Ephesians 6:14b - Christian Armor Putting On Righteousness.

Ephesians 6:14b: Christian Armor " Putting On Righteousness.

Ephesians 6:14b (KJV) and having on the breastplate of 

Ephesians 6:14b (ESV) and having put on the breastplate of 

Ephesians 6:14b (NLT) and the body armor of Gods 

Ephesians 6:14b (ICB) And on your chest wear the protection of 
right living.  


   There exists a world outside of our own - a world we cannot 
see, a spirit world where real battles are fought. When you became a 
Christian, you took a side against evil in this cosmic struggle - and you 
became a part of it.  
   The battle is not against enemies of flesh and blood. 
Instead, we battle the demons over whom Satan has control, the fallen 
angels who joined Satan in his rebellion and thus became perverted and 
evil. These are real and powerful beings, not mere fantasies, and 
believers must not underestimate them. What are their tactics? Demons can 
at times cause physical, psychological, and emotional turmoil. More 
often they seek ways to keep nonbelievers in unbelief and render 
believers ineffective through moral failings.  
   God does not leave us without protection and weapons, 
however. With this host of spiritual forces arrayed against us, we need 
God's full armor. Our enemy is powerful, but he is also a defeated 
foe. As you prepare to engage him in spiritual warfare, don't be 
intimidated by his influence. Use the full armor of God and stand together 
with other believers. [The One Year Bible for New Believers re 

We must depend on God's strength to defend against the attacks 
of Satan and his army. God has provided us with his power by 
filling us with his Holy Spirit. It is his Spirit that cloaks us with 
protection: the belt of truth, the body armor of righteousness, the shoes of 
the Good News, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, and the 
sword of the Spirit - God's Word. And as we fight spiritual battles, 
we must constantly rely on God's Spirit to guide us. And you don't 
have to fight alone. God's army - the church - is filled with God's 
Spirit as well, uniting us together against the mighty powers in 
this dark world.[One Year NLT SB re Eph. 6:10-17] 

The armor is Christ himself. Putting on the armor is equivalent 
to putting on Christ. The power of Christ is sufficient to stand 
against all evil and temptation that a believer will encounter [New 
Bible Companion] 


Righteousness: it signifies the principle of righteousness; it 
signifies the practice of righteousness, or living a holy life; it 
signifies God's method of justifying sinners; and it signifies 
justification itself. Here it may imply a consciousness of justification 
through the blood of the cross; the principle of righteousness or true 
holiness implanted in the heart; and a holy life, a life regulated 
according to the testimonies of God... so this righteousness, this life of 
God in the soul of man, defines everything upon which the man's 
spiritual existence depends. While he possesses this principle, and acts 
from it, his spiritual and eternal life is secure. (Adam Clarke 


   "Righteousness" provides a significant defense; it gives the 
evidence that we have been made right with God and that this 
righteousness has been given us by the Holy Spirit. Believers have been made 
righteous through the blood of Christ. The believers then want to live in 
uprightness and integrity, desiring to please the One who saved them. Yet 
that won't be easy. Satan is ready for battle at every turn, willing 
to hit us unfairly from behind if given the chance. Righteousness 
is the opposite of Satan's complete wickedness. Satan seeks to 
thwart righteous living. 
   When the enemy, the accuser (Rev 12:10), tries to convince us 
that we are not really saved, that we just keep on disappointing God, 
and that we're "poor excuses" for Christians, we can stand up to him 
because of the righteousness we have been promised through our faith in 
Jesus Christ. "This righteousness from God comes through faith in 
Jesus Christ to all who believe" (Rom 3:22 NIV). (Life Application 

The breastplate covered the body of the soldier from the neck to 
the thighs. It was used to protect the heart. The believers heart 
is focused upon the Lord Jesus Christ and His righteousness, and 
that focus must be protected. The sign of the Christian soldier is 
righteousness. When a man is saved, God imputes the righteousness of Jesus 
Christ to him, or to say it another way, God counts him righteous. 
However, it is not enough to stand in the righteousness of Christ. The 
Christian soldier must protect his heart. This he does by living 
righteously. Righteousness keeps the heart from ever being wounded and losing 
its focus. The Christian soldier is... 
	to strive after the very righteousness of Jesus Christ.
	to live righteously in this present world. [Preachers 
Outline & Sermon Bible] 

