2 Corinthians 10:4-5 - Bringing Your Thoughts Captive to Christ.

2 Corinthians 10:4-5: Bringing Thoughts Captive to Christ.

2 Corinthians 10:4-5 (NKJV) For the weapons of our warfare are 
not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting 
down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the 
knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience 
of Christ, 

The greatest battles of the Christian life are fought in the 
mind. [Believers SB] 

Paul speaks a great deal about training the mind to think in a 
way that honors God, because the mind is the primary battlefield for 
spiritual warfare... Transformed minds lead to both joy and victory. [Life 
Principles SB By Charles Stanley] 

We do not yet have our glorified bodies; we still live in tents 
of unredeemed flesh. Yet because the Spirit of the living God 
dwells within us, we serve God not in the flesh, but through faith, in 
the Spirit. [Life Principles SB By Charles Stanley] 

   Paul uses military terminology to describe this warfare 
against sin and Satan. God must be the commander-in-chief - even our 
thoughts must be submitted to his control as we live for him. 
Spirit-empowered believers must capture every thought and yield it to Christ.  
   Like Paul, we are merely weak humans, but as believers we 
don't need to use human plans and methods to win our battles. God's 
mighty weapons are available to us as we fight against the devils 
"strongholds." Paul assures us that God's weapons - prayer, faith, hope, love, 
God's Word, and the Holy Spirit - are powerful and effective (see 
Ephesians 6:13-18). These weapons can overcome proud human arguments 
against God and the walls that Satan builds to keep people from finding 
   When dealing with people's proud arguments that keep them 
from faith, we may be tempted to use our own methods. But nothing can 
pierce these barriers like God's weapons can.  
   Are you depending on your own strength and clever strategies 
to overcome the world's resistance to God? Instead, deepen your 
dependence on God by obeying him. In the process he will shape you into a 
soldier guided by his Spirit. [One Year NLT SB re 2 Cor. 10:3-6] 

Jesus asks us to consecrate ourselves to Him. If you will do 
this, He will quicken your conscience, renew your heart, sanctify your 
affections, purify your thoughts, and set all your powers at work for Him. 
Every motive and every thought will be brought into captivity to Jesus 
Christ. 7BC909 

Importance of the Holy Spirit in This Process

   We need the softening, subduing, refining influence of the 
Holy Spirit, to mold our characters, and to bring every thought into 
captivity to Christ. It is the Holy Spirit that will enable us to 
overcome, that will lead us to sit at the feet of Jesus, as did Mary, and 
learn His meekness and lowliness of heart.  
   We need to be sanctified by the Holy Spirit every hour of the 
day, lest we be ensnared by the enemy and our souls be imperiled. 
There is constant temptation to exalt self, and we must watch much 
against this evil. We need to be on guard continually lest we manifest 
the spirit of overbearing, criticism, and condemnation. We should 
seek to avoid the very appearance of evil, and not reveal anything 
like the attributes of Satan that will dishearten and discourage 
those with whom we come in contact. We are to work as did Christ--to 
draw, to build up, not to tear down The reason that men have 
manifested these unpleasant characteristics is because they have not been 
connected with God.  TM223 

Importance of Gods Word in This Process

The heart that receives the word of God is not as a pool that 
evaporates, not like a broken cistern that loses its treasure. It is like 
the mountain stream, fed by unfailing springs, whose cool, sparkling 
waters leap from rock to rock, refreshing the weary, the thirsty, the 
heavy-laden. It is like a river constantly flowing and, as it advances, 
becoming deeper and wider, until its life-giving waters are spread over 
all the earth. The stream that goes singing on its way leaves behind 
its gift of verdure and fruitfulness. The grass on its banks is a 
fresher green, the trees have a richer verdure, the flowers are more 
abundant. PK233-4 


   Dr. Daniel Amen says, "Thoughts exert a powerful influence 
over your life and body. Uninvestigated thoughts provide the 
emotional fuel for anger, anxiety, depression, and unhealthy behaviors." 
Mental health requires that we investigate our thoughts, asking 
ourselves whether they are true in reality and line up with what Scripture 
   God will show us what is true and help us reframe our 
thinking. For instance, we may need to shift our thinking so that we 
believe it is possible for us to move forward in faith, food, fitness, 
focus, and friends. The essential of faith moves you to obey God's 
command to love him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. 
Learning to love foods that love you back and practicing daily movement 
honor God's command to treat your body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. 
Focus teaches you to take your thoughts captive to God and shape them 
according to his thoughts. And friends encourage you to love others as 
Christ has loved you.  
   The more you follow these practices, the more you will be 
naturally living in obedience to God's priorities for you.A life of 
obedience to God's ways is the most free, most liberated life you can 
   As we examine our thinking through God's perspective, we will 
increasingly live in ways that honor God. Take the time to investigate your 
thoughts in light of God's truth. [The Daniel Plan 365-Day Devotional re 
2Co. 10:5 and Psa. 128:1] 


