Matthew 19:26 - All Things Are Possible With God.

Matthew 19:26: All Things Are Possible With God.

Matthew 19:26 (KJV) But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, 
With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. 


   Some people may try to trip up your faith by asking tricky 
questions. When they hear that God is omnipotent, or all-powerful, they 
ask, "Well, could God create a rock so big that he couldn't lift it? 
If God can do anything, certainly he could do that, right?"  
   Although God is all-powerful, there are several things he 
can't do. For instance, he can't cease to exist. God has been around 
from the beginning of time and will live forever. God also can't 
change his nature. The Bible tells us Jesus is the same yesterday, 
today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). You can trust that God will never 
change his rules. He's consistent and solid. He'll always love you and 
always be there for you. 
   But what about the rock? As an all-powerful being, God could 
create an impossibly big rock. Then, because he can do anything 
requiring power, he'd lift the stone. The rock couldn't be infinite, 
because only God is infinite - so it's logically impossible for God to 
create a rock he couldn't lift. 
   Examine The Case
   Huh? Sometimes questions can be confusing. Here's something 
that's not. If anybody asks you the rock question, respond with one of 
your own: "What kind of God would you want to follow - one that's in 
the rock-lifting business or one that's in the stone-rolling 
business?" God rolled away the stone in front of Jesus Christ's grave when 
he rose from the dead. Jesus defeated death, which shows a lot more 
power than lifting rocks. 
   At times you may be asked some tough questions about your 
faith, such as Why does a good God allow bad things to happen? There 
are no easy answers to life's difficult questions. As humans, we 
won't always understand why something happens. But we can always trust 
that God has a purpose. And all of his purposes are good. 
   More than fifty times in the Bible, God is called almighty. 
That means he's all mighty. Nothing is more powerful than him. In Job 
42:2 Job says to God, "I know that you can do all things; no purpose 
of yours can be thwarted. Do bad things happen in the world? Are 
there terrible accidents and natural disasters? Yes. But God's 
purposes can be accomplished in the good times and bad. Job experienced 
that firsthand. He suffered unthinkable losses, yet he never doubted 
God's power. We can follow Job's example by always trusting in God's 
power and goodness. There's no limit on God's power, and that rocks! 
   Final Word
   "I know that you can do all things; no purpose of yours can 
be thwarted" Job 42:2 [Case For Christ For Kids by Les Strobel] 


This is impossible. Impossible, with men - but not with 
God. It is impossible for a rich man to get into heaven on the basis 
of human effort, because he has no means of freeing himself from 
the clutch of the love of riches upon his heart. For that matter, 
salvation is impossible for anyone on the basis of his own efforts. Only a 
miracle of divine grace will avail to save a rich man from a supreme 
love of riches, or any other man from his particular besetting sin. 
[SDA Bible Commentary] 

All things are possible. That is, for the man who is willing to 
permit God to control his life (see Phil. 4:13). Only the power of God 
operating in a mans life can bring about that transformation of 
character requisite for entrance into the kingdom of heaven. [SDA Bible 


Gods power is without limit. His capabilities are infinite. 
This should not be taken in an abstract, speculative sense. In some 
ages people speculated on such absurd questions as, Can God make a 
rock so big He cannot pick it up? Jesus was not ascribing such 
speculative absurdities to God. He was saying God has all the power needed 
to do whatever is necessary, whatever His will requires. God is not 
lacking in power to accomplish His purposes. Desirable aims that a human 
cannot accomplish in his finite power, God can easily accomplish in His 
infinite power. As Jesus illustrated here, a person can no more save 
himself than a camel can go through the eye of a needle. God has the 
power to renew and regenerate a sinful heart in salvation. [Disciple 

The Bible tells us that the Lord made all things; He stretched 
out the heavens; He spread out the earth; He overthrows the learning 
of the wise, He fulfills the predictions of His messengers; He 
formed the light and created darkness; He brings prosperity and creates 
disaster (Psalm 44). Do you know the God of the Bible or have you created 
your own idea of who God is?  If you have discovered the God of the 
Bible and have understood His many awesome attributes, you will 
declare, as others have, that nothing is too hard for Him! If you don't 
know this God, ask Him to reveal Himself to you, and gain a 
relationship with the One for whom nothing is too hard.  [In His Time; Walk 
With Wisdom] 


