1 Corinthians 12:7 - Spiritual Gifts Are For Service.

1 Corinthians 12:7 (CEV) The Spirit has 
given each of us a special way of serving others. 

1 Corinthians 12:7 (NLT) A spiritual gift is 
given to each of us so we can help each other. 


   Call it what you wish. A talenta skill 
seta gift. The terms are different, but the truth 
is the same. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 12:7, 
The Spirit has given each of us a special way of 
serving others. 
   You arent the only person with your 
skill. But you are the only person with your 
version of your skill. You entered the world 
uniquely equipped. Psalm 139:13-15 describes it as 
knit together, woven together in the dark of the 
womb, intricately and curiously wrought. 
   Each of us! Not some of us, a few of us, 
or the elite among us. Each of us has a beauty 
that longs to be revealed and released. It is you 
at your best! When you stand at the 
intersection of your skill and Gods call, you are 
standing at the corner of Promised Land Avenue and 
Glory Days Boulevard. [Max Lucado Daily Devotional 
at maxlucado.com] 


   Da Vinci painted one Mona Lisa. Beethoven 
composed one Fifth Symphony. And God made one version 
of you. He custom designed you for a 
one-of-a-kind assignment. Mine like a gold digger the 
unique-to-you nuggets from your life. 
   When I was six years old, my father built 
us a house. Architectural Digest didnt 
notice, but my mom sure did. Dad constructed it, 
board by board, every day after work. My youth 
didnt deter him from giving me a job. He tied an 
empty nail apron around my waist, placed a magnet 
in my hands, and sent me on daily patrols 
around the building site, carrying my magnet only 
inches off the ground. 
   One look at my tools and you could guess 
my job. Stray-nail collector. 
   One look at yours and the same can be 
said. Brick by brick, life by life, God is 
creating a kingdom, a spiritual house (1 Pet. 
2:5 CEV). He entrusted you with a key task in 
the project. Examine your tools and discover it. 
Your ability unveils your destiny. If anyone 
ministers, let him do it as with the ability which God 
supplies, that in all things God may be glorified 
through Jesus Christ (1 Pet. 4:11). When God 
gives an assignment, he also gives the skill. 
Study your skills, then, to reveal your 
   Look at you. Your uncanny ease with 
numbers. Your quenchless curiosity about chemistry. 
Others stare at blueprints and yawn; you read them 
and drool. I was made to do this, you 
   Heed that inner music. No one else hears 
it the way you do. 
   What about you? Our Maker gives 
assignments to people, to each according to each 
ones unique ability (Matt. 25:15). As he 
calls, he equips. Look back over your life. What 
have you consistently done well? What have you 
loved to do? Stand at the intersection of your 
affections and successes and find your uniqueness. 
   You have one. A divine spark. An uncommon 
call to an uncommon life. The Spirit has given 
each of us a special way of serving others (1 
Cor. 12:7 CEV). So much for the excuse I 
dont have anything to offer. Did the apostle 
Paul say, The Spirit has given some of us 
? Or, The Spirit has given a few of us 
? No. The Spirit has given each of us a 
special way of serving others. Enough of this 
self-deprecating I cant do anything. 
   And enough of its arrogant opposite: I 
have to do everything. No, you dont! 
Youre not Gods solution to society, but a 
solution in society. Imitate Paul, who said, Our 
goal is to stay within the boundaries of Gods 
plan for us (2 Cor. 10:13 NLT). Clarify your 
   Dont worry about skills you dont 
have. Dont covet strengths others do have. Just 
extract your uniqueness. Kindle afresh the gift 
of God which is in you (2 Tim. 1:6 NASB). 
[Max Lucado Daily Devotional at maxlucado.com] 


Your Place in God's Band
   Two of my teenage years were spent 
carrying a tuba in my high school marching band. My 
mom wanted me to learn to read music, and the 
choir was full while the band was a tuba-tooter 
short, so I signed up. Not necessarily what you 
would describe as a call from God, but it wasnt 
a wasted experience either. 
   I had a date with a twirler.
   I learned to paint white shoe polish on 
school buses. 
   And I learned some facts about harmony 
that Ill pass on to you. 
   I marched next to the bass-drum player. 
What a great sound. Boom. Boom. Boom. Deep, 
cavernous, thundering. 
   And at the end of my flank marched the 
flute section. Oh, how their music soared. 
Whispering, lifting, rising into the clouds. 
   Ahead of me, at the front of my line, was 
our first-chair trumpet. He could raise the 
spirit. He could raise the flag. He could have 
raised the roof on the stadium if wed had one. 
   The soft flute
   the brash trumpet
   the steady drum
   the soft flute
   the brash trumpet.
   Get the idea? The operative word is need. 
They need each other. 
   By themselves they make music. But 
together, they make magic. 
   Now, what I saw two decades ago in the 
band, I see today in the church. We need each 
other. Not all of us play the same instrument. Some 
believers are lofty, and others are solid. Some keep 
the pace while others lead the band. Not all of 
us make the same sound. Some are soft, and 
others are loud. And not all of us have the same 
ability. But each of us has a place. 
   Some play the drums (like Martha).
   Some play the flute (like Mary).
   And others sound the trumpet (like 
   Mary, Martha, and Lazarus were like 
family to Jesus. After the Lord raised Lazarus from 
the dead, they decided to give a dinner for 
Jesus. They decided to honor him by having a party 
on his behalf (see John 12:2). 
   They didnt argue over the best seat. 
They didnt resent each others abilities. 
They didnt try to outdo each other. All three 
worked together with one purpose. But each one 
fulfilled that purpose in his or her unique manner. 
Martha served; she always kept everyone in step. 
Mary worshiped; she anointed her Lord with an 
extravagant gift, and its aroma filled the air. Lazarus 
had a story to tell, and he was ready to tell 
   Three people, each one with a different 
skill, a different ability. But each one of equal 
value. [Max Lucado Daily Devotional at 

