Isaiah 26:3 - Peace That Surpasses All Understanding.

Isaiah 26:3: Peace That Surpasses All Understanding.

Isaiah 26:3 (NKJV) You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose 
mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You. 


   It isn't easy finding peace in a violent world. This task was 
no less daunting for the people in the Bible who followed God in 
the midst of brutal and oppressive times. Isaiah lived in such 
times. He saw Israel (the northern kingdom) conquered and destroyed by 
the Assyrians, who then turned their sights on Judah (the southern 
kingdom). Yet he spoke of knowing peace - not just any peace but perfect 
peace. In fact, he said that if we trust in God and fix our thoughts on 
him, he will not only give us perfect peace, but will keep us in 
perfect peace.  
   The key to knowing God's peace in a violent world is to fix 
our thoughts on him and trust him. When we fix our thoughts on him, 
the dizzying tornado of stress and confusion fades into the 
distance. Circumstances may change, but God doesn't change. He is "the 
eternal Rock" (Isaiah 26:4) - immoveable, unchangeable, firm, and 
steady. We can entrust ourselves to him.  
   No matter what circumstances you face, keep your thoughts on 
and your trust in God. He will give you peace. [The One Year Bible 
for New Believers re Isa.26:3, 4] 


   Hear the confidence in these joyful words. This worshiper has 
experienced God's deliverance and provision; this person's faith has been 
strengthened and trust in the Lord has grown. But that doesn't mean life is 
   A sense of peace is not determined by your circumstances but 
by your state of mind. When you focus on God, His majesty, and His 
love for you, what is happening around you matters less. Pondering 
the character of the good and holy God you serve, remembering His 
faithfulness to His people through the millennia and to you personally, and 
standing strong in the truth and the promises of His Word - this kind of 
focus gives you a different perspective on what is going on in the 
world around you. You are mindful of who is in control and whose plan 
is unfolding. 
   Consider this analogy: A woman can brave labor pains because 
of the joy of receiving a child. Likewise, God's people can endure 
suffering because they know God will deliver them. Seeing your situation 
from the perspective of this truth brings peace. Keep your mind fixed 
on Christ, regardless of what is happening all around you. [Being 
Still With God Every Day by Henry Blackaby] 

   I am confident that you know a toddler or two who demonstrate 
amazing mental abilities. It isn't unusual to see amazing rates of 
mental development when a child has good nutrition and a stimulating 
environment. Then life happens. Far too many people allow their mind to get 
lazy, and it tends to think along the path of least resistance. It 
spends too much time wandering, which gets it to worrying, criticizing, 
and complaining. To solve such mind problems, pop culture articles 
on mental discipline urge me to memorize and meditate. If I am to 
believe such experts, the all-too prevalent human condition of mental 
laziness is best cured by intentional memorization and the mind is best 
focused by meditation. The suggestion is memorize anything from the vast 
storehouse of written works and spend time every day meditating. 
Memorizing, they say, exercises the lazy mind, and meditation focuses it.  
   In most cases popular culture suggests that meditation means 
working hard to think about nothing, or dwell on just one thing in an 
attempt to still the mind. The idea is to tame the racing, 
out-of-control mind by focusing on breathing, because that is one body function 
that we can regulate. When brought under control, the wandering, 
worrying mind supposedly becomes more responsive and receptive to our 
present situation, leading to better mental health and greater mental 
   My guess is that in such pop culture observations and 
injunctions you can see some powerful support for Christian Bible study, 
meditation, and prayer as methods of focusing and disciplining the mind. Is 
there any better, more uplifting material to memorize than promises of 
God? Daily Scripture memorization and rehearsal is, no doubt, the 
best possible way of exercising the mind and keeping it sharp and 
ever expanding. Prayerful reading of God's Word and quiet, unhurried 
meditation on His promises provide multiple benefits. It not only nurtures 
and grows the all-important life in the Spirit, but also helps the 
body processes and enhances mental health.  
   Lord God, Creator of my mind, is this the only channel of 
communication that I have with You? I pray for clarity of thinking and for a 
mind dedicated to loving and serving You. [God of Wonders by David 

