1 Chronicles 16:11 - Seek The Lord, His Presence and Strength, Continually.

1 Chronicles 16:11 - Seek The Lord, His Presence and Strength, 

1 Chronicles 16:11 (NRSV) Seek the LORD and his strength, seek 
his presence continually. 

To seek the Lord is to be the constant, continual activity of 
life, bringing the seeker ever nearer to the perfection of heaven. 
[SDA Commentary] 

   In order to have what it takes to become Daniel Strong, we 
need to continually seek the Lord and his strength. We can seek him 
in his Word and in prayer; we can also search for him in the 
circumstances of our lives and the people around us. Let's ask him to open our 
eyes to all the places where he is at work. Look for the Lord with 
the same curiosity and enthusiasm that a child has when searching on 
an Easter egg hunt. 
   God is hiding in plain sight. Where is he at work in your 
family? How can you cooperate? Where is he active in your workplace, in 
your children's school, among your friends, in your eating plan? 
Every time you find him present in another person or place, you'll 
gain more strength to do what pleases him. 
   Search for him like treasure, and he will reward you with the 
strength you need. 
The Lord rewards those who seek him continually, providing them 
with the faith, love, strength, and wisdom they need to have lives 
that bless themselves and other people. [The Daniel Plan 365-Day 

   In my younger years, my priorities were way out of whack. I 
thought that if I had a new house or new car or the latest technology, I 
would be happy. All I needed was more money, new clothes, expensive 
furniture, and life would be rosy.  
   When I realized that these things brought only temporary 
highs, I began to fill the void and stifle my disappointment with 
alcohol. That made matters worse, and soon fear and anxiety were chasing 
me through life.  
   God reached out to me. He taught me that only my relationship 
with Jesus Christ could fill my empty heart. Only his presence in my 
life could relieve my loneliness, fear, anxiety, and hopelessness. He 
has made me a better husband, father, grandpa, and leader. God loved 
me enough to let me see the futility of my own priorities and the 
abundance that comes with his.  
   When we have had enough of our own ways, he will be faithful 
to show us how to live lives that bring real joy and happiness.  
   Father, I have had enough of my own twisted priorities. Show 
me how to live my life in a way that will bring true joy, peace, 
and happiness. In Jesus' name, Amen. [Celebrate Recovery Daily 
Devotional by John & Johnny Baker re 1Ch. 16:8-12] 

   As we make Christ our daily companion we shall feel that the 
powers of an unseen world are all around us; and by looking unto Jesus 
we shall become assimilated to His image. By beholding we become 
changed. The character is softened, refined, and ennobled for the 
heavenly kingdom. The sure result of our intercourse and fellowship with 
our Lord will be to increase piety, purity, and fervor. There will 
be a growing intelligence in prayer. We are receiving a divine 
education, and this is illustrated in a life of diligence and zeal.   
   The soul that turns to God for its help, its support, its 
power, by daily, earnest prayer, will have noble aspirations, clear 
perceptions of truth and duty, lofty purposes of action, and a continual 
hungering and thirsting after righteousness. By maintaining a connection 
with God, we shall be enabled to diffuse to others, through our 
association with them, the light, the peace, the serenity, that rule in our 
hearts. The strength acquired in prayer to God, united with persevering 
effort in training the mind in thoughtfulness and care-taking, prepares 
one for daily duties and keeps the spirit in peace under all 
   Religion must begin with emptying and purifying the heart, 
and must be nurtured by daily prayer.  {AG 290} 


Save your best striving for seeking My face. I am constantly 
communicating with you. To find Me and hear My voice, you must seek Me above 
all else. Anything that you desire more than Me becomes an idol. 
When you are determined to get your own way, you blot Me out of your 
consciousness. Instead of single-mindedly pursuing some goal, talk with Me 
about it. Let the Light of My Presence shine on this pursuit, so that 
you can see it from My perspective. If the goal fits into My plans 
for you, I will help you reach it. If it is contrary to My will for 
you, I will gradually, change the desire of your heart. Seek Me first 
and foremost; then the rest of your life will fall into place, piece 
by piece. (1Ch. 16:11; Mat. 6:33) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 

Concentrate on doing your everyday tasks in awareness of My 
Presence with you. The Joy of My Presence will shine on you, as you do 
everything for Me. Thus you invite Me into every aspect of your life. 
Through collaborating with Me in all things, you allow My Life to merge 
with yours. This is the secret not only of joyful living but also of 
victorious living. I designed you to depend on Me moment by moment, 
recognizing that apart from Me you can do nothing. (Col. 3:23; John 15:5; 
Psalm 105:4) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 

   Look to Me continually for help, comfort, and companionship. 
Because I am always by your side, the briefest glance can connect you 
with Me. When you look to Me for help, it flows freely from My 
Presence. This recognition of your need for Me, in small matters as well 
as in large ones, keeps you spiritually alive.  
   When you need comfort, I love to enfold you in My arms. I 
enable you not only to feel comforted but also to be a channel through 
whom I comfort others. Thus you are doubly blessed, because a living 
channel absorbs some of whatever flows through it.  
   My constant Companionship is the piece de resistance: the 
summit of salvation blessings. No matter what losses you experience in 
your life, no one can take away this glorious gift. (Psa. 34:4-6; 
105:4; 2Co. 1:3, 4) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 





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