   Have you ever noticed how uniquely 
adapted each animal is to its environment and its 
way of life? On land, a duck waddles along 
ungainly on its webbed feet. In the water, it glides 
along smooth as glass. The rabbit runs with ease 
and great bursts of speed, but I've never seen 
one swimming laps. The squirrel climbs anything 
in sight but cannot fly (unless you count great 
airborne leaps from limb to limb), while the eagle 
soars to mountaintops. 
   What's true of creatures in the forest is 
true of Christians in the family. God has not 
made us all the same. He never intended to. He 
planned that there be differences, unique 
capabilities, variations in the Body. So concerned was He 
that we realize this, He spelled it out several 
times in His Word. I charge you to take the time 
to read 1 Corinthians 12 slowly and aloud. 
Those thirty-one verses tell us about His desires 
and designs - which are more attractive than any 
thirty-one flavors! 
   The subject is commonly called "spiritual 
gifts," and it is as helpful as any truth the 
believer can ever know. In a nutshell, here's the 
   God has placed you in His family and 
given you a certain mixture that makes you unique. 
No mixture is insignificant! That mix pleases 
Him completely. Nobody else is exactly like you. 
That should bring you pleasure, too. 
   When you operate in your realm of 
capabilities, you will excel and the whole Body will 
benefit  and you will experience incredible 
satisfaction. When others operate in their realm, then 
balance, unity, and health automatically occur in the 
Body. It's amazing! 
   But when you compare  or force  or 
entertain expectations that reach beyond your or 
others' God-given capabilities, then you can expect 
frustration, discouragement, mediocrity, and, in the long 
run, defeat. 
   If God made you a duck saint - youre a 
duck, friend. Swim like mad but don't get bent out 
of shape because you wobble when you run. 
Furthermore, if you're an eagle saint, stop expecting 
squirrel saints to soar  or rabbit saints to build 
the same kind of nests you do. 
   Accept your spiritual species. Cultivate 
your capabilities. Stop comparing. Enjoy being 
   No one else is exactly like you. 
Cultivate your capabilities. Refuse to compare or 
control. [Chuck Swindoll www.insight.org.] 


   What a thrill and an honor for Bezalel 
and Oholiab to be chosen by God as master 
craftsmen in charge of building his Tabernacle, the 
place where his people would worship, then to be 
filled with his Spirit and fitted with unique 
wisdom and skills to get the work done precisely 
how God envisioned it. If only we all could be 
so fortunate.... 
   Then again, we are.
   You know that talent of yours? The one 
others have said seems to come so naturally to you? 
Maybe it is something you wouldn't even consider a 
skill at first glance. It could simply be a 
character quality such as a calming presence, a giving 
nature, or a knack for making others feel welcome. 
   You didn't come by any of those wonderful 
assets by accident. They're signs of God's hand at 
work in you, readying you to serve him and others 
in a special way he designed. 
   How easily we lose sight of our own 
uniqueness. You're one of a kind, a priceless 
masterpiece. That might sound clich, but let it sink in 
before you move on with your day. No one can touch 
others' lives exactly as you can. God molded your 
quirks and idiosyncrasies for something bigger than 
yourself. Your life is purposeful, whether or not you 
feel like it is today. 
   You're on this earth for God's greater 
plan, a plan that extends into eternity. Instead 
of viewing life as merely passing time, grab 
hold of God's gifts to you and let him use you 
for something remarkable. He may touch one life 
through you, or he may change the world. 
   Either way, you'll bless others - and be 
blessed, too - when you ask him to fill you with his 
Spirit and put you to use for whatever he intends. 
   "God, please remind me that my life is 
your design, and my unique qualities have a 
purpose for you. Thank you for fitting me for 
something unlike what you plan for anyone else. Please 
help me to not be shortsighted and miss it." [The 
Daily God Book By Erin Keeley Marshall re Exodus 

(identifying your spiritual gifts): 






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