James 1:5-7 - FINDING WISDOM.

James 1:5-7 (NLT) If you need wisdom, ask 
our generous God, and he will give it to you. He 
will not rebuke you for asking. But when you ask 
him, be sure that your faith is in God alone. Do 
not waver, for a person with divided loyalty is 
as unsettled as a wave of the sea that is blown 
and tossed by the wind. Such people should not 
expect to receive anything from the Lord. 


   What is it about brothers in the Bible? 
If you want to know how to treat your siblings, 
it's hard to find good examples in there - 
especially the Old Testament. Jacob deceived his 
brother, Esau, to take all of his rights as the 
firstborn. Then Jacob tricked their father to receive 
the blessing that was meant for Esau. Joseph 
told his older brothers about dreams in which 
they all worshiped him. (Not exactly a great way 
to make friends). His brothers reacted by 
tossing Joseph in a pit, selling him into slavery, 
and telling their father that a wild animal 
killed Joseph. And how about those first two 
brothers, Cain and Abel? Cain's jealously and anger 
took over and caused him to kill his brother. 
   Things don't get much better in the New 
Testament. Jesus had several half brothers and sisters. 
His brothers James, Joses, Simon, and Judas are 
mentioned in the Bible. But according to John 7:5. 
"Even his own brothers did not believe in him." 
How could that be? By growing up with Jesus, 
they would've seen he was different. But maybe it 
was too much for them to believe that their 
brother was God's Son. 
   Wait a minute! you might be thinking. 
Didn't Jesus' brother James write a book in the 
Bible? Yes, he did. But he didn't believe Jesus' 
claims until after Jesus died. Once Jesus rose from 
the dead, he appeared before James to tell his 
brother the good news (1 Corinthians 55:7). After 
seeing his older brother face-to-face, James became 
one of Jesus' most committed followers. He was a 
leader in the church at Jerusalem. Some experts say 
James' change of heart is one of the strongest 
arguments for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. His 
encounter with the risen Jesus affected James so much 
that he devoted the rest of his life to telling 
the world the truth about his older brother, 
God's Son, Jesus Christ. In the end, he was put to 
death for his message. 
   The beginning of the book of James tells 
us to ask God for wisdom (James 1:5). As you 
build your case for Christ, you're going to need 
plenty of wisdom to sort through arguments and find 
the truth. Pray to God for wisdom. He'll help 
you find the truth - just like he did for James. 
[Case For Christ For Kids by Les Strobel] 


   In Hebrew thought, wisdom was the ability 
to apply godliness to everyday living. Not 
merely head knowledge, wisdom was the practical 
ability to do the righteous thing in every 
situation. This was not an inherent human ability but 
God's gift. That's why we need to ask for wisdom. 
It is available to every believer who asks. 
James had received God's gift of wisdom, but it 
did not make him proud. In fact, James described 
himself as a "bondservant, meaning a slave or 
attendant who has given up personal rights to become 
subservient to another. 
   This humble and wise servant of God 
offers an abundance of practical, moral, and 
ethical instruction. Calling believers to lead 
righteous lives, James included suggestions on dealing 
with temptation, curbing the tongue, accessing 
the power of prayer, and demonstrating one's 
faith through action and not merely in words. He 
exhorted us to show compassion, love, and kindness to 
widows, orphans, and strangers. James taught that 
God is involved in our day-to-day lives and that 
He is pleased with even the simplest acts of 
faith, particularly those that express love 
practically toward others. [Being Still With God Every 
Day by Henry Blackaby] 

   Since God thought up the whole idea of 
relationships between men and women, parents and children, 
and friends, doesnt it make sense to go to 
him for direction when you have a problem? 
   As todays verse says, If you want 
to know what God wants you to do, ask him, and 
he will gladly tell you (James 1:5 TLB). 
   Why do we have to ask before he answers? 
Because our relationship with God begins with faith. 
He doesnt force things on us. He invites us 
into a relationship with him. So we ask. 
   Now I have to say, too many times I 
forget to ask. If youre like me, youre just 
rushing through your day doing this, doing that, 
assuming its going to be okay. But you need to 
just stop once in a while and say, God, I ask 
you, what is your direction? He will gladly 
tell you. 
   And how does he tell you? An answer will 
usually come through one of two main ways: through 
people that are following him and through his Word. 
Get together with a few people who you know seek 
after God, and ask them for their opinion. Look in 
their eyes, and get an honest answer. And, turn to 
Gods Word. Ask him, God, what do you have to 
say about this? 
   Some people think God is not interested 
in our relationships. After all, hes got a 
universe to keep going. But he is interested. He made 
you! The Bible says, But be sure in deciding 
these matters that you are living as God intended, 
marrying or not marrying in accordance with Gods 
direction and help, and accepting whatever situation 
God has put you into (1 Corinthians 7:17). 
   I understand the hurts that can exist in 
some relationships, but the incredible promise of 
Gods Word is that he can bring beauty into any 
relationship - not perfection, but he can bring beauty. 
Both people in the relationship have to agree, 
and it will take some struggle to get there. But 
to give up is nowhere in the plan or purpose of 
God. Thats why you have to go to him for 
direction and guidance. By Tom Holladay [Daily 
Devotional by Rick Warren: 

