Matthew 6:34 - Intimacy With God Destroys Worry.

Matthew 6:34: Intimacy With God Destroys Worry.

Matthew 6:34 (NKJV) Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow 
will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. 


   Each day has enough trouble of its own. A logical implication 
of this truth is that you can expect to encounter some trouble 
everyday. I want to help you handle calmly and confidently the 
difficulties that come your way. Events that surprise you do not surprise Me, 
because I know everything. I am the Beginning and the End. Moreover, I 
am fully available to you - to guide and comfort you as you go 
through turbulent times. 
   Having enough trouble in each day can help you live in the 
present. Your active mind seeks challenges to chew on. Without enough to 
occupy your mind today, you are more likely to worry about the future. 
I am training you to keep your focus on My Presence in the 
   Difficulties need not deter you from enjoying My Presence. On 
the contrary, they draw you closer to Me when you collaborate with 
Me in handling them. As we deal with your problems together, you 
gain confidence in your ability to cope. And the pleasure of My 
Company greatly increases your Joy! (Mat. 6:34; Rev. 21:6; Rom. 12:12) 
[Jesus Always by Sarah Young] 


   "We're not worried," we say nervously, "just quite 
   Life is full of concerns - fleeting, chronic, financial, 
relational, mild, or severe. These worries can drive us crazy just thinking 
about them. They can also cause us to question our faith in God. Does 
God care about our concerns? Is he doing anything to help us out?  
   In this passage, Jesus points out the lessons in trust that 
we can learn from nature, assuring us of the futility of worry and 
of the certainty of God's care. STRENGTHEN YOUR DEPENDENCE ON GOD'S 
   Jesus knew that his disciples naturally worried about having 
enough of life's necessities, so he reassured them that God would 
provide for their needs. He pointed out that God provides for the animal 
kingdom, so he also would provide for them - they mattered much more than 
the animals (Matthew 6:25-34).  
   Worrying about our needs accomplishes nothing and ignores the 
fact that God works to meet those needs. Jesus didn't tell his 
disciples to be lazy or not to work, just to trust God and not to worry.  
   Do what you can about the concerns you have, but also realize 
that God, who loves and cares for you, has made provision for them as 
well. He will not let your needs overwhelm you. Whenever worries 
plague you, follow these three steps: (1) tell God about your concerns, 
asking him to provide for your needs; (2) do what you humanly can to 
work on your concerns; and (3) trust in God's goodness  remember 
that he cares for you more than even you care for yourself, and he 
will provide all you need at the right time. [The One Year Through 
the Bible Devotional by Dave Veerman] 

   We live in a world absolutely crippled by anxiety. I feel it, 
and I know my kids do too. It's pervasive in the world around us. We 
see it even in the faces of strangers in the crowd. Living with 
anxiety is like being bound by chains.  
   But worry and anxiety don't help us at all! When we worry, we 
aren't solving a problem; we are just being bound by it. Like chains, 
worry and anxiety keep us locked down, unable to move forward. We get 
stuck. Maybe it's a bill we don't know how we're going to pay. Maybe we 
worry that we aren't strong enough to stay on the road to recovery. We 
might even be worrying about those we love.  
   When we worry, we are telling God, "I've got this one." We 
think we are in control, but we aren't. Worry and anxiety really don't 
change anything. They just wear us out and keep us tied up. But God 
will break those chains if we ask him to. Instead of continuing to 
turn those anxious thoughts over in our minds and worrying about 
things we can't control, let's leave our anxious thoughts with Jesus 
and let him break those chains that have us bound.  
   Father, thank you for setting me free from the chains of 
worry and anxiety. I leave all my anxious thoughts at your feet. In 
Jesus' name, Amen. [Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotional by John & 
Johnny Baker re Psa. 107:14] 


   Daddy, help! There's a huge spider on my pillow!"
   There's nothing like being ripped from sleep by a panicked, 
screaming child. I jumped out of bed and ran into her room, where I found 
her frozen and staring at her pillow. Her finger shaking, she 
pointed to a big black spider crawling across her pillow. I walked over 
to kill the spider (it's in my job description) and picked up a 
big, black ball of fuzz, probably from the stuffed penguin on her 
bed. There was no threat, there never had been, but my daughter 
didn't know it. She saw something and drew a conclusion: Spider! 
   To be honest, I have a tendency to do this myself. Not with 
spiders, but with my everyday life. I see something, hear something, and 
jump to a conclusion. That kind of thinking is dangerous because it 
can cause us to worry about things that aren't real, try to fix 
situations that don't need to be fixed, or strive to please people who 
might not even be upset.  
   To make good decisions, we need to get all the information 
before we rush to worry, stress out about a confrontation, or decide 
recovery is too difficult. We will do better if we can calmly assess the 
situation and then ask God to help us find the right solution.  
   Father, thank you for giving me the patience I need to 
rightly assess the situations I encounter without panicking and jumping 
to conclusions. In Jesus' name, Amen. [Celebrate Recovery Daily 
Devotional by John & Johnny Baker]  


