Romans 13:14 - Putting On Christ.

Romans 13:14 (CEV) Let the Lord Jesus Christ 
be as near to you as the clothes you wear.  
Then you wont try to satisfy your selfish 

Romans 13:14 (NLT) Instead, clothe yourself 
with the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. And 
dont let yourself think about ways to indulge 
your evil desires. 


   I guess you could say that my dad was not 
into clothes. For sixty-nine years, my mom made 
the decisions on clothes purchases, and each day 
she laid out what he would wear. When he died, 
Mom encouraged family members to take the items 
they could wear or wanted to have as keepsakes. 
My niece Kelli was thrilled to choose a few of 
her beloved grandpa's shirts. Several months 
later, Kelli arrived in the red-and-green plaid 
flannel shirt that Daddy always wore during our 
Christmas gathering. What a sweet reminder that 
although our loved one was not with us physically, 
his spirit remained in our hearts and our 
   I've never wanted anyone to choose my 
clothes for me in the morning, but I will admit to 
sometimes needing help with how to "dress up my 
spirit. That's why the Bible reminds me to clothe 
myself with Christ each day. To deliberately model 
His character traits of kindness, forgiveness, 
gentleness, mercy, and sacrificial love. To choose to 
imitate Him instead of wearing my sinful tendencies 
like pride, resentment, and self-centeredness. 
   If I want to model Jesus, I need to spend 
time with Him every day - staying in close 
personal fellowship through prayer and the Word, 
studying what the Bible says about Him, meditating on 
His teachings, and observing how He treated 
people. Then I'll be more careful to "dress" in a 
way that reflects the One Whose Spirit lives in 
me (Romans 8:9). by Dianne Neal Matthews 
   Faith Step: Thinking about your day 
ahead, focus on one character trait of Jesus that 
you need to imitate in your activities and 
interactions with others. Then consider what you need to 
take off in order to live that out. [Mornings 
With Jesus 2019 Devotional by Guideposts and 


   The word that is translated "put on" is 
the same that is used in regard to putting on 
clothes. We have "put on the new man" (Ephesians 
4:24), and the new nature is like a garment that is 
worn so that all can see who we are. Paul said 
that the Christian, when he has confessed Christ 
at baptism, has "put on Christ." Just as a man 
may be recognized by the garment he wears, so 
the Christian is known by the fact that he has 
put on Christ and exhibits Him in his whole life 
and character. 
   "Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ," not 
just at conversion, but also on a daily basis. As 
I put on my clothes each day and am seen in 
them, so the Christian must daily put on the Lord 
Jesus, so that he no longer lives to fulfill the 
lusts of the flesh, but shows forth the image of 
his Lord and the new man formed in His 
   Put on Christ! This work must be done 
each day in the inner chamber. I must put on the 
Lord, the heavenly Jesus. But I need time to put 
on Christ. Just as my garments cover me and 
protect me from the wind and the sun, even so Christ 
Jesus will be my beauty, my defense, and my joy. 
As I commune with Him in prayer, He imparts 
Himself to me and strengthens me to walk as one who 
is in Him and is bound to Him forever. 
   Reader, take time to meditate on this 
wonderful truth. Just as your clothing is a necessity 
as you go out into the world, let it be equally 
indispensable for you to put on Jesus Christ, to abide in 
Him, and to walk with Him all day long. 
   This cannot be done hastily and 
superficially. It takes time, quiet time in living 
fellowship with Jesus, to realize that you have put Him 
on. Take the time and the trouble. Your reward 
will be great. [Andrew Murray 365-Day Devotional 
Bible by Barbour re Galatians 3:27 and Romans 


   We would be wise to learn to be more 
concerned with what God thinks of us than what people 
think of us. We live in times when people are 
obsessed with their image, but God's Word tells us we 
are to be transformed into the image of Christ 
(see 2 Corinthians 3:18). 
   God sees our heart, but people merely see 
the outer man. No matter how attractive we try 
to make ourselves look, or what our level of 
success is in this world, the only thing that really 
matters is for us to develop godly character so we 
may glorify Him. 
   Father, help me always know what is 
really important! Help me strive to develop good 
character more than I strive for an image that will 
impress people. [My Time with God by Joyce Meyer] 




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