Righteousness: We stand in the imputed righteousness of Christ, 
and we walk in the imparted righteousness of the Holy Spirit. 
[Wiersbe Expository Outlines] 

   We must put on every piece of the armor, and then stand firm. 
The Lord has honored us by choosing us as His soldiers. Let us fight 
bravely for Him, maintaining the right in every transaction. . . . Put 
on as your breastplate that divinely protected righteousness which 
it is the privilege of all to wear. This will protect your 
spiritual life.   
   Ample provisions have been made for all who sincerely, 
earnestly, and thoughtfully set about the work of perfecting holiness in 
the fear of God. Strength, grace, and glory have been provided 
through Christ, to be brought by ministering angels to the heirs of 
salvation. None are so low, so corrupt and vile, that they cannot find in 
Jesus, who died for them, strength, purity, and righteousness, if they 
will put away their sins, cease their course of iniquity, and turn 
with full purpose of heart to the living God. He is waiting to strip 
them of their garments, stained and polluted by sin, and to put upon 
them the white, bright robes of righteousness.   
   The truly righteous, who sincerely love and fear God, wear 
the robe of Christ's righteousness in prosperity and adversity 
alike. Self-denial, self-sacrifice, benevolence, kindness, love, 
patience, fortitude, and Christian trust are the daily fruits borne by 
those who are truly connected with God. Their acts may not be 
published to the world, but they themselves are daily wrestling with evil, 
and gaining precious victories over temptation and wrong. 
   All who have put on the robe of Christ's righteousness will 
stand before Him as chosen and faithful and true. Satan has no power 
to pluck them out of the hand of the Saviour. Not one soul who in 
penitence and faith has claimed His protection will Christ permit to pass 
under the enemy's power.   
   Each one will have a close struggle to overcome sin in his 
own heart. This is at times a very painful and discouraging work; 
because, as we see the deformities in our character, we keep looking at 
them, when we should look to Jesus and put on the robe of His 
righteousness. Everyone who enters the pearly gates of the city of God will 
enter there as a conqueror, and his greatest conquest will have been 
the conquest of self.  {AG 31} 


The breast-plate defended the vital parts of the body; and the 
idea here may be that the integrity of life, and righteousness of 
character, is as necessary to defend us from the assaults of Satan, as the 
coat of mail was to preserve the heart from the arrows of an enemy. 
It was the incorruptible integrity of Job, and, in a higher sense, 
of the Redeemer himself, that saved them from the temptations of 
the devil. And it is as true now that no one can successfully meet 
the power of temptation unless he is righteous, as that a soldier 
could not defend himself against a foe without such a coat of mail. A 
want of integrity will leave a man exposed to the assaults of the 
enemy, just as a man would be whose coat of mail was defective, or some 
part of which was missing. The king of Israel was smitten by an arrow 
sent from a bow, drawn at a venture, "between the joints of his 
harness" or the "breast-plate" (margin), <1 Kings 22:34>; and many a man 
who thinks he has on the "Christian" armor is smitten in the same 
manner. There is some defect of character; some want of incorruptible 
integrity; some point that is unguarded-- and that will be sure to be the 
point of attack by the foe. So David was tempted to commit the 
enormous crimes that stain his memory, and Peter to deny his Lord. So 
Judas was assailed, for the want of the armor of righteousness, 
through his avarice; and so, by some want of incorruptible integrity in 
a single point, many a minister of the gospel has been assailed 
and has fallen. It may be added here, that we need a righteousness 
which God alone can give; the righteousness of God our Saviour, to 
make us perfectly invulnerable to all the arrows of the foe. (Barnes' 

