Lamentations 3:21-23 - Hope Springs from Gods Faithful Love and Compassion Every Morning.

Lamentations 3:21-23 (NKJV) This I recall to 
my mind, Therefore I have hope. Through the 
Lord's mercies we are not consumed, Because His 
compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great 
is Your faithfulness.  

Lamentations 3:21-23 (TNIV) Yet this I call 
to mind and therefore I have hope: Because of 
the Lords great love we are not consumed, for 
his compassions never fail. They are new every 
morning; great is your faithfulness.  


   Rick and I get up early, and we're often 
treated to a sunrise casting its glow along the 
horizon. Early evening brings the sunset. Each 
winter, winds strip our oak of its broad leaves, so 
we can see the full blaze of glory from our 
   Colors, so many colors. Sunrise often 
brings pinks, lavenders, and pale yellows that give 
way to pale blue above a sea of white cotton 
clouds. By five o'clock, the sun is going down. One 
night, the sky was molten hot red with streaks of 
fiery orange and gold. Another night, the clouds 
turned lavender and pink, then purple. When the sun 
disappeared, the sky turned indigo, then black with 
diamond dust tossed onto heavenly canvas. 
   Sunrise, sunset. Both amaze us. Each day 
is different, unique, rich in variant hues, 
with swirls of gauzy cloud designs that change 
shape and color by the minute - all painted by the 
Artist as we watch in awe. 
   I have come to see these times of 
incredible beauty as God's daily greetings, a reminder 
that He loves us and is ever present. We are 
never alone. We can speak with Him anytime, day or 
night. Sunrise is God's "Good morning." I can look 
forward to the day, knowing He will guide and 
protect me. As Scripture tells us, "His mercies 
begin afresh each morning." What a wonderful 
promise! Yesterday's mistakes don't carry over. Today 
is a new beginning, and God can open my eyes to 
new friends, possibilities, opportunities. And 
then, in the evening as the sun goes down in all 
its glory, God's "Good night" reassures me that 
I am in His hand and on His heart, and He 
watches over me as I sleep. Morning, evening, or in 
the darkest stretches of the night, He is never 
off duty. [Earth Psalms by Francine Rivers] 


   Emotional exhaustion isnt new. Its 
also not something foreign to the Bible. Just 
read the book of Lamentations. 
   When Jeremiah wrote the book, Jerusalem 
had been captured. The Israelites were in exile. 
Everything Jeremiah held sacred had been destroyed. 
   He was emotionally exhausted, and for an 
entire book of the Bible, Jeremiah releases his 
frustrations and expresses his emotions to God. 
   In the midst of these complaints, he 
refocuses on God. He writes, Yet I still dare to 
hope when I remember this (Lamentations 3:21 
   What brought Jeremiah hope during this 
very difficult time? He answers immediately: 
   The Lords kindness never fails! If 
he had not been merciful, we would have been 
destroyed. The Lord can always be trusted to show mercy 
each morning. Deep in my heart I say, The Lord 
is all I need; I can depend on him! 
(Lamentations 3:22-24 CEV). 
   Jeremiah refocuses on five truths about 
God that helped to refuel him in the midst of 
his exhaustion. 
   He remembers:
      	Gods Steadfast love
      	Gods Unfailing mercy
      	Gods Great faithfulness
      	God is Always kind
      	God is my Real hope
   When life overwhelms you, dont focus 
on your problems. Dont give in to despair. 
   Focus your attention on God himself.
   A lot of people reach for chocolate when 
theyre emotionally exhausted. But it cant truly 
comfort you. 
   But notice the acronym above. Itll 
help you remember this truth. This is the kind of 
SUGAR youll need in order to be refueled. You 
wont get a sugar high through it. It wont make 
you gain weight. It wont make you more 
   Build your life around those character 
traits of God, and youll be ready for whatever 
setback comes your way. [Daily Devotional by Rick 
Warren: https://pastorrick.com/devotional/] 


