No 
screaming. No kicking. Just peace in his presence. It didn't take me long 
to realize that I had been missing everything of lasting 
significance. I had been so wrapped up in my own life, I never heard his 
voice. At first, it was difficult to recognize because everything I was 
chasing added to the noise - distractions, voices of the world, the next 
career move. God had been speaking to me, trying to show me his path 
for me, but I was too busy to listen. 
   I now spend my days listening and praying to hear God's voice 
unceasingly. Day by day, his words are getting more distinct, more personal, 
and even more challenging. Pursuing his will, giving him glory, and 
finishing the race well have given me a brand-new kind of chase. 
   Michael Garrett is the founder of Faith Cycle Ministries, an 
organization that helps Christians with their next step in faith. [The One 
Year Bible Live Verse Devotional] 


   The Holy Spirit seeks to bring us around to accepting God's 
guidance for our lives. "All those led by God's Spirit are God's sons" 
(Rm 8:14).  
   This is a stage in life which many Christians never 
attain--they are not Spirit-led Christians. They are led by self-interest, 
physical impulses, or by the opinions of others. They have not put 
themselves at the disposal of the Spirit to be led of Him in the details of 
their lives. Hence they lack direction and, therefore, a goal.  
   When Christians say to me, "The Spirit never seems to guide 
me," I usually reply, "How well do you listen?" The problem we face 
over guidance is not because the Spirit fails to lead us, but because 
we are not listening. We must be prepared to stop talking and wait 
before Him so that He can talk to us.  
   In this frenzied age many Christians have lost the art of 
listening. They are willing to spend time in prayer talking to God, but are 
not willing to spend very much of the time listening to God. We must 
stop, wait, and tune ourselves in to the Holy Spirit's wavelength if 
we are to hear His voice in our hearts and feel His gentle 
   A Quaker woman inquired of a young man, "Hast thou heard God 
speak lately?" "No," said the young man. "Then thou hast forgotten to 
be still," said the woman. "Stop . . . and know . . . " says the 
Scripture (Ps 46:10). Be restless and you will not know. God guides 
everyone who wants to be guided.  
   O Spirit of the living God, help me tune my heart so that I 
can hear Your voice, for without Your guidance my life lacks mission 
and direction. Take the reins of my life and guide me. For Jesus' 
sake, I pray. Amen. [Every Day With Jesus Bible with Selwyn Hughes 

   Studies have shown that prayer improves attention and 
planning, reduces depression and anxiety, decreases sleepiness, and 
protects the brain from cognitive decline associated with normal aging. 
Making requests of God is one important form of prayer - he says to 
keep on asking and you shall receive (Luke 11:9). 
   Another essential type of prayer is to quiet yourself and 
focus your thoughts on the greatness and power of God. He is God. He 
is all-powerful, all-wise, all-loving. He is here with you right 
now, waiting for you to become aware of his presence. He knows all 
your needs, and there's nothing you need more than him. 
   Be still and meditate on these truths about him. Let your 
body relax into that awareness. Rest in his presence. Slow down your 
breathing. Exalt him. He is God.  
   If you have trouble just sitting in his presence, try 
repeating a verse of Scripture in your mind. Start with Psalm 46:10. In 
the stillness, you will find rest and God will rejuvenate your heart 
and soul. [The Daniel Plan 365-Day Devotional] 

The Lord calls us to silence and inactivity if we want to know 
Him intimately. If it were not necessary, He would not admonish us 
to do it. The language is so simple and direct and yet we continue 
to rattle off non-stop chatter as we rush along the fast-track 
going our own way!  Why do we do that? It takes self discipline and 
the help of the Holy Spirit to be silent.  Even if we close our 
mouths, our minds race from one thing to another:  the unexpected 
meetings; the unending errands; the unwritten letters; and the unreturned 
phone calls. When is the last time you set aside everything else to be 
still before God?  If you sincerely want to know Him intimately, you 
will schedule some time soon!  How about today?  [In His Time; Walk 
With Wisdom] 

Too often when we speak to God in prayer, that is all it is, our 
speaking.  We must discipline ourselves to make our words few, and take 
time to listen! A definition in Scripture of a fool is that the fool 
speaks too much.  Sometimes in prayer, we make promises to God, as 
though we can barter with our actions to gain something from God we 
don't think He would otherwise give us. Don't play the fool.  God 
wants to give us every good thing.  If we don't have the good things 
we want, we need to look at why. There could be many reasons. But 
we have no right to try and bargain with God. He deserves our right 
actions and obedience, completely.  Besides, we have nothing to bargain 
with. Believers are slaves, and God holds all their rights!  If you 
are in the habit of bargaining with God, raise your view of Him and 
cease the practice. And if you don't listen to Him when you pray, 
begin to do so, today. [In His Time; Walk With Wisdom] 

Many, even in their seasons of devotion, fail of receiving the 
blessing of real communion with God. They are in too great haste. With 
hurried steps they press through the circle of Christ's loving presence, 
pausing perhaps a moment within the sacred precincts, but not waiting 
for counsel. They have no time to remain with the divine Teacher. 
With their burdens they return to their work. These workers can never 
attain the highest success until they learn the secret of strength. 
They must give themselves time to think, to pray, to wait upon God 
for a renewal of physical, mental, and spiritual power. They need 
the uplifting influence of His Spirit. Receiving this, they will be 
quickened by fresh life. The wearied frame and tired brain will be 
refreshed, the burdened heart will be lightened..... Not a pause for a moment 
in His presence, but personal contact with Christ, to sit down in 
companionship with Him--this is our need.  ED260, 261 

