Ephesians 6:14a - Christian Armor Putting On Truth.

Ephesians 6:14a: Christian Armor " Putting On Truth.

Ephesians 6:14a (KJV) Stand therefore, having your loins girt 
about with [truth],  

Ephesians 6:14a (NIV) Stand firm then, with the belt of truth 
buckled around your waist,  

Ephesians 6:14a (TEV) So stand ready, with truth as a belt tight 
around your waist,  


   There exists a world outside of our own - a world we cannot 
see, a spirit world where real battles are fought. When you became a 
Christian, you took a side against evil in this cosmic struggle - and you 
became a part of it.  
   The battle is not against enemies of flesh and blood. 
Instead, we battle the demons over whom Satan has control, the fallen 
angels who joined Satan in his rebellion and thus became perverted and 
evil. These are real and powerful beings, not mere fantasies, and 
believers must not underestimate them. What are their tactics? Demons can 
at times cause physical, psychological, and emotional turmoil. More 
often they seek ways to keep nonbelievers in unbelief and render 
believers ineffective through moral failings.  
   God does not leave us without protection and weapons, 
however. With this host of spiritual forces arrayed against us, we need 
God's full armor. Our enemy is powerful, but he is also a defeated 
foe. As you prepare to engage him in spiritual warfare, don't be 
intimidated by his influence. Use the full armor of God and stand together 
with other believers. [The One Year Bible for New Believers re 

We must depend on God's strength to defend against the attacks 
of Satan and his army. God has provided us with his power by 
filling us with his Holy Spirit. It is his Spirit that cloaks us with 
protection: the belt of truth, the body armor of righteousness, the shoes of 
the Good News, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, and the 
sword of the Spirit - God's Word. And as we fight spiritual battles, 
we must constantly rely on God's Spirit to guide us. And you don't 
have to fight alone. God's army - the church - is filled with God's 
Spirit as well, uniting us together against the mighty powers in 
this dark world.[One Year NLT SB re Eph. 6:10-17] 

The armor is Christ himself. Putting on the armor is equivalent 
to putting on Christ. The power of Christ is sufficient to stand 
against all evil and temptation that a believer will encounter [New 
Bible Companion] 


What specifically is the belt of truth? What is Gods truth 
that the believer is to put on? 
	First, Christ is the truth. The believer is to put on Christ 
(John 1:14; 14:6; Eph. 4:24). 
	Second, the Word of God is truth. The believer is to put on 
the Word of God. He is sanctified by the Word of God (John 17:17; 
Eph. 5:26). 
	Third, speaking and living a life of truthfulness is the 
truth (Eph. 4:25; 1Pe. 1:22; Zec. 8:16; Mal. 2:6). [Preachers  
Outline & Sermon Bible] 

   Paul wrote, fasten the belt of truth around your waist. This 
belt, also called a girdle, was about six inches wide. Probably made 
of leather, it held together the clothing underneath as well as 
holding the other pieces of armor in place, such as the breastplate and 
the sheath for the sword. It may have contained a "breechclout," an 
apron that protected the lower abdomen. It may have also braced the 
back in order to give strength. When the belt was fastened, the 
soldier was "on duty," ready to fight. A slackened belt meant "off 
duty." Christians, however, must face each day with a fastened belt, 
ready to fight the battle when needed. 
   As the belt formed the foundation of the soldier's armor, the 
truth is the foundation of the Christian life. This "truth" refers to 
the believer's character as a person who can be relied on for the 
truth. It certainly also refers to the truth of God's Word and his 
message in the gospel. If we could not be absolutely sure of our faith, 
if we were not sure that Jesus is "the truth" (John 14:6), then 
there would be little use for the armor or in attempting to fight any 
battle. God's truth, as revealed to us through Jesus Christ, forms the 
foundation of victorious Christian living. 
   When the enemy, the father of lies (John 8:44), attacks with 
his lies, half-truths, and distortions, we believers can stand on 
the truth we believe. Jesus prayed for his followers: "Sanctify them 
by Your truth. Your word is truth" (John 17:17 NKJV). (Life 
Application Commentary) 


   If you happen to be a little child riding with your daddy on 
a galloping horse, there is a way to stay snug and secure behind 
him in the saddle. All you have to do is wrap your little fingers 
around his belt and press yourself against the back of the saddle, and 
off you go - up and down hills, splashing through streams, charging 
into the day. In a spiritual sense, it's still the way to go. Today's 
Scripture reads, Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around 
your waist." In other words, if you're hanging on to God's truth - 
the precepts and promises of God's Word - nothing can shake you out 
of the saddle. It doesn't matter how winding or treacherous your 
trail is, you can move through anything - trials, hardships, 
disappointments, even death itself - and remain safe and secure. Just keep your 
grip on the truth and never let go. 
   Father, I'm holding on to Your Word today with all my heart. 
You have promised to be with me in every situation. You have 
promised to quench all the flaming arrows of the evil one. You have 
promised Your wisdom, Your strength, Your endurance, and Your peace when 
I need it most. Make my grip strong today, Father, because the 
trail ahead of me may be steep. [A Spectacle of Glory by Joni 
Eareckson Tada and Larry Libby] 


   Once we become Christians, we are involved in a fight against 
Satan and his forces. God, however, has given us a defense against 
Satan and his tactics, which consists of six separate pieces of 
spiritual equipment.  
   First, He has given us the belt of truth - a willingness to 
let Gods truth govern every part of our lives. Second, the 
breastplate of righteousness - seeing clearly that we are not saved by our 
own righteousness but Christ's. Third, we must have our feet 
sandaled with readiness for the gospel of peace - our determination to 
stand firmly in the faith. Fourth, we must raise the shield of faith - 
the quick action by which we act upon God's truth and refuse Satan's 
lies. Fifth, we must put on the helmet of salvation - the glorious 
hope that, one day, the Lord will right all wrongs and establish His 
eternal kingdom. And sixth, we must take up the sword of the Spirit, the 
Word of God, and wield the written Scriptures in the same way our 
Lord did in His wilderness temptations.  
   Having done all this, it is still possible to be defeated by 
the Devil unless we know how to pray in the power of the Spirit. We 
must pray not only when things are going wrong but continuously, 
fervently, powerfully, and perseveringly. Our prayers must catch alight and 
burst into flame. Against such praying, the principalities and powers 
are helpless.  
   My Father, now that I have seen the resources that are 
available to me in Christ, I realize that my responsibility to avail 
myself of these resources is greater than ever. Help me to put 
everything I have learned into action. For Your own dear names sake. 
Amen. [Every Day With Jesus Bible with Selwyn Hughes devotionals re 
Psa. 18:16, 17] 


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