Romans 10:9, 10 - Believe and Confess for Salvation.

Romans 10:9, 10 (NLT) If you confess with 
your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your 
heart that God raised him from the dead, you will 
be saved. 10 For it is by believing in your 
heart that you are made right with God, and it is 
by confessing with your mouth that you are 

Rom 10:9, 10 (CWR) If you confess with your 
month that Jesus Christ is your Savior and Lord 
and in your heart believe that God raised Him 
from the dead, you will have the kind of 
relationship with God that you need. 10 Faith is a matter 
of the heart.  It is by faith that we come to 
Christ and are justified.  So we live for God, not 
in order to be saved, but because we are saved. 

Rom 10:9, 10 (MSG) Say the welcoming word to 
God - "Jesus is my Master" - embracing, body and 
soul, God's work of doing in us what he did in 
raising Jesus from the dead. That's it. You're not 
"doing" anything; you're simply calling out to God, 
trusting him to do it for you. That's salvation. 10 
With your whole being you embrace God setting 
things right, and then you say it, right out loud: 
"God has set everything right between him and 


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   Three thousand miles sounds like a long 
way, but experts who study human behavior say the 
longest distance in the world is fourteen inches - 
the distance between your head and your heart. 
   Knowing something in your head and having 
that belief change your life are two very 
different things. Michael Licona, who wrote The Case 
for the Resurrection of Jesus, says he knows 
people who acknowledge that Jesus rose from the 
dead but still refuse to accept Jesus into their 
hearts. They want to remain the master of their 
lives instead of giving the throne to God. "In 
many cases - not all - it's a heart issue, not a 
head issue," Licona said. "Some people just don't 
like what Jesus is demanding of them." 
   Jesus demands our devotion. When we 
accept Christ as Savior, he becomes Lord of our 
lives and we are saved from our sins (Romans 
10:9). As followers of Christ, we have to do just 
that ... follow. We must put off selfish desires 
and live according to God's laws. Your heart is 
a place of passion. It's what drives you. God 
wants you to live passionately for him. When your 
relationship with Christ moves the distance from your 
head to your heart, your passion for God will 
shine through. [Case For Christ For Kids by Les 



The oldest creed of the church is, "Jesus is 
Lord.'' [Disciple SB] 

The gospel message in a nutshell is "believe 
and confess Jesus as Lord, and you will be 
saved." [Life Application Commentary] 

How to become a Christian is stated here. If 
we believe in our hearts and say with our 
mouths that Christ is the risen Lord, we will be 
saved. [Life Application SB mod] 



Jesus is Lord: The earliest Christian 
confession of faith (cf. 1Co 12:3), probably used at 
baptisms. In view of the fact that "Lord" is used over 
6,000 times in the Septuagint (the Greek 
translation of the OT) to translate the name of Israel's 
God (Yahweh), it is clear that Paul, when using 
this word of Jesus, is ascribing deity to him. 

Lord, or Yahweh, is the OT name for God; 
thus he who confesses that Jesus is Lord affirms 
His deity. [Ryrie SB] 

Jesus is distinct from all other religious 
leaders: he is the only "Lord" to have risen from the 
grave. This makes Christianity more than a 
philosophy of life or a religious option; it is the 
only way to be saved. [Life Application 

BELIEVE with your heart

Belief normally precedes confession In v. 
10 Paul gives the normal order of faith, then 
confession. [SDA Bible Commentary] 

In Biblical terms the heart is not merely 
the seat of the emotions and affections, but 
also of the intellect and will. [NIV SB] 

The Jews regarded the heart as the seat of 
the inner life of thought and feeling By 
referring to belief with the heart Paul implies 
that faith involves a complete inward change. 
[SDA Bible Commentary] 

CONFESS with your mouth

Confession is the outward evidence of the 
inward change,.. A willingness to confess Christ in 
word and deed has always been the test of true 
discipleship.  [SDA Bible Commentary] 

When we confess that Jesus is Lord, we are 
acknowledging his rank or supreme place. We are pledging 
our obedience and worship; we are placing our 
life under his protection for safekeeping. We are 
pledging ourselves and our resources to his control 
for direction and service. Lord is intended to 
represent the highest authority to whom we submit. 
[Life Application Commentary] 