Refuse to worry! In this world there will always be something 
enticing you to worry. That is the nature of a fallen, fractured planet: 
Things are not as they should be. So the temptation to be anxious is 
constantly with you, trying to worm its way into your mind. The best 
defense is continual communication with Me, richly seasoned with 
thanksgiving. Awareness of My Presence fills your mind with Light and Peace, 
leaving no room for fear. This awareness lifts you up above your 
circumstances, enabling you to see problems from My perspective. Live close to 
Me! Together we can keep the wolves of worry at bay. (Luke 12:25, 
26; 1Th. 5:16-18) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 

   Do not worry about tomorrow! This is a most gracious command. 
I understand human frailty; I know that you are dust. This command 
is not meant to burden you or condemn you. It is meant to set you 
free from worldly cares.  
   Just before I gave this directive to My followers, I spoke 
about how to enjoy such freedom. Remember that your heavenly Father 
knows what you need. As you seek first His kingdom and His 
righteousness, your perspective changes. Worldly pursuits become secondary to 
matters of unseen, eternal reality - the advancement of My kingdom. So 
put more time and energy into developing your relationship with Me, 
seeking not only My Presence but also My will. Be ready to follow 
wherever I lead. I will guide you along adventurous paths that can fill 
your life with meaning. I created you to enjoy My Presence in the 
present - entrusting your future into My care and keeping. As you 
delight yourself in Me, I give you the desires of your heart. (Mat. 
6:32-34; Psa. 103:14; 37:4) [Jesus Always by Sarah Young] 

   Seek to please me above all else. Let that goal be your focal 
point as you go through this day. Such a mind-set will protect you 
from scattering your energy to the winds. The free will I bestowed on 
you comes with awesome responsibility. Each day presents you with 
choice after choice. Many of these decisions you ignore and thus make 
by default. Without a focal point to guide you, you can easily lose 
your way. That's why it is so important to stay in communication with 
Me, living in thankful awareness of My Presence.  
   You inhabit a fallen, disjointed world, where things are 
constantly unraveling around the edges. Only a vibrant relationship with Me 
can keep you from coming unraveled too. (Matthew 6:33; John 8:29; 
Colossians 3:23-24) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 

To find Joy in this day, you must live within its boundaries. I 
knew what I was doing when I divided time into twenty-four-hour 
segments. I understand human frailty, and I know that you can bear the 
weight of only one day at a time. Do not worry about tomorrow or get 
stuck in the past. There is abundant Life in My Presence today. (Psa. 
118:24; Phi. 3:13, 14) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 

   I am perpetually with you, taking care of you. That is the 
most important fact of your existence. I am not limited by time or 
space; My Presence with you is a forever-promise. You need not fear the 
future, for I am already there. When you make that quantum leap into 
eternity, you will find Me awaiting you in heaven. Your future is in My 
hands; I release it to you day by day, moment by moment. Therefore, do 
not worry about tomorrow.  
   I want you to live this day abundantly, seeing all there is 
to see, doing all there is to do. Don't be distracted by future 
concerns. Leave them to Me! Each day of life is a glorious gift, but so 
few people know how to live within the confines of today. Much of 
their energy for abundant living spills over the time line into 
tomorrow's worries or past regrets. Their remaining energy is sufficient 
only for limping through the day, not for living it to the full. I am 
training you to keep your focus on My Presence in the present. This is 
how to receive abundant Life, which flows freely from My throne of 
grace. (Mat. 6:34; John 10:10; James 4:13-15) [Jesus Calling by Sarah 