   As you work to renew your mind, stress will undoubtedly try 
to pull you away from your goals. The everyday problems often tempt 
us to make unhealthy choices out of convenience or as a temporary 
fix for stress. 
   It can be easy to get stressed out when we focus on our own 
limited resources instead of focusing on the unlimited resources through 
our heavenly Father. When we choose to focus on God, he provides 
perfect peace. We can fix our thoughts on him by meditating on things we 
know about him or on promises from his Word. For example, he is 
faithful, he is all-powerful, he is wise. "Your love, LORD, reaches to the 
heavens, your faithfulness to the skies. Your righteousness is like the 
highest mountains, your justice like the great deep" (Psalm 36:5, 6). 
   Filling our minds with these truths from his Word will bring 
peace into our hearts. And peace of mind is the key to beating 
   God's peace is more than enough to lift you above your stress 
and to reset your mind. [The Daniel Plan 365-Day Devotional] 


   The more often you turn your thoughts to Me, the more you 
will enjoy My perfect Peace. This is a challenging goal, but it is 
also a glorious gift. I, the Shepherd of your soul, am always 
accessible to you.  
   You can train your mind to turn from other things and focus 
on Me. When you experience something beautiful, thank Me for it. 
When a loved one brings you joy, remember that I am the Source of 
this pleasure. Post reminders of My Presence in your home or car or 
office. It's also wise to memorize Scripture since it is ultimately 
about Me.  
   Turning your thoughts to Me demonstrates your trust in Me. 
Even undesired things such as pain and problems can be reminders to 
communicate with Me. Focusing on My Presence protects you from getting stuck 
on problems - going over and over them in your mind without making 
any progress.  
   Be creative in finding new ways to turn your thoughts toward 
Me. Thus you can enjoy the wondrous gift of My Peace. (Isa. 26:3; 
1Pe. 2:25; Phi. 4:6, 7) [Jesus Always by Sarah Young] 


   Your attention is a precious commodity, and myriad voices are 
vying for it. Your to-do list screams at you. The circumstances that 
pop up unexpectedly demand an immediate reaction. The people in your 
life are probably a little more polite about getting your attention, 
but they still expect a response. And the to-do list, the urgent 
circumstances, and the people you live and work with all have important 
concerns. You have God-given responsibilities with all of them. But their 
cumulative voices can be relentless. Meanwhile, you're sometimes just 
looking for a moment to breathe.  
   It's impossible to remain aware of God consistently when 
we're under such assaults. We have to prioritize, placing Him at the 
top of our list even at the expense of other worthy goals. If we 
want to have any awareness of His closeness, any sense of His 
Presence, any hint of His voice, we have to clear the clutter out of our 
minds, sit with Him, and be still. There's no other way.  
   This is where we find out the depth of our desire for God. 
Would we simply like to experience Him? Or are we desperate for Him? 
The way we prioritize our time reveals a lot. If knowing Him is more 
urgent to us than the voices that demand our attention, we'll make room 
for Him and eventually experience Him deeply. If not, we won't.  
   We have to determine to make hard choices and then brace for 
the assault against them. That doesn't mean we neglect our loved 
ones and responsibilities, but we do have to remember which 
relationship is our life. Seeking God's Presence and fixing our thoughts on 
Him takes time, but it's vital. And it speaks peace to every other 
voice that seeks our attention.  
   Lord, I fix my thoughts on You. I choose to spend time 
sitting in Your Presence each day, to turn my heart toward You in brief 
in-between moments, and to expect You to step into my circumstances and 
relationships. [The One Year Experiencing Gods Presence Devotional by Chris 

God Can't Give Us Happiness And Peace Apart From Himself Because 
There Is No Such Thing. C. S. Lewis 







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