Psalm 23:1 - The LORD Is My Shepherd.

Psalm 23:1: The LORD Is My Shepherd.

Psalm 23:1 (KJV) The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.


   Whether it's hours in the day or money in the bank, sometimes 
you feel like you will never have enough, that you can never get 
caught up, let alone get ahead. Especially when we look online or check 
social media and see what others have, we often feel like we're missing 
   We see other people eating incredible meals, taking amazing 
vacations, and having fun with family and friends. They look beautiful and 
wear amazing clothes, live in houses straight out of HGTV, and drive 
new cars. 
   And then we wonder why we feel so disappointed with our own 
   Here's what you need to remember. When your contentment is 
based on comparing yourself with everyone else - especially on social 
media - then you will never be satisfied. Even when you know everyone 
else is simply posing and photoshopping their lives, as long as you 
compare, you'll come up short. 
   However, when your desires for your life align with God's, 
you'll never feel envious or jealous. Instead, you'll feel just the 
opposite - content, joyful, fulfilled. 
   Our primary need each day is to know him, grow closer to him, 
and know his peace. When we focus on this truth and follow our Good 
Shepherd, we become content in a way that Instagram can never convey. 
   Dear Jesus, you alone are the Lord of my life and my power 
source. Remind me that I have more than enough of what my heart truly 
desires through my relationship with you. [Daily Power by Craig 


   We humans want to do things our way. Forget the easy way. 
Forget the common way. Forget the best way. Forget Gods way. We want 
to do things our way! And according to Isaiah 53:6 that is exactly 
our problem. We all have wandered away like sheep; each of us has 
gone his own way. 
   You wouldnt think sheep would be obstinate. Of all Gods 
animals, the sheep is the least able to take care of himself. David said, 
The Lord is my shepherd. We wondercouldnt David have 
thought of a better metaphor? Sheep are dumb. Why didnt he choose 
something other than sheep? How about, The Lord is my King and I am his 
ambassador? Everyone stops when the ambassador speaks. But who notices when 
Gods sheep show up? Only one person notices. The shepherd. And that 
is precisely Davids point! [Max Lucado Daily Devotional at 

   Herding sheep in David's time was hard work. There was 
nothing romantic about the night shift; shepherds did not relax on balmy 
evenings under the twinkling stars. They braved numbingly cold nights and 
worked hard to protect their sheep from predators. Night and day, they 
were never passive toward their flock. Shepherds had to lead, tend, 
feed, protect, and nurture the animals in their care. They provided 
everything necessary for their sheep's safety and well-being. To appreciate 
the size of this challenge, remember that sheep are fearful, 
defenseless animals. Moreover, they aren't the brightest of God's creatures. 
They'll drink from anybody of water - dirty or clean - that they stumble 
upon. They will not lie down unless they feel entirely secure. They 
are prone to ear infections that require special attention. Yes, 
sheep need a lot of care. 
   We are like sheep, the Bible tells us. On our own, we are 
defenseless against the power of sin and death. Without guidance, we will 
drink from any source of information and entertainment. We look 
everywhere for security, and we're vulnerable to diseases of our spirit, 
our emotions, and our mind. We, too, need a lot of care. Thank God 
for appointing Jesus to be your Good Shepherd. Rest in Him today. 
[Being Still With God Every Day by Henry Blackaby] 

   Living like a sheep can bring you incredible peace of mind! 
The biblical shepherd knew everything about his sheep. He understood 
what foods were best for them and what would harm them. He knew when 
they should eat and when they needed their thirst quenched. The 
shepherd was an expert of the terrain and was aware of the best places 
for food and water. As long as the sheep trusted and followed their 
shepherd, they would always have their needs met at the right time. Their 
shepherd would give them the best that he had. 
   Do you have absolute trust in your Good Shepherd? Do you 
value the nourishment that comes from Him more than any you might 
obtain from the world? Do you ever worry that God might be withholding 
from you something that you need? The Psalmist was convinced that he 
would want for nothing. By His very nature, the Good Shepherd 
cares for His sheep and would lay down His life for them (John 
   Have you allowed your focus to shift from the Shepherd to 
what the Shepherd gives you? If you find yourself wanting, it 
is not that your Shepherd is unable or unwilling to perfectly meet 
your needs. It may be that you lack the faith to receive all that He 
has to give. Could it be that you have become dissatisfied with what 
your Shepherd has been providing? Are you missing the joy that comes 
from having a Shepherd who cares for you? Return to Him and trust Him 
to meet the needs in your life that only He can. [Experiencing God 
Day by Day by Henry and Richard Blackaby re Psa. 23:1, 2] 

   "Yes, I am your Shepherd - your good Shepherd. But don't 
assume you will never feel need in this world. You've seen many who 
love Me and submit to My shepherding go through seasons of lack. That 
isn't a contradiction to My promise. I allow you to have needs and 
expect them to drive you to Me as your Provider.  
   "Understand that there's a difference between having 
provision and knowing a Provider. You've heard the saying that it's good 
to give someone a fish but better to teach him how to fish. It's 
good when I give you something you need, but it's better when I teach 
you to walk with Me. My material gifts are used and then gone, but 
My heart as your Provider never fades. When the Provider is your 
constant companion, you never worry about whether you will have what you 
   "That's what David meant when he said he would not want for 
anything - not that he would never experience lack, but that he would 
never experience lack without confidence that I would be available to 
him. You can have that same confidence. Yes, you will have needs, but 
you will never be in a place of unaddressed need, wondering if I am 
going to come through for you. My Presence with you means that you can 
be at peace about your future. I see all the days in front of you, 
and you won't be forsaken in any of them. Your worst-case scenarios 
aren't in My plans. I take care of My sheep, and you are one of them." 
   Lord, although I do have everything I need to survive right 
now, I don't have everything I need to thrive or to fulfill Your 
calling. But I know all of those things are in You, and I have You. 
Please show me how to discover and experience Your provision at each 
step in the journey. [The One Year Experiencing Gods Presence 
Devotional by Chris Tiegreen] 


   I am a shield for all who take refuge in Me. So come close to 
Me and hover under the umbrella of My shielding Presence.  
   You sometimes feel unprotected and exposed to dangers. This 
happens when you crawl out from under My protective Presence and try to 
face the world on your own. You do this unconsciously, whenever you 
forget the essential truth that I am with you. The fear you feel at 
such times can alert you to what has happened, and the remedy is 
simple: Take refuge in Me.  
   Shielding you from dangers is part of My job description 
because I am your Shepherd. I am vigilant, and I know exactly what is on 
the path ahead of you. I anticipate perilous situations and prepare 
you for them. A masterful shepherd can often take care of trouble so 
skillfully that his sheep remain blissfully unaware of it. So it is wise to 
choose carefully the one whom you will follow - your "shepherd." I am 
the only absolutely Good Shepherd. Follow Me and My ways; let Me 
protect you from danger and from fear. (2Sa. 22:31; Psa. 23:1-4; John 
10:11, 14, 15) [Jesus Today by Sarah Young] 




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