   Strive to live more fully in the present, refusing to worry 
about tomorrow. Striving involves devoting serious effort and energy 
to something; it usually includes struggle. You must exert 
continual effort if you want to live present-tense in My Presence. I urge 
you to make Me the major pursuit of your everyday life.  
   It's essential to resist the temptation to worry. You live in 
a fallen world, full of sin and struggles - you will never run 
short of things that can provoke anxiety. However, remember that each 
day has enough trouble of its own. I carefully calibrate the amount 
of difficulty you will encounter on a given day. I know exactly how 
much you can handle with My help. And I'm always near - ready to 
strengthen, encourage, and comfort you.  
   Pursuing a close walk with Me is the best way to live in the 
present. Keep bringing your thoughts back to Me whenever they wander. 
Return to Me joyfully, beloved. I will take great delight in you and 
rejoice over you with singing. (Mat. 6:34; Isa. 41:10; Zep. 3:17) [Jesus 
Always by Sarah Young] 

   Trust Me one day at a time. This keeps you close to Me, 
responsive to My will. Trust is not a natural response, especially for 
those who have been deeply wounded. My Spirit within you is your 
resident Tutor, helping you in this supernatural endeavor. Yield to His 
gentle touch; be sensitive to His prompting. 
   Exert your will to trust Me in all circumstances. Don't let 
your need to understand distract you from My Presence. I will equip 
you to get through this day victoriously, as you live in deep 
dependence on Me. Tomorrow is busy worrying about itself don't get tangled 
up in its worry-webs. Trust Me one day at a time. (Psa. 84:12; Mat. 
6:34) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 

   Stop worrying long enough to hear My voice. I speak softly to 
you, in the depths of your being. Your mind shuttles back and forth, 
hither and yon weaving webs of anxious confusion. As My thoughts rise 
up within you, they become entangled in those sticky webs of worry. 
Thus, My voice is muffled, and you hear only "white noise."  
   Ask My Spirit to quiet your mind so that you can think My 
thoughts. This ability is an awesome benefit of being My child, patterned 
after My own image. Do not be deafened by the noise of the world or 
that of your own thinking. Instead, be transformed by the renewing of 
your mind. Sit quietly in My Presence, letting My thoughts reprogram 
your thinking. (Deu. 30:20; Gen. 1:27; Rom. 12:2) [Jesus Calling by 
Sarah Young] 

   Here and Now comprise the coordinates of your daily life. 
Most people let their moments slip through their fingers, half-lived. 
They avoid the present by worrying about the future or longing for a 
better time and place. They forget that they are creatures who are 
subject to the limitations of time and space. They forget their Creator, 
who walks with them only in the present.  
   Every moment is alive with My glorious Presence, to those 
whose hearts are intimately connected with Mine. As you give yourself 
more and more to a life of constant communion with Me, you will find 
that you simply have no time for worry. Thus, you are freed to let My 
Spirit direct your steps, enabling you to walk along the path of Peace. 
(Luke 12:25, 26; 1:79) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 


Dearest child, There are two ways you can go about the business 
of your life.  You can be stressed and anxious and crippled with 
worries.  Or you can trust that I am in control, working in your 
circumstances, and you can be free!  Why is trust so difficult for you? Why do 
you worry about menus and calories and grams of fat? Why do you fret 
about styles and fashions and putting together the right wardrobe? 
Life is so much more than food. Your body is so much more important 
that the clothes you put on it every morning.  Look up.  See the 
birds? They have never made a grocery list or counted a calorie, and 
yet they are fed.  Find a field filled with flowers.  Spend an hour 
gazing at their beauty.  You think they are worried about whats in 
style this year or what color goes with what?  Now, if I take care of 
birds and flowers, cant you believe that I will take care of you?  
It is the godless person who worries about these things.  But you 
are my child.  Seek my kingdom, and Ill provide for you.  Leave 
tomorrow in my hands.  I love you, God [Postcards from Heaven by Claire 

One day Tauler met a beggar. "God give you a good day, my 
friend," he said. The beggar answered, "I thank God I never had a bad 
one." Then Tauler said, "God give you a happy life, my friend." "I 
thank God," said the beggar, "I am never unhappy." Tauler in amazement 
said, "What do you mean?" "Well," said the beggar, "when it is fine, I 
thank God; when it rains, I thank God; when I have plenty, I thank 
God; when I am hungry, I thank God; and since God's will is my will, 
and whatever pleases him pleases me, why should I say I am unhappy 
when I am not?" Tauler looked at the man in astonishment. "Who are 
you?" he asked. "I am a king," said the beggar. "Where then is your 
kingdom?" asked Tauler.  And the beggar answered quietly: "In my heart." 
[Barclay Commentary] 





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