1 Timothy 6:21 - Priorities in Relationships.

1 Timothy 6:21: Priorities in Relationships.

1 Timothy 6:21 (NIRV) Some people believe them. By doing that 
they have wandered away from the faith. May God's grace be with you. 

1 Timothy 6:21 (NLT) Some people have wandered from the faith by 
following such foolishness. May Gods grace be with you all.  

1 Timothy 6:21 (MSG) People caught up in a lot of talk can miss 
the whole point of faith. Overwhelming grace keep you!  

1 Timothy 6:21 (TLB) Some of these people have missed the most 
important thing in life - they dont know God. May Gods mercy be upon 
you. Sincerely, Paul 


The book of 1 Timothy provides guiding principles for local 
churches, including rules for public worship and qualifications for elders 
(overseers, pastors), deacons, and special church workers (widows). Paul 
tells the church leaders to correct incorrect doctrine and to deal 
lovingly and fairly with all people in the church. The church is not 
organized simply for the sake of organization but so that Christ can be 
honored and glorified. While studying these guidelines, don't lose sight 
of what is most important in the life of the church - knowing God, 
working together in loving harmony, and taking God's Good News to the 
world. [Life Application SB] 


   The key to a friendship with God is deciding whose friendship 
you want most. 
   You dont have time for everybody to be your friend. 
Youve got to decide who you want most to be your best friend. 
   The Bible says in 1 Timothy 6:21, Some of these people 
have missed the most important thing in life - they dont know 
God (TLB). 
   They know all the baseball scores. They know the stock market 
quotes. They know the top 10 songs. They know whos in and whos out 
in every soap opera. But they dont know God. They missed the 
most important thing in life! 
   If youre not a friend of God, it means you care about 
something else more. James 4:4 says, You should know that loving the 
world is the same as hating God. Anyone who wants to be a friend of 
the world becomes Gods enemy (NCV). 
   When James writes, loving the world, he means loving 
the value system of the world. God wants you to love people, but 
that doesnt mean you have to love the worlds value system. We 
get so caught up in the distractions of life that we tend to do just 
the opposite. We love the worlds value system, but then we 
dont love people. We love materialism. We love pleasure. We love 
popularity. We love prestige. We love passion, possessions, and position. 
   But God loves people, and he wants us to love them too. One 
way we show our love to others is to show an interest in their 
interests. In other words, what is important to you becomes important to me 
(always within the context of biblical truth). 
   If youre going to be a friend of God, then youve got to 
care about what he cares about and stop caring about the things he 
doesnt care about. God doesnt care about your image. Hes not 
interested in your status. Hes interested in your character - not how 
you look but who you are. An essential step toward friendship with 
God means choosing to value what God values. [Daily Devotional by 
Rick Warren: https://pastorrick.com/devotional/] 


Given Pauls concern about false teachings in Ephesus, it is 
not surprising that he concludes with a final word of warning about 
them (compare 1:3"11; 4:1"5, 7; 6:3"19)  In ancient times, 
to be given someones treasured possession for safe-keeping was a 
sacred trust. Paul urges Timothy to be just as careful with regard to 
the truth with which he has been entrusted, [Andrews SB] 

Some foolish people listen to unproved theories and believe them 
instead of God's Word. A good passage in the Bible for them to read is 1 
Corinthians 1:19-31. [New Pilgrim SB] 


Many people have abandoned the Christian faith during the two 
thousand years since Christ because of various compromises with 
evolution. This is still happening today, as many Christian colleges, 
seminaries, and entire denominations are teaching theistic evolution (or its 
semantic variant, progressive creation) to their future leaders. This 
will inevitably degenerate - as it always has in the past - into 
atheism, humanism or pantheism, unless they come back to the Bible and 
true Christianity soon. [Defenders SB] 




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