Psalm 118:24 - This Is A Day The LORD Has Made; Let Us Rejoice And Be Glad In It.

Psalm 118:24 (NIV) This is the day the LORD 
has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. 


   For too much of my life, I've lived with 
a "when-then" mindset. I used to wake up 
thinking, one day when I'm married, then life will be 
fun. One day when we have our first child, that 
will be the best. When our baby is walking, then 
life will really be amazing. When our kid is out 
of diapers, then we will have more money each 
   Every stage of life seemed to have a 
"when-then." Then one day it finally dawned on me: I was 
wishing my present days away. My present season 
never seemed to be that perfect one I had once 
hoped, prayed, and expected it to be. I always felt 
that whatever was coming next held the promise of 
something better. 
   When I hit midlife, I realized that more 
than half my life had likely passed. Why in the 
world would I keep wishing it away? 
   Today is the only day I know I have. This 
is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice in 
it. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Savor it. 
   What is your current "when-then"? What 
are you waiting on to fully embrace the life you 
have today? Look around you. Ask God to make you 
fully present, completely engaged with the people 
you see. Take a few minutes longer with your 
kids. Don't see them as interruptions, see them as 
   Remember today is the day you were hoping 
for in the past. Thank God for it. 
   Lord, you have given me so much, and I 
thank you for the abundant blessings I have right 
now, today. Only you know the future, and I can 
relax knowing you are with me always. [Daily Power 
by Craig Groeschel] 


   We all have those days when it feels like 
the world is coming down around us. It could be 
a mood swing or a tough situation spinning out 
of control. It might be an overwhelming sense 
of guilt or sorrow. Whatever the case, the last 
thing we want to do is rejoice in the Lord.  
   A few years ago, my dad was sick and I 
had some rough days watching him struggle. Those 
rough days continued even after he went to be with 
the Lord. For example, I was going through some 
old pictures and saw my sweet dad's picture. All 
those painful emotions came rushing back. I missed 
him so much and felt deep sorrow in my soul. As 
I talked that out with the Lord, though, I was 
reminded of all the blessed days I was able to spend 
with my dad. My heart was filled with joy knowing 
that he is at peace with our Lord.  
   When I don't feel like rejoicing, I know 
I can and should tell God how I truly feel. 
The beauty is that he ends up giving me a reason 
to rejoice - even if it is just for another day 
to live and serve him. I have learned through 
Celebrate Recovery to embrace my feelings, rather than 
stuffing them down inside. God has given me a heart 
that hurts, but he has also given me a heart that 
   You are my God, I will praise you. No 
matter what I encounter in life, that will always 
be my song. In Jesus' name, Amen. [Celebrate 
Recovery Daily Devotional by John & Johnny Baker] 

   Perhaps you heard the story of Bob who 
died and went to heaven.  As Saint Peter was 
showing him around, he noticed a "complaint box." 
"Peter!!" Bob exclaimed, "Why would there be a 
complaint box in heaven?"  Peter replied, "Well, 
heaven is a place of perfect happiness... and some 
people just cannot be happy unless they can 
   Have you ever met a "church person" who 
is a chronic complainer?  Sadly, churches seem 
to have them in spades.  These are the folks 
that are never happy.  The music is too loud, the 
temperature is too uncomfortable, the sermon is too 
shallow... or too deep...or too long... or too short.  
Nothing ever seems right.  One Sunday, I greeted a 
member of my church and said enthusiastically, 
"Good morning!"  He answered sourly, "Yeah, what's 
so good about it?"  Yikes!  Whatever he had... 
I surely did not want to catch.    
   Regardless of the situation we may be 
facing today, one thing is for sure: God made this 
day... and He wants us to rejoice in it.  In Psalm 
118:24, a definite choice was made to rejoice.  The 
writer says, "We will rejoice and be glad..."  
Rejoicing is an act of the will.  
   You and I can choose to rejoice and be 
glad, or we can choose to grumble, gripe and 
complain.  Choosing the latter course of action does 
not change the circumstances, it just sours your 
attitude and outlook.  Choosing to rejoice, however, 
pleases God and lets your light for the Lord shine 
among men.  
   What are you facing today?  A dead end 
job... a stagnant career... financial problems... 
marital problems... health problems... 
unemployment... loneliness... the blahs?  God is greater 
than your problems.  He has a miracle with your 
name on it.  Stop complaining and start 
rejoicing!  You and I serve a RISEN Savior who loves 
us, died and rose again for us, and promises to 
work all things together for good for us.  
   Take time right now to praise Him for 
this day and the challenges in it.  Remember, the 
greater the difficulty you have, the greater the 
opportunity for Him to work mightily in your life.  When 
a complaint comes to your lips, replace it 
with praise.  You will be amazed at the 
difference it will make in you! By Pastor Jeff Schreve, 
from His Heart Ministries 


