Joshua 9:14 - They Did Not Consult The LORD.

Joshua 9:14: They Did Not Consult The LORD.

Joshua 9:14 (NLT) So the Israelites examined their food, but 
they did not consult the LORD. 

CONTEXT: The Gibeonite Deception. [NIV SB 2011]

   No one had yet defeated the Israelites in direct 
confrontation except the men of Al, and that result was soon overturned when 
Israel purged itself of forbidden plunder. So the Gibeonites came at 
them with deception, playing the part of distant travelers and 
finagling a binding treaty out of their rivals. It's a common strategy for 
the enemies of God's people; if frontal assault doesn't work, 
undermine them with deception, corruption, and compromise. And it 
certainly worked in this case, as Joshua and Israel's leaders fell for the 
ploy and yoked themselves to the inhabitants of the land. They were 
stuck with a burden for years to come. 
   What was their mistake? They did not consult the Lord. They 
relied on their understanding, their concept of "best practices" for 
entering a land of promise. They assumed that they could apply uniform 
principles to the diverse situations they would encounter in the land. 
Though they had heard from God uniquely about Jericho, and then 
uniquely about Al, they now neglected to ask Him about the travelers and 
the treaty. They assumed. 
   That's why life with God is not a matter of principle. There 
may be principles involved, but as soon as we begin to rely on them, 
we have stopped following Him and replaced His leading with ideas 
and practices. Instead of a personal relationship, we have an 
impersonal set of behaviors. That might make us very religious people, but 
it won't suffice in our interaction with Him or the diverse 
circumstances of our lives. 
   We need specific guidance from God in every situation. Sure, 
there are times when we can count on wisdom He has already given, but 
we can't learn precepts and call that a relationship. The strategy 
He gave us yesterday may not apply today because the battles of 
life keep changing. We have to learn how to hear His voice and follow 
His lead. The Kingdom is given to those who listen carefully to the 
King. [The One Year Heaven On Earth Devotional by Chris Tiegreen] 


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