Galatians 3:27 - Clothed With Christ!

Galatians 3:27: Clothed With Christ!

Galatians 3:27 (NKJV) For as many of you as were baptized into 
Christ have put on Christ. 

Galatians 3:27 (NIV) for all of you who were baptized into 
Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. 

Galatians 3:27 (NLT) And all who have been united with Christ in 
baptism have put on Christ, like putting on new clothes. 


Being baptized into Christ, we are baptized into his death, that 
as he died and rose again, so we should die unto sin, and walk in 
newness and holiness of life. The putting on of Christ according to the 
gospel, consists not in outward imitation, but in a new birth, an entire 
change. [Matthew Henry Commentary] 

To put on Christ means to adopt His principles, to imitate 
His example, to accept His guidance, to become like Him (see on 2 
Cor. 5:17)  To put on Christ implies putting off self and 
the old nature. [SDA Bible Commentary] 

When we submit ourselves to Christ, the heart is united with His 
heart, the will is merged in His will, the mind becomes one with His 
mind, the thoughts are brought into captivity to Him; we live His 
life. This is what it means to be clothed with the garment of His 
righteousness. COL312 


   The word that is translated "put on" is the same that is used 
in regard to puffing on clothes. We have "put on the new man" 
(Ephesians 4:24), and the new nature is like a garment that is worn so that 
all can see who we are. Paul said that the Christian, when he has 
confessed Christ at baptism, has "put on Christ." Just as a man may be 
recognized by the garment he wears, so the Christian is known by the fact 
that he has put on Christ and exhibits Him in his whole life and 
   "Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ," not just at conversion, 
but also on a daily basis. As I put on my clothes each day and am 
seen in them, so the Christian must daily put on the Lord Jesus, so 
that he no longer lives to fulfill the lusts of the flesh, but shows 
forth the image of his Lord and the new man formed in His likeness. 
   Put on Christ! This work must be done each day in the inner 
chamber. I must put on the Lord, the heavenly Jesus. But I need time to 
put on Christ. Just as my garments cover me and protect me from the 
wind and the sun, even so Christ Jesus will be my beauty, my defense, 
and my joy. As I commune with Him in prayer, He imparts Himself to 
me and strengthens me to walk as one who is in Him and is bound to 
Him forever. 
   Reader, take time to meditate on this wonderful truth. Just 
as your clothing is a necessity as you go out into the world, let 
it be equally indispensable for you to put on Jesus Christ, to 
abide in Him, and to walk with Him all day long. 
   This cannot be done hastily and superficially. It takes time, 
quiet time in living fellowship with Jesus, to realize that you have 
put Him on. Take the time and the trouble. Your reward will be 
great. [Andrew Murray 365-Day Devotional Bible by Barbour] 

I have often been asked by young Christians: "Why is it that I 
fail so? I did so solemnly vow with my whole heart, and did desire to 
serve God; why have I failed?" To such I always give the one answer: 
"My dear friend, you are trying to do in your own strength what 
Christ alone can do in you." And when they tell me: I am sure I knew 
Christ alone could do it, I was not trusting in myself," my answer 
always is: "You were trusting in yourself or you could not have failed. 
If you had trusted Christ, He could not have failed." Oh, this 
perfecting in the flesh what was begun in the Spirit runs far deeper 
through us than we knew. Let us ask God to reveal to us that it is only 
when we are brought to utter shame and emptiness that we shall be 
prepared to receive the blessing that comes from on high.... I ask it of 
every member of Christ's church and of every believer: Are you living 
a life under the power of the Holy Spirit day by day, or are you 
attempting to live without that? Remember you cannot. Are you consecrated, 
given up to the Spirit to work and live in you? Oh, come and confess 
every failure of temper, every failure of the tongue however small, 
every failure owing to the absence of the Holy Spirit and the presence 
of the power of self. (From "Having Begun in the Spirit" by Andrew 
Murray in They Walked with God) [Inspirational SB] 

How Do I Have a Quiet Time?
   Im a new Christian who is trying to figure out how to grow 
closer to God. Friends tell me I need to have a quiet time with God 
each day, but I cant figure out exactly what to do? 
   Denalyn and I like to go to the same restaurants over and 
over again. You could call our dates predictable, but for us they are 
special. We like the food. We like the servers. We like the atmosphere. 
When were there, we remember special moments weve shared 
before. Our hearts open up  we lose track of time  because were 
comfortable in that place. We talk to each other, listen to each other, 
laugh, and cry. I love those times! 
   A quiet time with God is very similar to a date. Here are 
some tools to help you keep your very special date with God. 
   Decide on a regular time and place. Select a slot in your 
schedule and a corner of your world, and claim it for God. A familiar 
place will remind you of similar feelings you experienced before with 
God. You need to get comfortable. 
   How much time should you take? As much as you need. Value 
quality over quantity. Your time with God should last long enough for 
you to say what you want and for God to say what he wants. 
   You should bring on your date an open Bible - Gods Word, 
his love letter to you. You wont necessarily hear God speak out 
loud, but you can hear what he has to say through his eternal dialogue 
with humanity. 
   You also need a listening heart. Dont forget the 
admonition from James: The man who looks into the perfect mirror of 
Gods law, the law of liberty, and makes a habit of so doing, is not 
the man who sees and forgets. He puts that law into practice and he 
wins true happiness (James 1:25 Phillips). Listen to the lover of 
your soul. Dont just nod your head, pretending to hear. Your date 
knows when youre engaged. 
   So does God. Just as you wouldnt miss your date with a 
loved one, claiming you were too busy, make sure your date with God is 
on the calendar, and do everything in your power to keep it 
special. [Max Lucado Daily Devotional at maxlucado.com] 


   My wife and I have developed a system for doing our laundry. 
We start by gathering up all the dirty clothes and placing them in 
stacks in the laundry room. Whites go with whites, darks go with darks, 
some need to be washed in cold water, some need hot water, and so on. 
But one thing we don't do is put on any of that dirty laundry before 
it goes through the cleaning process. Why would we, when we can 
wear clean, fresh items right out of the dryer?  
   That got me to thinking about how we have been washed white 
as snow (Isaiah 1:18). Why would I consider clothing myself in any 
of those old, filthy habits and behaviors I used to wear when I can 
wear those that God has washed clean and spotless? I can't imagine 
how uncomfortable it would be to wear a stained, sweat-soaked shirt, 
when I have plenty of clean ones hanging in the closet. And I can't 
imagine wearing old, dirty behaviors and ways of thinking when God has 
helped me replace them with fresh, clean behaviors and plenty of 
wonderful thoughts. 
   That's it for me. No putting on dirty clothes, not for me, 
not ever! 
   Lord God, thank you for clean, spotless garments, every one 
of them washed in your perfect cleansing blood. In Jesus' name, 
Amen. [Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotional by John & Johnny Baker] 


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	True Freedom: where a man is free to do what he ought. 
Charles Kingsley  


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