Psalm 19:1, 2 - The Heavens Declare the Glory of God.

Psalm 19:1, 2: The Heavens Declare the Glory of God.

Psalm 19:1, 2 (NKJV) The heavens declare the glory of God; And 
the firmament shows His handiwork. 2 Day unto day utters speech, And 
night unto night reveals knowledge.  

Psalm 19:1, 2 (NIV) The heavens declare the glory of God; the 
skies proclaim the work of his hands. 2 Day after day they pour forth 
speech; night after night they display knowledge.  

We are surrounded by fantastic displays of Gods 
craftsmanship"the heavens give dramatic evidence of his existence, his power, his 
love, his care. To say that the universe happened by chance is absurd. 
Its design, intricacy, and orderliness point to a personally 
involved Creator. As you look at Gods handiwork in nature and the 
heavens, thank him for such magnificent beauty and the truth it reveals 
about the Creator. [Life Application SB] 

Artists are known by their art; musicians are known by their 
music. Likewise, God can be known by the universe he created. Psalm 
19:1 tells us that the heavens declare his glory and the skies 
proclaim his work. The apostle Paul notes that "since the creation of the 
world God's invisible qualities - his eternal power and divine nature 
- have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been 
made" (Romans 1:20). So what can we know of God from his creation? He 
is immensely powerful, extravagantly generous and brilliantly 
inventive. And he has an amazing flair for beauty. [NIV Once A Day Bible] 

A good way to commune with God"as this psalm tells us"is 
through nature. Take time to enjoy God's gift of creation. Walk in the 
woods; listen to the water rushing in a stream; look at the stars and 
moon; smell The flowers. Slow down and take time to hear what nature 
tells us about God. Drive through the country, in the mountains, or 
take some scenic route. Watch for sunsets and sunrises and beautiful 
cloud formations, and on rainy days, look for those rainbows. 
Experience the power and fury of a thunderstorm. Watch the birds and 
animals, and enjoy the beautiful world our Father created for us. 
"Barbara Stephens  [Life Recovery Devotional SB] 


   Last night I looked up at a clear, high-altitude Colorado sky 
and was taken aback. My Father placed every one of those stars in 
the sky and then called them all by name! And that is just the 
beginning of our Father's handiwork. Beyond the Milky Way, there are many 
more galaxies, too many to count, all created and placed by our 
Father's hand.  
   It makes me wonder what there could be in my life today, next 
week, or ever that is too big for my Father in heaven to handle. The 
great God who set the stars in place surely wouldn't have any trouble 
with the complications in my life. 
   As I look up, I am amazed that the one who did all this loves 
me. I will never understand what he saw in my beaten-down, messed-up 
life. But I happily accept the mystery of it all. He has chosen me to 
be his child. He has redeemed me with the precious blood of his 
one, sinless Son, Jesus. He has invited me to lay all my troubles at 
his feet. Words cannot express my gratitude. I am completely 
   Father, thank you for creating me in your own image, 
demonstrating that you care for me more than you care for all the stars in the 
heavens. In Jesus' name, Amen. [Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotional by 
John & Johnny Baker] 

   I was walking out to my car and there it was - a sky filled 
with starlight and all the brilliant color of the universe. I just 
stood there and took it all in. What an amazingly creative God we 
serve. I realize how easy it is to get wrapped up in life and overlook 
his beauty all around us. Its so important to slow down and 
experience his greatness for a few moments each day.  
   We should ask ourselves, what are those things that take our 
breath away? For me it is watching my grandkids play, seeing my family 
pray and laugh together, and listening to my Celebrate Recovery 
brothers and sisters share their latest victories.  
   I continue to be amazed by my changed heart that has the 
ability to see even adversity as a gift, to love and appreciate all that 
the Lord's given me, to see the value in the smallest things in my 
life, and especially to cherish the moment when I see a turning point 
in the life of a friend that will lead to healing and freedom.  
   God's presence in our lives gives us heightened awareness of 
his greatness. Let's take a deep breath and drink it in.  
   Almighty God, your greatness is beyond my ability to 
comprehend. Thank you for being a big God in my life. More than I could ever 
need. In Jesus' name, Amen. [Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotional by 
John & Johnny Baker] 


   I speak to you continually. My nature is to communicate, 
though not always in words. I fling glorious sunsets across the sky, 
day after day after day. I speak in the faces and voices of loved 
ones. I caress you with a gentle breeze that refreshes and delights 
you. I speak softly in the depths of your spirit, where I have taken 
up residence.  
   You can find Me in each moment, when you have eyes that see 
and ears that hear. Ask My Spirit to sharpen your spiritual eyesight 
and hearing. I rejoice each time you discover My Presence. Practice 
looking and listening for Me during quiet intervals. Gradually you will 
find Me in more and more of your moments. You will seek Me and find 
Me, when you seek Me above all else. (Psa. 8:1-4; 19:1-2; Jer. 
29:13) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 

   As you listen to birds calling to one another, hear also My 
Love-call to you. I speak to you continually: through sights, sounds, 
thoughts, impressions, scriptures. There is no limit to the variety of 
ways I can communicate with you. Your part is to be attentive to My 
messages, in whatever form they come. When you set out to find Me in a 
day, you discover that the world is vibrantly alive with My Presence. 
You can find Me not only in beauty and birdcalls, but also in 
tragedy and faces filled with grief. I can take the deepest sorrow and 
weave it into a pattern for good.  
   Search for Me and My messages, as you go through this day. 
You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with your whole being. 
(John 10:27; Rom. 8:28; Jer. 29:13) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 

   Seek My face, and you will find fulfillment of your deepest 
longings. My world is filled with beautiful things; they are meant to be 
pointers to Me, reminders of My abiding Presence. The earth still 
declares My Glory to those who have eyes that see and ears that hear.  
   You had a darkened mind before you sought Me wholeheartedly. 
I chose to pour My Light into you, so that you can be a beacon to 
others. There is no room for pride in this position. Your part is to 
reflect My Glory. I am the Lord! (Psa. 105:4; 19:1, 2; Isa. 60:2) [Jesus 
Calling by Sarah Young] 


The apostle Paul referred to this psalm when he explained that 
everyone knows about God because nature proclaims Gods existence and 
power (Romans 1:19-20). This does not cancel the need for missions 
because the message of Gods salvation found in his Word, the Bible, 
must still be told to the ends of the earth. While nature points to 
the existence of God, the Bible tells us about salvation. Gods 
people must explain to others how they can have a relationship with 
God. Although people everywhere should already believe in a Creator 
by just looking at the evidence of nature around them, God needs us 
to explain his love, mercy, and grace. What are you doing to take 
Gods message to the world? [Life Application SB] 




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