   God spoke all things into being, and he sustains all things - 
every cell, every star, every thought. We cannot think up anything 
that would be impossible for him to do. His name the LORD in Hebrew 
means he is. It's related to his name for himself: I AM. He exists by 
his own power; everything else exists by dependence on him. I AM 
also implies I am actively present. He's not far away in a distant 
heaven; he's right here, as close as your breath. This is the God you 
are trusting to get you to the finish line. He sustains galaxies, 
and he can certainly sustain you. What do you need from our 
all-powerful God? 
   As we meditate on the power it takes to hold all the stars in 
the universe in place and keep the earth spinning at the right 
speed, we have some glimpse of the awesome power God has to work in our 
lives. [The Daniel Plan 365-Day Devotional re Jer. 32:17] 

If every single promise of God shall surely come true, we need 
to find out what He has promised in His Word and then use those 
promises in prayer.  Another translation says that nothing is impossible 
with God.  We spend a great deal of time talking with each other 
about what needs to be done; we ponder long and hard over agonizing 
decisions in our lives; we may even talk to God about them.  But we ask 
Him to do what we want Him to do and we ask Him to act now!  We 
would do well to spend some time researching His promises regarding 
our needs and then pray the promise.  We can have great confidence 
in Him who said that every promise shall surely come true!  Begin 
today to apply a promise to your every request and pray believing.  
[In His Time; Walk With Wisdom re Luk.1:37] 

   There is just no other way to say it - recovery [or victory 
over sin] is tough. That is the very first reality we run into as we 
start working with God to change our lives. There are days when we 
feel like giving up, throwing in the towel. I've had those days when 
I woke up expecting things to go wrong. But when change feels 
impossible, when it feels like we're fighting a losing battle, that's when 
we need to remember that we are God's children and that with him, 
all things are possible.  
   We don't have to give in to our old habits. We don't have to 
stay stuck. We don't have to give up on broken relationships or 
shattered dreams. We have hope because we have Jesus in our lives. God is 
a deal changer. Without him, we're trapped, but with him, anything 
can happen, even those things we thought were impossible. 
   On those hard days, we aren't alone. God has promised to stay 
with us every step of the way. When we have no answers, he has all 
the answers. When we have no hope, he has more hope than we could 
ever need. When we think our lives are over, he has plenty more 
bright tomorrows. 
   Thank you, Father, for being there for me through all my 
days, the hard ones especially. I know you are going to see me 
through. In Jesus' name, Amen. [Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotional by 
John & Johnny Baker] 

   Pastor Rick Warren says, "It's hard to be spiritually strong 
and mentally alert when we're emotionally stressed or physically 
fatigued." That's why we want our bodies to be fit - not as an end in 
itself, but so we can possess the vitality to embrace all that God has 
for us. 
   God wants to work through us, spreading the peace of his 
kingdom and offering love to our neighbors. We need to be able to think 
creatively and pour ourselves out in relationships. Those activities take 
energy. Eating well and incorporating more movement into our day 
replenishes our reserves, enabling us to do what would have been impossible 
in a depleted state. 
   Sometimes we depend on God for so many things in our 
spiritual lives, our marriages, our finances, our ministries, but we 
haven't yet let him be involved with our physical health Getting 
healthy starts with drawing near to God, building our health on a 
foundation of faith. 
   When your trust is truly in God, nothing is out of your 
reach. [The Daniel Plan 365-Day Devotional] 


   All things are possible with Me! Let these powerful words 
light up your mind and encourage your heart. Refuse to be intimidated 
by the way things look at the moment. I am training you to live by 
faith, not by sight.  
   The sense of sight is a spectacular gift from Me, to be used 
joyfully and gratefully. However, it's easy to be mesmerized by all the 
visual stimulation surrounding you - and forget about Me. Faith is a 
type of vision that connects you to Me. Instead of being so focused 
on the visible world, dare to trust in Me and My promises.  
   Live close to Me, your Savior and Friend, but remember: I am 
also infinite God. When I lived on your planet, My miraculous signs 
revealed My Glory, and My disciples put their faith in Me. I continue to 
do miracles in your world, according to My will and purposes. Seek 
to align your will with Mine and to see things from My perspective. 
Exert your faith to ask for big things, and watch in hope for Me to 
work. (Mark 10:27; 2Co. 5:7; John 2:11; Mic. 7:7) [Jesus Always by 
Sarah Young] 


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