   Where we live in Colorado, we get lots of snow, and we love 
it. Our grandkids come over to go sledding, have snowball fights, 
make snowmen, and eat snow ice cream. A few days ago, we all went 
over to our favorite sledding hill. We had more kids than sleds, so 
while some were sledding, the rest of us built a snowman.  
   We rolled and stacked our three giant snowballs, and then we 
gathered sticks for aims, grass for hair, and rocks for eyes. When we 
were finished, we stood back and admired our work - an awesome 
snowman more than four feet tall.  
   A week later I went back to the sledding hill. The warm sun 
had been shining, so all the snow was melted except for the snowman. 
He was still standing but was much smaller and much less awesome. A 
couple more days and he disappeared completely.  
   That snowman made me think about the strongholds that once 
controlled my life. Even after I came to Jesus, there were areas of my life 
that needed attention. Like the snowman, they stood strong and proud 
until exposure to the sun (or in this case, the Son!) brought them 
down to size. Once I started attending church and recovery meetings 
regularly, they melted away to nothing. It was the Son who did it!  
   Father, thank you for bringing down the strongholds I had 
built in my life. The light of your person keeps me free to worship 
you. In Jesus' name, Amen. [Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotional by 
John & Johnny Baker] 


   Seeking to please Me is a joyous way to live. Of course, 
without faith it is impossible to please Me. You must really believe 
that I exist and that I reward those who earnestly seek Me.  
   Living to please Me is a wise investment - not only for 
rewards in heaven but also for daily pleasure on earth. I am meant to be 
the Center of your existence, the Sun around which you orbit. When 
you live this way - enjoying Me, serving Me, desiring to please Me - 
you stay in your proper orbit. When you live in a self-centered way, 
you go off course.  
   The challenge is to keep Me central in what you do, say, and 
think. This battle begins in your mind, so work on taking captive every 
thought to make it obedient to Me. Study My Word to find out what 
pleases Me, and remember how wonderfully well I love you. Awareness of 
My amazing Love will help you stay in orbit around the Son - 
enjoying the radiant pleasures of My Presence. (Heb. 11:6; 2Co. 10:5; 
Col. 1:9, 10) [Jesus Today by Sarah Young] 

   Receive My peace. It is My continual gift to you. The best 
way to receive this gift is to sit quietly in My Presence, trusting 
Me in every area of your life. Quietness and trust accomplish far 
more than you can imagine: not only in you, but also on earth and in 
heaven. When you trust Me in a given area, you release that problem or 
person into My care.  
   Spending time alone with Me can be a difficult discipline 
because it goes against the activity addiction of this age. You may 
appear to be doing nothing, but actually you are participating in 
battles going on within spiritual realms. You are waging war - not with 
the weapons of the world, but with heavenly weapons, which have 
divine power to demolish strongholds. Living close to Me is a sure 
defense against evil. (John 14:27; Isaiah 30:15; 2 Corinthians 10:4) 
[Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 

   Sit quietly with Me, letting all your fears and worries 
bubble up to the surface of your consciousness. There, in the Light of 
My Presence, the bubbles pop and disappear. However, some fears 
surface over and over again, especially fear of the future. You tend to 
project yourself mentally into the next day, week, month, year, decade; 
and you visualize yourself coping badly in those times. What you are 
seeing is a false image, because it doesn't include Me. Those gloomy 
times that you imagine will not come to pass, since My Presence will 
be with you at all times.  
   When a future-oriented worry assails you, capture it and 
disarm it by suffusing the Light of My Presence into that mental image. 
Say to yourself, "Jesus will be with me then and there. With His 
help, I can cope!" Then, come home to the present moment, where you 
can enjoy Peace in My Presence. (Luk. 12:22-25; Deu. 31:6; 2Co. 
10:5) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 

   Trust Me and refuse to worry, for I am your Strength and 
Song. You are feeling wobbly this morning, looking at difficult times 
looming ahead, measuring them against your own strength. However, they 
are not today's tasks - or even tomorrow's. So leave them in the 
future and come home to the present, where you will find Me waiting for 
you. Since I am your Strength, I can empower you to handle each task 
as it comes. Because I am your Song, I can give you Joy as you work 
alongside Me.  
   Keep bringing your mind back to the present moment. Among all 
My creatures, only humans can anticipate future events. This 
ability is a blessing, but it becomes a curse whenever it is misused. If 
you use your magnificent mind to worry about tomorrow, you cloak 
yourself in dark unbelief. However, when the hope of heaven fills your 
thoughts, the Light of My Presence envelops you. Though heaven is future, 
it is also present tense. As you walk in the Light with Me, you 
have one foot on earth and one foot in heaven. (Exo. 15:2; 2Co. 10:5; 
Heb. 10:23) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 

   Keep your focus on Me. I have gifted you with amazing 
freedom, including the ability to choose the focal point of your mind. 
Only the crown of My creation has such remarkable capability; this is 
a sign of being made in My image. 
   Let the goal of this day be to bring every thought captive to 
Me. Whenever your mind wanders, lasso those thoughts and bring them 
into My Presence. In My radiant Light, anxious thoughts shrink and 
shrivel away. Judgmental thoughts are unmasked as you bask in My 
unconditional Love. Confused ideas are untangled while you rest in the 
simplicity of My Peace. I will guard you and keep you in constant Peace, as 
you focus your mind on Me. (Psa. 8:5; Gen. 1:26, 27; 2 Cor. 10:5; 
Isa. 26:3) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 


Jesus asks us to consecrate ourselves to Him. If you will do 
this, He will quicken your conscience, renew your heart, sanctify your 
affections, purify your thoughts, and set all your powers at work for Him. 
Every motive and every thought will be brought into captivity to Jesus 
Christ. 7BC909 


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