   A feeling that the Devil delights to arouse in an unguarded 
heart is the FEELING THAT GOD DOES NOT LOVE US. He usually times his 
attack to coincide with those moments when everything is going wrong 
and we are beset by all kinds of difficulties. Then he whispers in 
our ear: "Do you still believe that God is love?"  
   When you respond by saying that you do, he transforms himself 
into an angel of light and tries another of his deceitful tactics. 
"Well," he says, "it is obvious that He does not love you, for if He 
did, then He would not allow you to go through these difficult 
   There is only one protection against such an assault; it is 
to put firmly in place the "armor of righteousness." Nothing else 
will avail at this point. You must point him to the truth of Romans 
8:28: "We know that all things work together for the good of those who 
love God." Paul does not say "we understand," but "we know."  
   This brings you directly to the theme of justification by 
faith, which is in fact the righteousness of Christ. You rest on this 
established truth, and that is all you need. You must say to yourself: "He 
would never have clothed me with His righteousness if He had not also 
set His love upon me and saved me. I will have courage. I do not 
know what is happening to me now. I cannot fathom it. But if He has 
begun His work in me, then I know He will go on to complete it."  
   O God, what wondrous power there is in Your Word. I can feel 
it doing me good even as I read and ponder it. Give me a greater 
knowledge of Your Word, for only through its truth can I maintain an 
advantage over the Devil. Amen. [Every Day With Jesus Bible with Selwyn 
Hughes devotional re Psa. 89:24] 

   A feeling that Satan delights to arouse in a heart 
unprotected by a spiritual breastplate is the FEELING OF CONFUSION. None of 
us likes confusion, because it erodes our sense of competence. 
Satan, knowing this, steps in whenever he can to take full advantage of 
   Deep in the center of our being is a compulsive demand to be 
in control. And to satisfy that demand, we have to live in a 
predictable, understandable world. Confusion presents a serious challenge to 
our desire for control and is the enemy of those who demand to have 
clear answers for everything.  
   Whenever Satan sees that we are not wearing our spiritual 
breastplate, he comes to us and says something like this: "Look at the great 
problems that are all around you"earthquakes, famines, violence, 
cruelty to children. How can you believe in a God of love when these 
things are going on in the world?" Sometimes he presses home these 
arguments with such power that you have no clear answers.  
   There is only one clear answer against such assaults; it is 
to put on the "breastplate of righteousness." You cannot understand 
particular happenings; you cannot give any explanation. But you do know 
that the God who clothed you with His righteousness and saved you 
from a lost eternity must have your highest interests and those of 
His universe at heart. When you hold on to that, your heart is 
protected from despair, even if your mind struggles to comprehend what is 
happening. You can live in peace even though you do not know all the 
   Father God, I see that I can experience security in my heart 
even when my mind cannot understand Your ways. Hidden in Christ and 
His righteousness, I am safe. I am so thankful. Amen. [Every Day 
With Jesus Bible with Selwyn Hughes devotional re 2Ti. 1:7] 

   The breastplate of righteousness protects us from the FEELING 
THAT WE ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO BE SAVED. We now look at a feeling 
which Satan delights to whip up in the heart of a Christian"the 
feeling that we are only accepted by God when we are doing everything 
perfectly. The feeling gives rise to perfectionism"a condition which 
afflicts multitudes of Christians.  
   The chief characteristic of perfectionism is a constant 
overall feeling of never doing enough to be thought well of by God. 
Karen Horney describes it as "the tyranny of the oughts." Here are 
some typical statements of those who are afflicted in this way: "I 
ought to do better," "I ought to have done better," "I ought to be 
able to do better." There is nothing wrong with wanting to do better, 
but in the twisted thinking of a perfectionist, a person believes 
that because he or she could or ought to have done better, they will 
not be accepted or thought well of by God. They come to believe that 
their acceptance by God depends on their performance. They constantly 
try to develop a righteousness of their own rather than resting in 
the righteousness that Christ has provided for them.  
   If you suffer from this condition, then it's time to put on 
your spiritual breastplate. You need to remind yourself that the way 
you came into the Christian life is the same way you are enabled to 
go on in it"by depending on Christ and His righteousness, not on 
yourself and your righteousness. You are not working to be saved; you are 
working because you are saved.  
   Lord Jesus, I see that when I stand in Your righteousness, I 
stand in God's smile. But when I stand in my own righteousness, I 
stand in God's frown. Help me move over from frown to smile. In Your 
dear name. Amen. [Every Day With Jesus Bible with Selwyn Hughes 
devotional re Rom. 5:1] 


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