   This is the day that I have made. I 
invite you to rejoice in this day as you share it 
with Me. The more of Me you have in your life, 
the more joyful you will be.  
   Invite Me into your moments by talking 
with Me about everything that concerns you, 
whatever is on your mind. Your conversations with Me 
will radically change the way you think. If 
you've been preoccupied with something trivial, 
bringing Me into your thoughts helps you recognize 
how silly they are. If you're stuck in the past 
- yearning to change what has happened - My 
Presence lovingly draws you back into the present. 
Whatever you're facing, I can help you handle it 
   Seek to find Joy in this day I have made 
for you. I've hidden small pleasures along your 
pathway. Search for them, and thank Me for each one 
you find. Many of the little things that delight 
your heart are unique to you. I know you so 
intimately that I can provide just what you need to 
make you glad. Rejoice, beloved! (Psa. 118:24; 
1Th. 5:16-18; Psa. 139:1-3) [Jesus Always by 
Sarah Young] 

   This day of life is a precious gift from 
Me. Treat it as the treasure it is by 
prayerfully prioritizing. As you look into the day that 
stretches out before you, seek My Face to help you 
discern what is most important. Set priorities 
according to My will, and use them to guide you as you 
go along your pathway. This practice will help 
you make good choices about the use of your time 
and energy. When you reach the end of the day, 
you can feel at peace about the things you have 
done - and also the things you have not done.  
   I encourage you to invite Me into 
everything you do. The briefest prayer, "Help me, 
Lord," is sufficient to involve Me in your 
activities. I delight in your acknowledgment that you 
need Me continually. And I want you to delight in 
your neediness, for it is a strong link to My 
radiant Presence. Although living in a dependent 
mode is countercultural, it is a blessed way to 
live - rejoicing in the Glory of My Presence. 
(Psa. 118:24; 1Ch. 16:10, 11; John 15:5; Jude 24) 
[Jesus Always by Sarah Young] 

   Seek to live in the present - with Me! 
Your life is a gift from Me, consisting of 
millions upon millions of moments. These countless, 
tiny gifts can easily slip away unnoticed and 
unused. The best remedy to such wastefulness is to 
fill your moments with My Presence. You can begin 
your day connecting with Me by praying: "Thank 
You, Jesus, for this precious day of life. Help 
me stay aware of Your Presence with me. 
   Thankfulness keeps you linked to Me and 
anchored in the present. Worry, on the other hand, 
pulls you into the future, where you wander in 
barren places of uncertainty. However, you can 
always return to Me by whispering, Lord, help 
   To live consistently in the present, seek 
to become more grateful. Look around you, 
searching for the many gifts I shower upon you. As you 
thank Me for these blessings, go into detail - 
express yourself enthusiastically! This will 
increase your gratitude and enhance your ability to 
grasp how blessed you really are. (Psa. 118:24; 
Col 2:6, 7; Psa. 13:5; 2Co. 9:15) [Jesus Always 
by Sarah Young] 

   Do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing 
a new thing! As you begin a fresh day, rejoice 
that I am continually working newness into your 
life. Don't let recent disappointments and 
failures define you or dampen your expectations. This 
is the time to make a fresh start! I am a God 
of unlimited creativity; expect Me to do 
surprising things in this day that stretches out before 
   Today is a precious gift. The present 
moment is where I meet with you, beloved. So seek 
My Face throughout this day that I have made. I 
have carefully prepared it for you - with tender 
attention to every detail. I want you to rejoice and 
be glad in it.  
   Search for signs of My loving Presence as 
you journey along the path of Life. Look for the 
little pleasures I have strewn alongside your 
pathway - sometimes in surprising places - and thank 
Me for each one. Your thankfulness will keep 
you close to Me and help you find Joy in your 
journey. (Isa. 43:18, 19; Psa. 118:24; 16:11) [Jesus 
Always by Sarah Young] 


   The day begins with that first moment of 
consciousness when you're still in bed with the covers 
pulled over you. Before you even open your eyes, 
you begin to deal with the reality of a new day. 
Those brief moments are important. Even as your 
mind emerges from the fog of sleep, you have the 
opportunity to set your course for the rest of the day. 
   You could let your thoughts drift, 
thinking about aches and pains, deadlines and 
pressures, and getting your first cup of coffee. But 
you could also repeat Psalm 118:24, reminding 
yourself that this day of life is a gift from God, 
that He has all the resources you need for 
whatever you may face, and that He is worthy of your 
thanks and praise. 
   Dear Lord, how wise this psalmist is! 
Just as the sun clears the horizon, he is already 
declaring truth - and stating his firm intention to be 
positive and joyful. I, too, praise You for the 
miracle of life and for another opportunity to honor 
You and to walk by faith in a world that rejects 
You. I'm so very glad to be alive in Jesus 
Christ. [A Spectacle of Glory by Joni Eareckson Tada 
and Larry Libby] 





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