1 John 1:9 - Confession Brings Forgiveness and Cleansing.

1 John 1:9 " Confession Brings Forgiveness and Cleansing.

1 John 1:9 (KJV) If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just 
to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all 


John, the "beloved" disciple seems to have as much to say about 
sin and obedience as he does about love.  John assumes sin as fact.  
We must understand that sin exists in us like a law, as Romans 
tells us.  It is the inborn desire of pride, to turn to our own ways 
and means, and do our own will as opposed to God's.  When we came to 
Christ we were forgiven the sin that separated us from our God.  But we 
still have the capacity to sin. We mustn't make this verse a magic 
formula. The word "confess" means to agree with God that what we've done 
is wrong.  Pray that prayer, and you'll find a degree of relief.  
But if you stop there, you are in danger of never changing the habit 
that enabled that particular sin to hold you. When you confess your 
sin, ask God to help you replace the pattern that led to it with a 
wholesome and righteous pattern or habit. That is repentance.  Without 
true repentance, we'll be forever going back to 1 John l:9. Change 
the habit, with God's power.  [In His Time; Walk With Wisdom]  

   When you were born again, God forgave all of your sins and 
your salvation was secured. However, because you will keep sinning 
(you're human), sin that isn't dealt with can drive a wedge between you 
and God.  
   Some people are so guilt-ridden over sins from their past 
that they feel the need to confess the same sins over and over. 
Others are fearful that if they don't name each individual sin, they 
might forget one and not receive forgiveness. Neither approach is 
correct. Instead, you need to come to God on a daily basis, pray, and ask 
God to show you any areas of sin that you need to confess (unless 
you already know!). Then tell God you're sorry and ask him to 
forgive you. When we confess, he assures us of forgiveness and 
cleansing! With your sin forgiven and out of the picture, your conscience 
is clear and you are free to enjoy fellowship with Christ. [The One 
Year Bible for New Believers re John 1:9] 

   A good daily routine to consider is to keep an open channel 
of communication between you and God by confessing your 
shortcomings. This is called "keeping short accounts with God." 
   When we veer off course, if we bring our situation to God 
right away, we come back in alignment with him. He purifies us, 
miraculously removing all our impurities through his power. It's a freeing, 
gracious way to live. We don't need to be perfect; we just need to be 
able to keep an open heart before him. We don't pretend to be 
something we're not, but instead bring who we are to God every day - the 
best and the worst of us, knowing that he will cleanse us. 
   God says, "Seek me and live" (Amos 5:4). We can seek him with 
our requests, our thanksgiving, and with our mistakes. We can seek 
him in all things, because he is faithful, just, and merciful. 
   Keep short accounts with God and you'll find that your 
communication with him is always open. [The Daniel Plan 365-Day Devotional] 


   A friend of mine used to shingle houses for a living. Any 
time the shingles were straight and looked good on the house, the 
phrase he would use was, "We nailed it!" 
   That's always what we want when we start out, but we don't 
all make it on the first try. Sometimes we mess up, go down the 
wrong path, become isolated, return to unhealthy relationships, or 
relapse. Then that old voice starts telling us that we can never go back. 
God no longer wants us. 
   That's a lie! But what else would we expect from the enemy of 
our souls? He is a liar! 
   God loves us, and he always wants us to come back to him, no 
matter what poor choices we've made. No matter how long we've been 
away. Every moment is a chance to start again. We don't have to have 
it all figured out. We don't have to belabor our mistakes. God 
simply says to repent, which means to turn around and go in the 
opposite direction. When our backs are to our sin, we will always be 
facing God. He is eager to forgive us and give us a brand new start - 
another chance to nail it. 
   Heavenly Father, thank you for always welcoming me back, 
giving me a second chance and a third and a fourth - and a fifth. I can 
see that you will never give up until I nail it! In Jesus' name, 
Amen. [Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotional by John & Johnny Baker re 
Rev. 21:5] 

   When we moved to our new home in Colorado, we had to have the 
water tested. This house had not been lived in for quite a while, so 
we wanted to make sure the well water was safe. The test results 
told us that the water was safe to drink, but we would have to watch 
the iron and manganese levels. 
   Unless water has extremely high concentrations of these 
minerals, they are not hazardous to one's health. But they can be a real 
nuisance because they stain everything orange or black. Upon further 
investigation, we found out that with the proper filter, both these minerals 
could be eliminated. So we installed the filter, and immediately our 
water was pure. It took some work to get rid of the stains, but in 
time they began to fade. 
   This reminded me that when we turn our lives over to Christ, 
forgiveness is immediate and complete, just as the filter immediately 
purified our water. But it will take some work to get rid of those stains 
that sin has left in our lives. The good news is that God is there to 
help us as we work to clean up our lives and relationships. He will 
help us break the silence and give up the secrets. And he will wash 
us white as snow. 
   Father God, thank you for purifying my heart and helping me 
get rid of the stains that sin has left on my life and 
relationships. In Jesus' name, Amen. [Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotional by 
John & Johnny Baker]  

   In the garden of Eden, after Adam and Eve disobeyed God and 
committed the first sin, their response was to hide from God. Of course 
they couldn't, but they tried. There have been times in my life when 
I have tried to hide my sins and mistakes from God and others. I 
have to say, it's exhausting. 
   Many of us have a picture of God as someone who wants to 
punish us for our mistakes, so we hide from him. We act like children 
who are afraid of being spanked. But the fact is, we have a God who 
wants to forgive our sins. There may be consequences associated with 
our actions, but we don't have to carry around the shame and fear of 
   Instead, we can confess what we have done, the mistakes we've 
made, the bad choices we have made, the sins that separate us from 
God. When we seek him, he promises that we will find him. When we ask 
to be forgiven, he forgives us. It's as simple as that. Any time we 
are ready to freely surrender our sins, he is ready to love us, 
forgive us, and show us a better way. [Celebrate Recovery Daily 
Devotional by John & Johnny Baker re Psa. 32:3-5] 


Trust Me in all your thoughts. I know that some thoughts are 
unconscious or semiconscious, and I do not hold you responsible for those. 
But you can direct conscious thoughts much more than you may 
realize. Practice thinking in certain ways - trusting Me. thanking Me - 
and those thoughts become more natural. Reject negative or sinful 
thoughts as soon as you become aware of them. Don't try to hide them from 
Me; confess them and leave them with Me. Go on your way 
lightheartedly. This method of controlling your thoughts will keep your mind in 
My Presence and your feet on the path of Peace. (Psa. 20:7; 1 Jo. 
1:9; Luke 1:79) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 


Through Jesus Christ, God's saving power is linked with his 
creative power - the power that created and sustains the universe is the 
very power that removes our sin and makes us into new creations. What 
a mistake to think that God is unable to forgive us. No sin is too 
big for the Ruler of the universe to handle. He can and will forgive 
us when we come to him through his Son. Look to Jesus Christ, your 
Creator and Savior, to forgive your sins, give you a new life, and show 
you how to live by his example and teachings. [One Year NLT SB re 
Heb. 1:1-3] 


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