Jude 1:24, 25 - Now Unto Him Who Is Able...

Jude 1:24, 25 - Now Unto Him Who Is Able... 

Jude 1:24, 25 (KJV) Now unto him that is able to keep you from 
falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory 
with exceeding joy, To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and 
majesty, dominion and power, both now and for ever. Amen.  


Jude ends his letter with one of the most beautiful statements 
of praise in Scripture. [College Press NIV Commentary] 

   Jude wrote this brief letter to rebuke false teachers. These 
false teachers taught that Christians can live "immoral lives" because 
God has forgiven them (Jude 1:4). Such false teachers were wrong, 
and God's severe judgment awaited them (1:5-11, 14-16).  
   The same heresy taught back in Jude's day still flourishes 
today. Many people try to justify immorality and wrongdoing by 
appealing to God's forgiveness. But God never forgave us so that we could 
sin without consequence. Jesus died to free us from sin. He did not 
die to free us to sin (Mat. 1:21).  
   Take care of how you use your freedom in Christ. Do not 
freely sin and cheapen God's forgiveness after you have indulged your 
appetites. Having this freedom is a privilege that comes with great 
responsibility. Live wisely and reverently before God. [The One Year Through the 
Bible Devotional by Dave Veerman] 


After an extensive defense of the faith and a discussion of the 
doom awaiting those who reject God's way, Jude's benediction is 
hopeful and refreshing. It encourages us that although we live in a 
sinful world, God is able to keep us from falling. For it is his power 
that saves us, keeps us from stumbling, and will one day present us 
before his throne completely blameless and innocent of sin. It would be 
enough for us to be brought safely home to heaven, but Jude says that 
it will also be "with great joy." This thought can bring us into 
the rest that comes from believing God is completely adequate to 
accomplish this feat and we can totally depend on his power and strength. 
How wonderful to know that it doesn't depend on me to save myself, 
work hard, and make myself ready to enter God's glorious presence on 
that great day. My part is to believe and rest in the One who is my 
salvation, to yield to his refining and purifying work in my heart and 
life, and to give him honor and glory now and forevermore. [Praying 
Through The Bible By Fuller] 

Revolve in your mind that wondrous word, "faultless!" We are far 
off from it now; but as our Lord never stops short of perfection in 
his work of love, we shall reach it one day. The Saviour who will 
keep his people to the end, will also present them at last to 
himself, as "a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such 
thing, but holy and without blemish." All the jewels in the Saviour's 
crown are of the first water and without a single flaw. All the maids 
of honour who attend the Lamb's wife are pure virgins without spot 
or stain. But how will Jesus make us faultless? He will wash us 
from our sins in his own blood until we are white and fair as God's 
purest angel; and we shall be clothed in his righteousness, that 
righteousness which makes the saint who wears it positively faultless; yea, 
perfect in the sight of God. We shall be unblameable and unreproveable 
even in his eyes. His law will not only have no charge against us, 
but it will be magnified in us. Moreover, the work of the Holy 
Spirit within us will be altogether complete. He will make us so 
perfectly holy, that we shall have no lingering tendency to sin. Judgment, 
memory, will - every power and passion shall be emancipated from the 
thraldom of evil. We shall be holy even as God is holy, and in his 
presence we shall dwell for ever. Saints will not be out of place in 
heaven, their beauty will be as great as that of the place prepared for 
them. Oh the rapture of that hour when the everlasting doors shall be 
lifted up, and we, being made meet for the inheritance, shall dwell 
with the saints in light. Sin gone, Satan shut out, temptation past 
for ever, and ourselves "faultless" before God, this will be heaven 
indeed! Let us be joyful now as we rehearse the song of eternal praise 
so soon to roll forth in full chorus from all the blood-washed 
host; let us copy David's exultings before the ark as a prelude to our 
ecstasies before the throne.  [Morning and Evening by Charles H. 

