Acts 17:28a - In Him We Live And Move And Have Our Being.

Acts 17:28a: In Him We Live And Move And Have Our Being.

Acts 17:28a (KJV) For in him we live, and move, and have our 


   Last year I struggled through a long bout against double 
pneumonia. While I was in the hospital, the doctors set an oxygen tank 
beside my bed so I could breathe easier. Never did I appreciate oxygen 
so! Up until my illness, I inhaled and exhaled the stuff with hardly 
a thought. I took breathing for granted. But in the hospital, I 
discovered afresh how life sustaining oxygen truly is. It's my body's life 
and breath. 
   This is often the way we relate to Jesus, our true life and 
breath. Because we live, move and have our being in him, it is easy to 
take his life-sustaining grace for granted. We forget that apart from 
him we can't do a thing (John 15:5). Putting your Christian life on 
automatic pilot is the same thing as "walking in the flesh." When we 
forget that we live, move and have our being in Christ, our prayers 
become dull, witnessing becomes dry, our jobs become routine, and 
relationships sag under the weight of selfishness. What's worse, our 
relationship to the Lord turns into a chore. The Lord seems to lose vitality, 
becoming a wooden icon in our hearts, and a mere measuring rod for our 
behavior. It all happens when we forget to inhale his life-giving Spirit 
on a moment-to-moment basis. It happens when we fail to see the God 
of grace as our very life and breath. It happens when we take our 
Savior for granted. 
   Nothing is more mechanical than when we attempt to live a 
supernatural life apart from God. This is why the apostle tells us in Romans 
6:11 to "Count yourselves... alive to God in Christ Jesus." To 
"count" means to take a daily inventory, to consciously consider 
yourself "alive to God in Christ Jesus." Pause often today, asking God 
for moment-by-moment grace. 
   Jesus, you are the Breath of Life. I ask your Spirit to help 
me lean on you moment-by-moment today. [Joni Eareckson Tada Daily 
Devotional: http://www.joniandfriends.org/daily-devotional] 


   To infuse more Joy into your day, seek to increase your 
awareness that I am with you. An easy way to do this is to say: "Thank 
You, Jesus, for Your Presence." This is such a short, simple prayer 
that you can pray it frequently; it beautifully connects you to Me, 
expressing your gratitude. You don't have to feel My nearness in order to 
pray this way. However, the more you thank Me for My Presence, the 
more real I become to you. You align yourself - mind, heart, and 
spirit - with the reality that in Me you live and move and have your 
   You also increase your awareness by looking for signs of My 
unseen Presence around you. The beauties of nature and the pleasures of 
loved ones are reminders, pointing you to Me. You can also find Me in 
My Word, for I am the living Word. Ask My Spirit to illuminate 
Scripture to you - shining His Light in your heart, helping you see the 
Glory of My Presence. (Acts 17:28; John 1:1, 2; 2Co. 4:6) [Jesus 
Always by Sarah Young] 


   Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) consists of - you guessed it - a 
molecule of adenosine (A) connected to a tail of three inorganic 
phosphates (P). We can picture it like this (A)-(P)-(P)-(P). ATP provides 
energy for nearly every function of the cell. In delivering that 
energy, the end phosphate of ATP gets snapped off, resulting in 
adenosine diphosphate (A)-(P)-(P) plus the lone inorganic phosphate (P) 
plus the energy available for use by the cell. To do what it does, 
each living cell obtains energy from hundreds of millions of ATP per 
second. In just sitting and reading this page, your body uses a gram or 
two of ATP every 10 to 20 seconds, or roughly your body weight in 
pure ATP every day. Your entire stock of ATP gets recycled three or 
four times per minute. Which means that if your body stops making ATP 
now, chances are you wouldn't live long enough to read to the end of 
this paragraph. When you understand this concept, it gives new 
meaning to the phrase "Savor every moment of life.  
   So how is ATP recycled? How does ADP reconnect to the 
inorganic phosphate (P)? Every living cell makes its own ATP, using 
thousands of mitochondrial enzymes aptly named ATP synthase. The job of 
these protein machines is relatively simple. They use the energy from 
the food we eat to reconnect ADP and (P). Consisting of nearly 
40,000 atoms, each ATP synthase is a big protein. Each ATP synthase 
makes about 100 ATP per second and operates at nearly 100 percent 
efficiency, an unbelievable level when compared to manmade machines. A 
well-tuned automotive engine does good to get about 30 percent efficiency. 
Data in just the last few years from hundreds of research projects 
show what an amazing protein machine ATP synthase really is. The 
protein has a stationary component locked in the inner mitochondrial 
membrane and a rotating part that spins inside the stationary one. Energy 
to drive the rotating inner core comes from a proton gradient 
generated by cellular respiration. To see animated models of ATP synthase 
with the inner core spinning, causing conformational changes in the 
stationary parts which cram the ADP and (P) back together again, is a thing 
of beauty. That it does work faithfully and efficiently every 
second of our lives is truly a blessing. To me, it is God's signature 
card gracefully tied to His gift of life.  
   Lord, to see Your nanomachines in action gives me a small 
glimpse of Your creative genius. To understand how crucial they are to 
every second of life lets me know how much You love me. [God of 
Wonders by David Steen] 





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