In this confession, it is not enough to 
merely utter the words; they must be declared, 
professed, proclaimed "from the heart," expressing our 
full conviction. [Life Application Commentary] 


Salvation involves inward belief ("with your 
heart") as well as outward confession ("with your 
mouth"). [NIV SB] 

These are simultaneous actions: one inward 
(heart) and the other outward (mouth). [Ryrie SB] 

Confession and belief belong together like a 
hand and glove. Believing and confessing are not 
two stages in a process but two parts of one 
action. [Disciple SB] 

To believe and to confess involve 
whole-person commitment Neither are these components 
described in such a way that a person might accomplish 
one without accomplishing the other, They are 
two parts of a single step, just as lifting the 
foot and then placing it back down are two 
movements in the one act of taking a step. (Life 
Application Commentary) 


   When we hear the word confess, we 
probably think of sin. We know we're to confess our 
sin so we can be forgiven and enjoy fellowship 
with a holy God. From Genesis through Revelation, 
we read about the dreadfulness of sin and the 
importance of confession. Notice how confess is used in 
Romans 10:9. The Greek behind this word means "to 
say the same thing" or "to agree." In the 
context of acknowledging sin, confess means agreeing 
with God about our sinful condition. In the 
context of Romans 10:9, confess means agreeing with 
God about the importance of His Son's death and 
resurrection. The simple but profound phrase "Jesus is 
Lord" is considered the earliest Christian 
   Confessions of faith and of sin, however, 
involve more than intellectual assent; these 
confessions include the desire to align our lives with 
God's truth. Confession of sin is perhaps 
motivated initially by the knowledge of divine 
judgment and our need for cleansing. But believers 
whose relationship with Jesus is deepening are 
moved to confession out of their heartfelt desire 
to allow nothing in their lives to separate 
them from their Savior. [Being Still With God 
Every Day by Henry Blackaby] 

As you confess Me before men, so I will 
confess you before God and the holy angels. You are 
to be My witnesses upon earth, channels through 
which My grace can flow for the healing of the 
world. So I will be your representative in heaven. 
The Father beholds not your faulty character, 
but He sees you as clothed in My perfection. I 
am the medium through which Heaven's blessings 
shall come to you. And everyone who confesses Me 
by sharing My sacrifice for the lost shall be 
confessed as a sharer in the glory and joy of the 
redeemed.  He who would confess Christ must have 
Christ abiding in him. He cannot communicate that 
which he has not received. The disciples might 
speak fluently on doctrines, they might repeat the 
words of Christ Himself; but unless they possessed 
Christlike meekness and love, they were not confessing 
Him. A spirit contrary to the spirit of Christ 
would deny Him, whatever the profession. Men may 
deny Christ by evil speaking, by foolish talking, 
by words that are untruthful or unkind. They 
may deny Him by shunning life's burdens, by the 
pursuit of sinful pleasure. They may deny Him by 
conforming to the world, by uncourteous behavior, by 
the love of their own opinions, by justifying 
self, by cherishing doubt, borrowing trouble, and 
dwelling in darkness. In all these ways they declare 
that Christ is not in them. And "whosoever shall 
deny Me before men," He says, "him will I also 
deny before My Father which is in heaven."  {DA 


   Can we know we are truly saved? The Bible 
says, If you confess with your mouth, Jesus 
is Lord, and believe in your heart that God 
raised him from the dead, you will be saved 
(Romans 10:9). Confess and believe  and you will 
have salvation. 
   Catch what the verse does not say: live 
perfectly, be nice to everyone, dont mess up, always 
smile - and you will be saved. Cant do it. 
Impossible. Just confess and believe. Salvation will 
follow. Its so easy  yet so hard. 
   God wants us to know we are saved, for 
saved people are dangerous people, willing to face 
off with the world, unafraid of the consequences 
since we know that, whatever happens, we will have 
eternal life. Therefore, there is now no 
condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 
8:1 NIV).  Watch out, world! [Max Lucado Daily 
Devotional at maxlucado.com] 






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