   Through Christ, God has accepted you. 
Think about what this means. You cannot keep 
people from rejecting you. But you can keep 
rejections from enraging you. 
   Rejections are like speed bumps on the 
road. They come with the journey. Youre going 
to get cut, dished, dropped, and kicked around. 
You cannot keep people from rejecting you. But 
you can keep rejections from enraging you. How? 
By letting his acceptance compensate for their 
   Think of it this way. Suppose you dwell 
in a high-rise apartment. On the window sill of 
your room is a solitary daisy. This morning you 
picked the daisy and pinned it on your lapel. Since 
you have only one plant, this is a big event and 
a special daisy. 
   But as soon as youre out the door, 
people start picking petals off your daisy. Someone 
snags your subway seat. Petal picked. Youre 
blamed for the bad report of a coworker. Three 
petals. The promotion is given to someone with less 
experience but USC water polo looks. More petals. By 
the end of the day, youre down to one. Woe be 
to the soul who dares to draw near it. Youre 
only one petal-snatching away from a blowup. 
   What if the scenario was altered 
slightly? Lets add one character. The kind man in 
the apartment next door runs a flower shop on 
the corner. Every night on the way home he stops 
at your place with a fresh, undeserved, yet 
irresistible bouquet. These are not leftover flowers. 
They are top-of-the-line arrangements. You 
dont know why he thinks so highly of you, but you 
arent complaining. Because of him, your apartment 
has a sweet fragrance, and your step has a happy 
bounce. Let someone mess with your flower, and 
youve got a basketful to replace it! 
   The difference is huge. And the 
interpretation is obvious. 
   God will load your world with flowers. He 
hand-delivers a bouquet to your door every day. Open it! 
Take them! Then, when rejections come, you 
wont be left short-petaled. 
   God can help you get rid of your anger. 
He made galaxies no one has ever seen and dug 
canyons we have yet to find. The LORD  heals 
all your diseases (Ps. 103:2"3 NIV). Do you 
think among those diseases might be the affliction 
of anger? 
   Do you think God could heal your angry 
   Do you want him to? This is not a trick 
question. He asks the same question of you that he 
asked of the invalid: Do you want to be 
well? (John 5:6). Not everyone does. You may be 
addicted to anger. You may be a rage junkie. Anger 
may be part of your identity. But if you want 
him to, he can change your identity. Do you want 
him to do so? 
   Do you have a better option? Like moving 
to a rejection-free zone? If so, enjoy your 
life on your desert island. 
   Take the flowers. Receive from him so you 
can love or at least put up with others. [Max 
Lucado Daily Devotional at maxlucado.com] 


   Once you begin to know God better, you 
will change. A vibrant and intimate relationship 
with God will empower you to heal from the hurts 
from your past, forgive what seems unforgivable, 
and change what seems unchangeable about 
yourself. Walking with God will break the power of 
materialism in your life and lead you to a radically 
generous life. 
   Instead of living for yourself and for 
the moment, you'll live for Christ and for 
eternity. Your heart will begin to break for the same 
things that cause God's heart to break. You'll 
serve him faithfully as part of the body of 
Christ, the church. The old temptations will lose 
most of their appeal, and you will be compelled 
to obey God because of how much you love him, 
because you know how much he's done for you. 
   Instead of living in anxiety and fear, 
you'll experience peace, grace, and trust. The more 
you get to know God, the more you will become 
excited about sharing your faith with others, and 
the less concerned you'll become about fitting 
in with those around you. Knowing God will make 
you ache to tell others what he's doing in your 
   Draw closer to God today. Your life will 
never be the same. 
   I'm a work in progress, Lord, and I'm so 
grateful for the way you are transforming my life. 
Thank you for changing me and giving me the power 
to live for you. [Daily Power by Craig 


   My steadfast love never ceases, My 
mercies never come to an end; they are new every 
morning. I know how desperately you want to believe 
this - and how much you are struggling to do so. 
Today, the only things that seem endless are your 
problems and your pain. But I am here - tenderly 
present - ready to help you get safely through this 
day. Believing this truth can make the difference 
between coping and giving up in despair.  
   Some days, when things are going 
reasonably well, it is easy to trust in My steadfast 
Love. But when new, unexpected problems strike, 
trusting Me takes much more effort. At such times it 
can help to remember that you receive new 
mercies every morning. When you are getting dressed, 
recall that I have clothed you in garments of 
salvation. Because you wear My robe of righteousness, 
you are on your way to heaven! This is an 
incredible act of mercy - snatching you from the jaws 
of hell and putting you on the path to Glory. 
Nothing you face today can compare with this 
mercy-gift of eternal Life! (Lam. 3:22, 23; Isa. 61:10; 
John 3:16) [Jesus Today by Sarah Young] 




If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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