We must individually hear Him speaking to the heart. When every 
other voice is hushed, and in quietness we wait before Him, the 
silence of the soul makes more distinct the voice of God. He bids us, 
"Be still, and know that I am God."[2 PS. 46:10.] Here alone can 
true rest be found.  And this is the effectual preparation for all 
labor for God.  DA363 


   Let the dew of My presence refresh your mind and heart. So 
many, many things vie for your attention in this complex world of 
instant communication. The world has changed enormously since I first 
gave the command to be still, and know that I am God. However, this 
timeless truth is essential for the well-being of your soul. As dew 
refreshes grass and flowers during the stillness of the night, so My 
Presence revitalizes you as you sit quietly with Me.  
   A refreshed, revitalized mind is able to sort out what is 
important and what is not. In its natural condition, your mind easily gets 
stuck on trivial matters. Like the spinning wheels of a car trapped in 
mud, the cogs of your brain spin impotently when you focus on a 
trivial thing. As soon as you start communicating with Me about the 
matter, your thoughts gain traction, and you can move on to more 
important things. Communicate with Me continually, and I will put My 
thoughts into your mind. (Psalm 46:10; Luke 10:39-42; 1 Corinthians 14:33 
NKJV) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 

   Relax in My healing, holy Presence. Be still, while I 
transform your heart and mind. Let go of cares and worries, so that you 
can receive My Peace. Cease striving, and know that I am God.  
   Do not be like Pharisees who multiplied regulations, creating 
their own form of "godliness." They got so wrapped up in their own 
rules that they lost sight of Me. Even today, man-made rules about how 
to live the Christian life enslave many people. Their focus is on 
their performance, rather than on Me.  
   It is through knowing Me intimately that you become like Me. 
This requires spending time alone with Me. Let go, relax, be still, 
and know that I am God. (Psa. 46:10; 1 John 3:2) [Jesus Calling by 
Sarah Young] 

   Rest in the stillness of My Presence while I prepare you for 
this day. Let the radiance of My Glory shine upon you, as you wait on 
Me in confident trust. Be still and know that I am God. There is 
both a passive and an active side to trusting Me. As you rest in My 
Presence, focusing on Me, I quietly build bonds of trust between us. When 
you respond to the circumstances of your life with affirmations of 
trust, you actively participate in this process. 
   I am always with you, so you have no reason to be afraid. 
Your fear often manifests itself in excessive planning. Your mind is 
so accustomed to this pattern of thinking that you are only now 
becoming aware of how pervasive it is and how much it hinders your 
intimacy with Me.  Repent of this tendency and resist it, whenever you 
realize you are wandering down this well-worn path. Return to My 
Presence, which always awaits you in the present moment. I accept you back 
with no condemnation.  (Psa. 46:10; Rom. 8:1) [Jesus Calling by Sarah 

   Be still, and know that I am God. Your life has been 
tumultuous recently - full of change and new responsibilities. You have 
continued to spend time alone with Me, but you've found it hard to really 
be still and focus on Me. You need to set aside time for listening 
to Me - blocking out distractions and reconnecting with Me in the 
depths of your soul. Without this focused time in My Presence, your 
soul will become malnourished. Other people may not notice, but you 
can tell the difference. Of course, I notice the difference even 
before you do. I can see the neediness within you - needs that only I 
can meet.  
   As you pour yourself into listening to Me, I want you to 
experience My delight in you. I see you as you truly are: My beloved child, 
gloriously clothed in My righteousness. Open your arms and your heart - to 
receive My delight in full measure. The Light of My Love is shining upon 
you. Be still in this holy Light, resting in the assurance of My 
unfailing Love. (Psa. 46:10; 16:3; Isa. 61:10; Exo. 15:13) [Jesus Today by 
Sarah Young]  

   Take time to be still in My Presence. The more hassled you 
feel, the more you need this sacred space of communion with Me. 
Breathe slowly and deeply. Relax in My holy Presence while My Face 
shines upon you. This is how you receive My Peace, which I always 
proffer to you.  
   Imagine the pain I feel when My children tie themselves up in 
anxious knots, ignoring My gift of Peace. I died a criminal's death to 
secure this blessing for you. Receive it gratefully; hide it in your 
heart. My Peace is an inner treasure, growing within you as you trust 
in Me. Therefore, circumstances cannot touch it. Be still, enjoying 
Peace in My Presence. (Psa. 46:10; Num. 6:25, 26) [Jesus Calling by 
Sarah Young] 

   Live first and foremost in My Presence. Gradually you will 
become more aware of Me than of people and places around you. This 
awareness will not detract from your relationships with others. Instead, 
it will increase your ability to give love and encouragement to 
them. My Peace will permeate your words and demeanor. You will be 
active in the world, yet one step removed from it. You will not be 
easily shaken, because My enveloping Presence buffers the blow of 
   This is the path I have set before you. As you follow it 
wholeheartedly, you experience abundant Life and Peace. (Psa. 89:15, 16; 16:8; 
2Pe. 1:2) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 


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