James 2:5 (NKJV) - The Rich In Faith.

James 2:5 (NKJV): The Rich In Faith.

James 2:5 (NKJV) Listen, my beloved brethren: Has God not chosen 
the poor of this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom 
which He promised to those who love Him?  


   When Ken and I traveled to Cuba with our Wheels for the World 
team to deliver wheelchairs and Bibles, I met a 14-year-old girl with 
brittle bone disease named Isis. Earlier that morning, her mother had 
pushed her down the long dirt road in a rickety old adult-sized 
wheelchair with flat tires. Isis sat quietly as she watched others receive 
wheelchairs. She didn't smile all day. I'm sure this little girl wasn't so 
certain we would be able to give her a different or better wheelchair. 
   As it turned out, Isis was delighted with the sleek and 
streamlined little turquoise-colored wheelchair we gave her. But she was 
more delighted in something else. When I gave her a copy of the Bible 
in Spanish, she gasped with delight. Ken flipped open to the book 
of James and I asked her to read one verse. Isis began reading 
aloud the entire first chapter. Physical therapists and mechanics put 
down their work. Tears welled as we all listened. It was clear Isis 
was far happier with the gift of the Word than with her new wheels. 
   Perhaps God has made the poor of this world to be rich in 
faith, because the poor have so little. What they do have, they 
treasure - like Isis with her first Bible. Psalm 119:47 says, "For I 
delight in your commands because I love them." Is the Word of God a 
place where your spirit dwells? Are your prayers peppered with verses 
from the Bible? Do you prefer the scriptures over other things? Faith 
comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God; therefore, rich faith 
comes from much study in his Word. 
   Dear Word of Life, may I treasure your decrees and consider 
them precious. Increase my faith as I increase my time in the 
scriptures. [Joni Eareckson Tada Daily Devotional: 


   Imagine yourself in a coffee shop with a bunch of your 
friends, having a good time laughing and talking. Suddenly, you see a 
disheveled person approach the table. Oh no, you think, he's coming over 
here. What if he asks to join us?  
   In this passage, James confronts the Jerusalem church-goers 
for having this kind of attitude toward the poor. He reminds them 
that showing favoritism to the rich while neglecting or slighting the 
poor is wrong. As James says in a roundabout way, you cannot judge a 
book by its cover. When have you played favorites?  
   People of the ancient world had just as much concern for 
wealth and status as people do today. They wanted to be associated with 
rich people and undisturbed by the problems of the poor. Even some 
Christians would flatter the rich and dote on their needs while pushing 
aside poor people who came to church. James made it clear that 
Christians who understand their Lord live by a different standard: They 
dispense with the favor-the-rich custom and treat all people alike, 
regardless of how wealthy or impoverished they happen to be James 2:1-4).  
   Jesus never showed favoritism toward rich people, and neither 
should we. Attempts to associate only with the financially secure 
betray a selfish, faithless, and uncaring attitude.  
   Make a point to show proper respect to all people regardless 
of the cut of their clothes or the size of their bank accounts. 
[The One Year Through the Bible Devotional by Dave Veerman] 

   James condemns showing favoritism. Often we treat a 
well-dressed, impressive-looking person better than someone who looks shabby. 
We do this because we would rather identify with successful people 
than with apparent failures. The irony, as James points out, is that 
the supposed "winners" may have gained their impressive lifestyle by 
hurting us. In addition, the rich find it difficult to identify with 
Jesus, who came as a humble servant.  
   Are you easily impressed by status, wealth, or fame? Are you 
partial to the "haves" while ignoring the "have-nots"? This attitude is 
sinful. God views all people as equals, and if he favors anyone, it is 
the poor and the powerless.  
   We should make it our own practice to treat everyone with 
dignity. By remembering that each has been created by God and bears his 
strive to find the qualities in them that God placed there. [One Year 
NLT SB re Jam. 2:1-9] 

   When several truths are packed into one biblical statement, 
which is almost always the case, at least one of them is likely to be 
overlooked. That's certainly true of James 2:5, which seems to focus on the 
poor and their attraction to the Kingdom message. But James adds a 
phrase that reminds us of the true nature of this Kingdom. It isn't 
just about the poor or those who believe or our inheritance. Which 
Kingdom is he talking about? The one God promised to those who love 
   So this isn't just a Kingdom for the poor - clearly, since 
the New Testament refers often to believers who have wealth. Neither 
is this a Kingdom that requires only faith and no other attitudes 
or affections to go with it. No, this is a Kingdom for those who 
love - specifically those whose hearts are intimately connected with 
the King Himself. It isn't enough for this King to surround Himself 
with beings who obey His Word or believe in Him without also loving 
Him. His desire is for people to respond to Him from the heart. 
   Kingdom citizens often don't understand that. We turn the 
gospel into an impossible standard of obedience or a mental agreement 
with its truths. We forget that God created us for love, sent His Son 
to die for us in love, and describes Himself as love incarnate. In 
other words, we forget to live with passion, letting our hearts be 
shaped by our love more than by our disciplines. And we miss the heart 
of the gospel, 
   Get it back. Whatever it takes, embrace passion for God as 
the driving force of your life. If you love Him well, you will 
follow Him naturally and instinctively. You will pour your life out for 
Him because it seems like the only reasonable response. And like 
everyone else who loves Him deeply, you will inherit the Kingdom, just as 
He promised. [The One Year Heaven On Earth Devotional by Chris 


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