   Brother Lawrence said he gave himself wholly to God and 
renounced everything else, seeking to live "as though there were only the 
Lord and me in the whole world." He had firm convictions about what 
that meant:  
   "Our being set apart for him does not depend on changing our 
works, but in doing for God's sake all those things we commonly do for 
our own. The most excellent method I have found of going to God is 
that of doing common business without any view to pleasing men, and 
as far as I am capable, doing it purely for the love of God."  
   How did he do that? "I made it my business to be in the 
Lord's presence just as much throughout the day as I did when I came to 
my appointed time of prayer. I drove everything from my mind that 
might interrupt my thought of God. I did this all the time, every 
hour, every minute, even in the height of my daily business. Certainly 
I have done this imperfectly, yet I have found a great advantage 
in this pursuit."  
   Notice he uses the word pursuit, for the life of spiritual 
adventure is indeed a pursuit and not an arrival.  
   "By often repeating these acts they become habit," he 
explained, "giving us a holy freedom and familiarity with God. The presence 
of God becomes natural to us. May all things praise him!"  
   We may feel a bit intimidated as we read his words, but they 
should be viewed not as an onerous duty but as an invitation to 
something very, very good.  
   "Not to advance in the spiritual life is to retreat," 
Lawrence said. "But those who feel the strong wind of the Holy Spirit go 
forward even in their sleep."  
   Holy Spirit, I truly want to feel your "strong wind" as I 
face what's before me. Free me, I pray, to be your instrument of 
peace and love. Let me do all for your love, because you have loved 
me. [The One Year Book of Encouragement by Harold Myra] 


My dear one, You spend tremendous energy on trying to be a good 
Christian.  But self-effort will never produce the completed saint.  
Instead, spend that same amount of time and effort just sitting at my 
feet.  Read my Word.  Listen to my voice.  Absorb my truth.  Let the 
lifeblood of my gospel begin to flow through your veins, and you will 
begin to be remade.  A person will most surely become like those with 
whom he or she keeps company.  Trust me.  I am faithful, and I will 
never ask of you what I am not willing to perform in your life. I will 
do it! Your God [Postcards from Heaven by Claire Cloninger re 
1Th.5:23, 24] 

   I am the firm foundation on which you can dance and sing and 
celebrate My Presence. This is My high and holy calling for you; receive 
it as a precious gift. Glorifying and enjoying Me is a higher 
priority than maintaining a tidy structured life. Give up your striving 
to keep everything under control - an impossible task and a waste 
of precious energy.  
   My guidance for each of My children is unique. That's why 
listening to Me is so vital for your well-being. Let me prepare you for 
the day that awaits you and point you in the right direction. I am 
with you continually, so don't be intimidated by fear. Though it 
stalks you, it cannot harm you, as long as you cling to My hand. Keep 
your eyes on Me, enjoying Peace in My Presence. (Psa. 5:11; Eph. 
3:20, 21; Jude 24, 25; Jos. 1:5) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 

   Focus your entire being on My living Presence. I am most 
assuredly with you, enveloping you in My Love and Peace. While you relax 
in My Presence, I am molding your mind and cleansing your heart. I 
am recreating you into the one I designed you to be.  
   As you move from stillness into the activities of your day, 
do not relinquish your attentiveness to Me. If something troubles 
you, talk it over with Me. If you get bored with what you are doing, 
fill the time with prayers and praise. When someone irritates you, 
don't let your thoughts linger on that person's faults. Gently nudge 
your mind back to Me. Every moment is precious if you keep your focus 
on Me. Any day can be a good day, because My Presence permeates all 
time. (Psa. 89:15, 16; 1Jo. 3:19, 20; Jude 24, 25; Psa. 41:12) [Jesus 
Calling by Sarah Young] 

   I am in your midst, and I am mighty! Just as the sun is at 
the center of the solar system, so I am at the center of your entire 
being - physical, emotional, and spiritual. I, the Mighty One who 
created the universe, live inside you! Let this amazing truth 
reverberate in your mind and soak into your innermost being.  
   Ponder what it means to have so much Power dwelling inside 
you. One implication is that you don't need to worry about your lack 
of strength. In fact, my Power shows itself most effective in your 
   Remind yourself frequently that I live inside you and I am 
mighty! Let your awareness of My indwelling Presence drive out 
discouragement and fill you with great Joy. As My Life flows into yours, you 
are strengthened with divine might. (Zep. 3:17; 2Co. 12:9; Jude 24) 
[Jesus Today by Sarah Young] 


While God asks us to cooperate with Him in the process of 
sanctification, it is He who conforms us to the image of Jesus by His power and 
infinite wisdom. That is why we can joyfully anticipate our total 
transformation. [Life Principles SB By Charles Stanley] 

To be sinless and perfect ("without fault") will be the ultimate 
condition of the believer when he or she finally sees Christ face to face. 
When Christ appears, and we are given our new bodies, we will be like 
Christ (1 John 3:2). Coming into Christ's presence will be more 
wonderful than we could ever imagine! [Life Application SB] 

A little longer, and we shall see the King in His beauty. A 
little longer, and He will wipe all tears from our eyes. A little 
longer, and He will present us "faultless before the presence of His 
glory with exceeding joy." DA632 


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