Ephesians 6:17a - Christian Armor; Putting On Salvation.

Ephesians 6:17a: Christian Armor; Putting On Salvation.

Ephesians 6:17a (NLT) Put on salvation as your helmet, 

Ephesians 6:17a (NCV) Accept Gods salvation as your helmet, 

Ephesians 6:17a (CEV) Let God's saving power be like a helmet, 


   Salvation in Christ is often spoken of in three phases or 
tenses: salvation past (justification), salvation present 
(sanctification) and salvation future (glorification). The Bible undoubtedly 
teaches that: 
   	We have been saved (past) " Ephesians 2:8
   	We are being saved (present) " 1 Corinthians 1:18
   	We will be saved (future) " 1 Peter 1:5
   This threefold process of salvation begins in justification, 
proceeds through sanctification and ends in glorification. 

In the Bible, the word salvation has three distinct tenses - 
past, present, and future. At conversion, we are saved from the 
penalty of sin. At present, day by day, we are being saved from the 
power of sin. And one day in the future, we will be saved from the 
presence of sin. [Every Day With Jesus Bible with Selwyn Hughes 


The head needs special protection as being a most vital part, 
the seat of the will and the intelligence. [SDA Bible Commentary] 

With salvation's helmet, we put on the mind of Christ, which 
gives us discernment and wisdom. [Life Principles SB By Charles 

The helmet/salvation guards our mind and thoughts. [Ryrie SB]

Satan wants to attack the mind, the way he defeated Eve (Gen. 3; 
2 Cor. 11:1-3). The helmet refers to the mind controlled by God. 
It is too bad that many Christians have the idea that the intellect 
is not important, when in reality it plays a vital role in 
Christian growth, service, and victory. When God controls the mind, Satan 
cannot lead the believer astray. The Christian who studies his Bible 
and learns the meaning of Bible doctrines is not going to be led 
astray too easily. We need to be "taught by Him as the truth is in 
Jesus" (Eph. 4:21). We are to "grow in grace, and in the knowledge of 
our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ" (2 Peter 3:18). Wherever Paul 
ministered, he taught the new converts the truths of the Word of God, and 
this helmet protected them from Satan's lies. [Bible Exposition 

   God bids us fill the mind with great thoughts, pure thoughts. 
He desires us to meditate upon His love and mercy, to study His 
wonderful work in the great plan of redemption. Then clearer and still 
clearer will be our perception of truth, higher, holier, our desire for 
purity of heart and clearness of thought. The soul dwelling in the pure 
atmosphere of holy thought will be transformed by communion with God 
through the study of the Scriptures.  {AG 34.2} 
   We should meditate upon the Scriptures, thinking soberly and 
candidly upon the things that pertain to our eternal salvation. The 
infinite mercy and love of Jesus, the sacrifice made in our behalf, call 
for most serious and solemn reflection. We should dwell upon the 
character of our dear Redeemer and Intercessor. We should seek to 
comprehend the meaning of the plan of salvation. We should meditate upon 
the mission of Him who came to save His people from their sins. By 
constantly contemplating heavenly themes, our faith and love will grow 
stronger. Our prayers will be more and more acceptable to God, because 
they will be more and more mixed with faith and love. They will be 
more intelligent and fervent. There will be more constant confidence 
in Jesus, and you will have a daily, living experience in the 
willingness and power of Christ to save unto the uttermost all that come 
unto God by Him.  {AG 34.4} 


   One Sunday afternoon, I visited a man who had been a deacon 
in a local church, but was at that time involved in a false cult. 
We sat at the table with open Bibles, and I tried to show him the 
truth of God's Word, but it seemed his mind was blinded by lies. "How 
did you happen to turn away from a Bible-preaching church and get 
involved in this belief?" I asked, and his reply stunned me. 
   "Preacher, I blame the church. I didn't know anything about 
the Bible, and they didn't teach me much more. I wanted to study the 
Bible, but nobody told me how. Then they made me a deacon, and I wasn't 
ready for it. It was too much for me. I heard this man preaching the 
Bible over the radio and it sounded as if he knew something. I started 
reading his magazine and studying his books, and now I'm convinced he's 
   What a tragedy that when his local church took him in, they 
failed to fit him with the helmet of salvation. Had they practiced the 
truth found in 2 Timothy 2:2, this man might not have been a casualty 
in the battle. [Bible Exposition Commentary] 


The helmet of salvation is realization of our new identity 
in Christ as Gods new creations (2:1-10). [Victor Bible 
Readers Companion] 

Salvation which is in Christ gives us forgiveness for the sins 
of the past and strength to conquer sin in the days to come. 
[Barclay Commentary] 

Salvation is the hope (1 Thess 5:8) of eternal life, in one 
sense already a present reality (Eph 2:8), that gives assurance of 
final victory. [College Press NIV Commentary] 

Hope of salvation, a Scriptural expectation of victory, will 
purify the soul, and keep it from being defiled by Satan. [Matthew 
Henry Commentary] 

We must put on the helmet of salvation - the glorious hope that, 
one day, the Lord will right all wrongs and establish His eternal 
kingdom. [Every Day With Jesus Bible with Selwyn Hughes devotionals] 


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