2 Corinthians 4:17 - Look Beyond The Gloom To The Glory!

2 Corinthians 4:17 (Phillips) These little 
troubles (which really are so transitory) are winning 
for us a permanent, glorious and solid reward 
out of all proportion to our pain.  


   My husband and I were staying at a 
friend's cabin on the banks of Lake Superior. We 
strolled the beach, admiring the beautiful smooth 
stones covering the shore. Waves rolled in, rubbing 
rocks against each other. Over the years the water 
had shaped granite and quartz into stunning 
rounded sculptures. Glimmers of crystal sparkled in 
the sunlight. 
   We collected a few samples to bring home. 
The agates and the fragments of precious 
minerals shine because their surrounding rock was 
first broken open by storms and pounding waves, 
and their surface was then polished by the 
constant action of abrasion. 
   I used to growl at this verse in 2 
Corinthians. In my opinion, my troubles weren't light or 
momentary at all. We live in a world where the 
free-will choices of other sinful humans can cause 
injustice and suffering, where disease can attack out 
of the blue, where disagreements can separate 
us from those we love. 
   Jesus has great compassion for our pain. 
He is able to bring His transformative grace 
into our most hurtful experiences. This verse 
doesn't mean we should buck up and pretend the pain 
isn't so bad. It simply reminds us that one day 
we'll look back and discover the long-term gifts 
that He produced in the midst of the abrasive 
sand, the crashing waves, and the day-after-day 
pressures. On that day, when we glimpse the eternal 
glory, well agree that glory outweighs any pain. 
by Sharon Hinck 
   Faith Step: Set a few smooth stones on 
your kitchen table as a centerpiece and use them 
as a reminder that the abrasive struggles in 
your life will be used by our Savior for glorious 
purposes. [Mornings With Jesus 2018 Devotional by 
Guideposts and Zondervan] 


   Its only minor surgery when it's 
happening to someone else!" I don't know where I heard 
that, but it sure rings true with me. Our 
struggles may look small and insignificant to someone 
else, but when we're going through them, they 
always feel big and sometimes even overwhelming.  
   My sponsor used to say, "This too shall 
pass." I always disliked that statement because it 
made me feel like my struggle wasn't worth 
feeling bad about. I felt I had the right to 
complain when things weren't going well. Of course 
that was not all my wise sponsor and friend would 
say. He'd follow those words with "What are we 
going to do to work through this problem 
together?" That was his way of telling me that I had 
the right tools to find a solution that he would 
be right there with me, and finally - he was 
right - that my problem really wouldn't be around 
forever; it would pass. We all face struggles, and 
many of them are tough. But God has not left us 
to face them alone or unprepared. He's given us 
what we need to solve each problem and move on 
with our lives.  
   Lord God, when I'm facing a difficult 
situation, remind me to call on those people and 
principles you've placed in my life to help me come 
through victoriously. In Jesus' name, Amen. 
[Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotional by John & Johnny 

   Our minds take the level of the things on 
which our thoughts dwell, and if we think upon 
earthly things, we shall fail to take the impress of 
that which is heavenly. We would be greatly 
benefited by contemplating the mercy, goodness, and 
love of God; but we sustain great loss by 
dwelling upon those things which are earthly and 
temporal. We allow sorrow and care and perplexity to 
attract our minds to earth, and we magnify a 
molehill into a mountain.  
   Temporal things are not to engage our 
whole attention, or engross our minds until our 
thoughts are entirely of the earth and the earthly. 
We are to train, discipline, and educate the 
mind so that we may think in a heavenly channel, 
that we may dwell on things unseen and eternal, 
which will be discerned by spiritual vision. It is 
by seeing Him who is invisible that we may 
obtain strength of mind and vigor of spirit (ST 
Jan. 9, 1893).  6BC1099-1100 

These trials of life are God's workmen to 
remove the impurities, infirmities, and roughness 
from our characters, and fit us for the society 
of pure, heavenly angels in glory. But as we 
pass through these trials, as the fires of 
affliction kindle upon us, we must not keep the eye on 
the fire which is seen, but let the eye of faith 
fasten upon the things unseen, the eternal 
inheritance, the immortal life, the eternal weight of 
glory; and while we do this the fire will not 
consume us, but only remove the dross, and we shall 
come forth seven times purified, bearing the 
impress of the Divine. 1T705-7 


In all ages Satan has persecuted the people 
of God. He has tortured them and put them to 
death, but in dying they became conquerors. They 
revealed in their steadfast faith a mightier One than 
Satan. Satan could torture and kill the body, but 
he could not touch the life that was hid with 
Christ in God. He could incarcerate in prison 
walls, but he could not bind the spirit. They could 
look beyond the gloom to the glory, MB29,30 





If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred