John 14:6 - The 6th I AM Statement of Jesus The Waymaker!

John 14:6 (NKJV) Jesus said to him, "I am 
the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes 
to the Father except through Me.  


   I have three friends from college whom I 
text regularly. We don't live near each other, 
but we want to stay connected. We want to know 
what is going on in each other's lives. I love 
these conversations. The only problem is that my 
phone does not do well with group texting. 
Sometimes it sends the same comment to my friends 
seventeen times in a row! It can be a little annoying, 
not to mention embarrassing. After this happened 
multiple times, I quit responding on the text 
   My friend, Jane, called me out. She said, 
"Sue, where have you been? We don't care that you 
keep sending us a bazillion texts. We want to 
hear from you!" I do love being in on the 
conversation. It reminds me that if I am not mindful of 
other conversations because of the busyness of 
life, I can also easily lose sight of how 
life-giving my interactions with Him are. He loves me 
and He wants to hear from me. And I need to hear 
from Him. Just as I touch base with my friends, I 
need to touch base with Him in His Word and in 
DAY-BY-DAY CONNECTION TO HIM. It is life altering when 
we are disengaged from Him, His guidance, and 
His truth. Our lives begin to unravel. We need 
His presence to set the course for our lives. 
His love cradles us in our moments of doubt and 
fear. His wisdom sustains us when we are lost and 
confused. When we connect to Jesus, we find abundant 
life. by Susanna Foth Aughtmon [Mornings With 
Jesus 2018 Devotional by Guideposts and 


the way to peace. He is the way to heaven. Jesus 
is the way to find freedom from our hurts, 
hang-ups, and habits. Jesus is the way - the best way 
and the only way.  
   Jesus is also the truth. Many teachers 
claim to have the truth, but only Christ claims to 
be the truth. In a world of pretenders and 
deceivers, he is the only one we can trust, the only 
one who can answer our questions and free us 
from the lies of the enemy. 
   Jesus gives us life. He pulls it from 
inside himself and offers it to us freely and 
abundantly. When we accept Jesus as our Savior, we find 
true life - a life free from hurts, hang-ups, and 
   Jesus will show you the way. He will tell 
you the truth, and he will give you life. 
   Father God, thank you for lighting up the 
path before me, opening my eyes to the truth, and 
giving me eternal life. In Jesus' name, Amen. 
[Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotional by John & Johnny 

   Through the years, I have been privileged 
to know some prominent people. Most of them are 
kind, humble people who just happened to be 
blessed with great wealth or fame. Rarely do they 
play the look-who-l-am card to gain special 
attention or garner favors.  
   For instance, I recently attended the 
Byron Nelson Championship golf tournament in 
Dallas with Mrs. Byron Nelson. She could have 
played her celebrity card, sat in her honorary 
private box, been waited on hand and foot, and 
watched the tournament from the eighteenth green. 
Instead, she wore a volunteer uniform, packed 
lunches, and served the golfers in the heat. She's 
the real deal, as was her husband.  
   The great violinist Jascha Heifetz once 
arrived in great haste at Radio City in New York, 
perilously close to being late for a radio concert with 
the NBC Symphony Orchestra. He hastened into the 
elevator carrying his violin in its case.  
   The elevator operator looked at Heifetz's 
violin case and said, "You'll have to go in the 
freight elevator with that."  
   "I have no time," said Heifetz. "I'm in a 
   "I don't care," said the operator. "All 
musicians with instruments have to ride the freight 
elevator. That's the rule."  
   Exasperated, Heifetz played what he 
thought was his trump card: "But I'm Jascha 
   And the operator looked him up and down 
and replied without blinking, "I don't care if 
you're Rubinoff; you have to ride in the freight 
   Like the elevator operator, God does not 
show favoritism. He says Jesus is the way to come 
to him. You can't travel there by some other 
route. No matter who you are, if you want to spend 
eternity with him, you have to follow the one and 
only way.  
   Help me, Lord, to follow the Way to 
heaven. I want to be humble enough to do what you 
have asked me to do. Amen. [The One Year 
Devotional of Joy and Laughter by Mary Hollingsworth re 
Acts 10:34] 

   Oh yeah?" Nathan yelled. "Well, my dad 
drives a monster truck!" 
   "That's nothing," Mason replied. "My dad 
can eat jalapeno peppers without crying." 
   For centuries, playground battles have 
been fought over the issue of whose dad is 
better. You may have even found yourself sticking up 
for your dad, saying, "My dad is the best, 
because he can throw a Frisbee across an entire 
football field." 
   While these arguments may seem childish, 
don't be surprised if you get caught in similar 
battles about your faith as you grow up. With so 
many different religions and beliefs, you could 
end up defending your heavenly Father by 
shouting, "Oh yeah, well my God is the only one to 
rise from the dead!" 
   Defending your faith is important, but 
it's hard to introduce other people to your 
loving Father when you're shouting about how your 
God is the biggest and best. 
   It's true that the God of Christianity is 
the one true God. The first commandment says, 
"You shall have no other gods before me" (Exodus 
20:3). Our God is the only God deserving of our 
trust and worship. 
   At the same time, as we defend our 
beliefs, we should try not to come across as 
close-minded know-it-alls. That only turns off other 
people from accepting Jesus as Savior. Many of the 
people you meet will value tolerance above honesty, 
integrity, and conviction. That's a sad statement about 
society, but it's true. Tolerance has also seeped 
into the belief systems of many Christians. A 
survey of people who said they were Christians 
found that 70 percent of them thought many 
religions could lead to eternal life. That's just not 
the case! 
   Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth 
and the life. No one comes to the Father except 
through me" (John 14:6). We need to live with 
confidence, knowing that God is the only way to eternal 
life. As we interact with people, we should strive 
to show love and respect. We can't bully or 
argue anybody into believing the truth about God. 
But our words and actions can demonstrate God's 
love, which could lead people to understand that 
his way is the only way to go. [Case For Christ 
For Kids by Les Strobel] 


   I am the Truth - unchanging, transcendent 
Truth! Many, many people believe that truth is 
relative - to the situation, the person, the day. But 
only absolute truth can provide a firm foundation 
for your life. Everything else is shifting sand. 
   Because I am inerrant Truth, all the 
treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Me. 
You can find everything you need in your 
relationship with Me. I provide the foundation on which 
to build your life, and I Myself am Life. So 
the closer you live to Me, the more alive you 
will feel!  
   Many people struggle with issues of 
identity, wondering who they really are and what 
they're supposed to be doing with their lives. But 
the more fully you know Me - the Truth - the 
better you can understand yourself and the meaning 
of your life. So make every effort to know Me 
as I truly am. Also, be prepared to tell others 
about the Savior-God who has redeemed you and set 
you free. (John 14:6; Col. 2:2, 3; 1Pe. 3:15) 
[Jesus Always by Sarah Young] 

   I am as near as a whispered prayer: 
listening attentively even to your softest utterance. 
People who are in love like to be near each other - 
usually as close as possible. Often they whisper 
words of endearment to each other, words that no 
one else can hear. This sort of closeness, with 
hushed words of love, is always available to you in 
your relationship with Me. I am near to all who 
call on Me, even if your call is the faintest 
whisper. This promise is for all who call on Me in 
truth - who know Me as the Truth.  
   Of course, I respond also to silent 
prayers, but whispering your words can help you feel 
closer to Me. Hearing your own voice - however 
faintly - reinforces your connection with Me. It 
strengthens your awareness of My unseen Presence and 
draws you into My loving embrace. Although I 
rarely speak audibly to My children, you can hear 
My gentle whispers in your heart. Hear Me 
saying, "I am with you. I love you. I will never 
leave you or forsake you." (Psa. 145:18; John 
14:6; Jos. 1:5; 1Ki. 19:11, 12) [Jesus Today by 
Sarah Young] 

