Isaiah 30:1 - God Is Sovereign Yet Bestows Free Will.

Isaiah 30:1: God Is Sovereign; Yet Bestows Free Will.

Isaiah 30:1 (NIV) "Woe to the obstinate children," declares the 
LORD, "to those who carry out plans that are not mine, forming an 
alliance, but not by my Spirit, heaping sin upon sin; 

Isaiah 30:1 (NLT) "Destruction is certain for my rebellious 
children," says the LORD. "You make plans that are contrary to my will. You 
weave a web of plans that are not from my Spirit, thus piling up your 

Isaiah 30:1 (TLB) Woe to my rebellious children, says the LORD, 
you ask advise from everyone but me, and decide to do what I don't 
want you to do. You yoke yourselves with unbelievers, thus piling up 
your sins. 


Compassion in Slow Motion
   The timing is as critical as the involvement. You don't just 
force your way in. Even if you've got the stuff that's needed  even 
if you hold the piece perfectly shaped to fit the other person's 
missing part of the puzzle  you can't push it into place. You must 
not try. 
   You must do the most difficult thing for compassion to do.
   You must wait.
   Even if there is rebellion? Even if there's rebellion.
   Even if sin is occurring? Yes, often even then.
   Even if others are suffering and disillusioned and going 
through the misery of misunderstanding, heartache, and sleepless nights? 
Believe it or not, yes. 
   There are times (not always, but often) when the better part 
of wisdom restrains us from barging in and trying to make someone 
accept our help. The time isn't right, so we wait. 
   Even the Lord waits, as when Isaiah reported to the nation 
whom the Lord called "rebellious children" (Isa. 30:1). These people 
were rife with shame, reproach, unfaithful alliances, oppression, and 
a ruthless rejection of God's holy Word. Their unwillingness to 
repent added insult to injury. 
   But what was Jehovah's response? Hidden away in the first 
part of verse 18 is the incredible statement: "Therefore the LORD 
longs to be gracious to you, and therefore He waits on high to have 
compassion on you." 
   Instead of storming into the dark alleys of Judah, screaming 
"Repent!" and shining bright lights to expose the filthy litter of their 
disobedience, the Lord tapped His foot, folded His arms  and waited. Not 
even the Lord pushed His way in. He waited until the time was right. 
   Our Lord would love to piece together the shattered fragments 
of your life. But He is waiting  graciously waiting until the 
time is right. 
   Until you are tired of the life you are living  until you 
see it for what it really is. 
   Until you are weary of coping  of taking charge of your 
own life  until you realize the mess you are making of it. 
   Until you recognize your need for Him.
   He's waiting  
   God's timing is always on time.
   Sometimes wisdom restrains us from barging in and making 
someone accept our help. The time isn't right. [Chuck Swindoll  

God is sovereignty and inevitably and without exception 
accomplishes His will and purpose through free-willed agents acting freely 
but responsibly. Man must be a free agent to be in the image of God, 
and God must be immutable, i.e., unchanging, in order to be God 
(Mal. 3:6). Permitting or overruling the acts of man without 
infringing upon his freedom or interrupting his responsibility (e.g., the 
brothers of Joseph in Gen. 37:26-28; 45:5) is an awesome expression of 
God's providence. [Believers SB re Pro. 16:9] 






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