   Hold My hand and walk joyously with Me 
through this day. Together we will savor the 
pleasures and endure the difficulties it brings. Be on 
the lookout for everything I have prepared for 
you: stunning scenery, bracing winds of 
adventure, cozy nooks for resting when you are weary; 
and much more. I am your Guide, as well as your 
constant Companion. I know every step of the journey 
ahead of you, all the way to heaven.  
   You don't have to choose between staying 
close to Me and staying on course. Since I am the 
Way, staying close to Me is staying on course. As 
you focus your thoughts on Me. I will guide you 
carefully along today's journey. Don't worry about 
what is around the next bend. Just concentrate on 
enjoying My Presence and staying in step with Me. 
(John 14:6; Col. 4:2) [Jesus Calling by Sarah 

   There is an open road ahead of you - all 
the way to heaven. I am your traveling 
Companion, and I know every twist and turn of your 
path. You see problems and limitations impeding 
your progress no matter which direction you look. 
But your vision is ever so limited. All I ask of 
you is to take the next small step - refusing to 
give up, refusing to stop trusting Me.  
   Your life is truly a faith-walk, and I am 
absolutely faithful! Though your understanding will 
fail you, I never will. The challenge before you 
is to stop focusing on your problems and 
limitations - and to believe that the way ahead really 
is an open road, in spite of how it looks.  
   I am the Way to the Father in heaven. 
Remember how much I had to suffer in order to open up 
the path of Life for you. No one else will ever 
have to endure what I went through. When you are 
struggling, simply take the next step and thank Me for 
clearing the way before you - all the way to heaven. 
(1Co. 10:13; 2Co. 5:7; John 14:6; Psa. 16:11) 
[Jesus Today by Sarah Young] 

   Put your trust in Me, and I will keep you 
safe. There is a deep, deep yearning in your heart 
for safety and security. You can mask these 
longings with activity for a time, but only for a 
time. These feelings actually serve a very good 
purpose. Properly used, they can point you to Me and 
My sufficiency. I am the only One who can 
really, ultimately keep you safe.  
   Whenever you start to feel insecure - 
about anything - come to Me. Talk with Me about 
your fears and concerns; then affirm your trust 
in Me. Voicing your trust connects you with Me 
at a deep level. It also pushes back the 
darkness of deception. The evil one has been 
deceiving people ever since time began, since the 
Garden of Eden. Do not listen to his lies. Instead, 
put your trust in Me, for I am absolute Truth. 
As you come to know Me - the Truth - better and 
better, I make you increasingly free. (Pro. 29:25; 
Gen. 3:13; John 14:6; 8:32) [Jesus Today by Sarah 


Never Say, "No Way"
   I often hear people say, "There is no way 
that is going to work," or "There is no way I can 
do this," or There is no way I will ever get 
out of debt." I have said similar things in my 
life, and those statements are inaccurate, because 
Jesus is the Way! With men, many things are 
impossible, but with God all things are possible (see 
Matthew 19:26). 
   Are you facing a seemingly impossible 
situation right now? If so, don't despair and don't 
say, "There is no way!" Isaiah said that God 
would even make a way in the wilderness and bring 
rivers in the desert (see Isaiah 43:19). There is 
always an answer to any problem when Jesus is 
working on our behalf. Our part is to believe, and 
when we do, God will go to work and we will be 
amazed as we witness the things that only He can 
   After being sexually abused for many 
years by my father and abandoned by my mother, I 
thought there was no way I could ever have a happy, 
normal life, but I was wrong. God heals the 
brokenhearted! He makes all things new and gives us life 
worth living. Only believe, and you will see the 
glory of God! (See John 11:40.) Doubt your doubts, 
face your fears, and even when all human reason 
for hope seems gone, hope in faith that God will 
make a way! 
   Thank You, Jesus, that You always make a 
way, even when there seems to be no way. You are 
the "Way-maker." [My Time with God by Joyce 






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