   Sometimes we feel that our lives have 
gotten confusing or out of balance. They are not 
satisfying to us, and yet we don't quite know what to 
do. The first thing to do is ask God to grant 
you wisdom and be assured that He will. The 
second thing you can do is be prepared to take 
action. Knowing what we should do and doing it are 
two different things. 
   I recently felt that some things in my 
life had gotten out of balance and I was not even 
sure how it happened, but I knew something needed 
to be done. I heard myself complaining about 
dissatisfaction in some areas and finally realized that I 
was the only one who could do anything about it. 
It is quite common to want to blame 
circumstances or other people for our problems, but I have 
learned over the years that it is usually me who 
needs to take responsibility. 
   I needed to pray and get some direction 
from God and then take action. I determined to 
take my life back. I saw that I needed to be more 
organized, because disorganization causes confusion. 
Organizing my thoughts and following God's lead felt 
much better than floundering around aimlessly, 
murmuring about things that only I could change. 
   If you feel your life has gotten away 
from you and you're ready to take it back, God 
will help you. However, His directions do us no 
good if they are not followed. Set your mind and 
keep it set for victory! 
   Father, I ask for Your wisdom in knowing 
how to make improvements in my life that will 
please You and enable me to be the person You want 
me to be. Thank You! [My Time with God by Joyce 

   I was trying to make a decision this 
morning and I found myself vacillating between two 
opinions of what I would do. It was becoming very 
frustrating, but then the Lord reminded me that I really 
didn't need to make that decision for another 
thirty days. I felt instant relief! 
   Many things could happen during those 
thirty days that will influence my decision, and by 
waiting and trusting God to guide me in what to do 
when the time actually comes, I am giving Him an 
opportunity to work in the heart of the person that the 
decision involves, as well as in my own heart. 
   Most of us want to do the right thing, 
but deciding what that is can often be 
challenging, and it may be due to trying to make 
decisions before we have to make them. God gives us 
what we need when we need it, but not necessarily 
when we want it. Many things in life work 
themselves out if we will pray, give them to God, and 
wait for His perfect timing. God has promised to 
guide us, and He always keeps His promises! 
   Father in Heaven, thank You for guiding 
me and showing me what to do at the exact right 
time. Help me not to make decisions rashly and 
possibly make a mistake. [My Time with God by Joyce 

   I had lunch recently with a businessman 
who runs his own company. As we talked, the 
subject of wisdom kept popping up in our 
conversation. So I asked, "How does a person get wisdom? I 
realize we are to be men of wisdom, but few people 
ever talk about how it is acquired." 
   His answer was quick and to the point: 
   I paused and looked deeply into his eyes. 
Without knowing the specifics, I knew his one-word 
answer was not theoretical. He and pain had gotten 
to know each other rather well. 
   It was then I quoted from the first 
chapter of James: "When all kinds of trials and 
temptations crowd into your lives, my brothers, don't 
resent them as intruders, but welcome them as 
friends! Realize that they come to test your faith 
and to produce in you the quality of endurance. 
But let the process go on until that endurance 
is fully developed, and you will find you have 
become men of mature character, men of integrity 
with no weak spots" (James 1:2-4, Phillips). 
   There is no shortcut, no such thing as 
instant endurance. The pain brought on by 
interruptions and disappointments, by loss and failure, by 
accidents and disease, is the long and arduous road to 
maturity. There is no other road. 
   But where does wisdom come in? James 
explains in the next verse: "And if, in the process, 
any of you does not know how to meet any 
particular problem he has only to ask God - who gives 
generously to all men without making them feel 
guilty"and he may be quite sure that the necessary 
wisdom will be given him" (1:5). 
   As I see it, it is a domino effect. One 
thing bumps up against another, which, in turn, 
bumps another, and in the long haul, endurance 
helps us mature. Periodically, however, we will 
find ourselves at a loss to know what to do or 
how to respond. It's then we ask for help, and 
God delivers more than intelligence and ideas 
and good old common sense. He dips into His well 
of wisdom and allows us to drink from His 
bucket, whose refreshment provides abilities and 
insights that are of another world. Perhaps it might 
best be stated as having a small portion of "the 
mind of Christ." 
   When we have responded as we should to 
life's blows, enduring them rather than escaping 
them, we are given more maturity that stays with 
us and new measures of wisdom, which we are 
able to draw upon for the balance of our lives. 
   By accepting life's tests and temptations 
as friends, we become men and women of mature 
   The pain brought on by loss and failure 
is the long, arduous road to maturity. There is 
no other road. [Chuck Swindoll 

When Faith Wavers
   If we believe that God is who He says He 
is and will do what He has promised, why do so 
many of us habitually waver in our prayers? 
Instead of exercising bold faith, we come to the 
Lord hoping He will hear us and answer our 
requests, but were just not sure He will. With this 
kind of thinking, we cannot expect to receive 
anything from Him. 
   One reason we are so prone to doubt is 
that we fail to see God at work in our 
circumstances. We asked, and nothing happened. But the Lord 
is not some cosmic bellhop who jumps in 
response to our requests. He sees past, present, and 
future and knows the right time for every answer. 
His invisible hand is already at work on our 
behalf - arranging situations to accomplish His 
will, opening hearts, and preparing us to receive 
what He wants to give. 
   Another cause for uncertainty is 
ignorance. If we dont know Gods ways, we will be 
disappointed in His response. All too often our prayers 
are accompanied by expectations of how He will 
work. When He fails to intervene according to our 
timetable or anticipated method, we start to doubt. 
But placing our faith in the Lord and trusting 
in His good and perfect ways gives us stability 
as we wait for His answer. 
   To overcome doubts, spend time in the 
Word to learn Gods principles and ways. Then 
youll begin to grasp what He wants to achieve in 
your life and how He goes about it. Examine your 
past from a biblical perspective - faith will 
grow as you see the unexpected ways He answered 
your prayers. [In Touch Daily Devotional by 
Charles Stanley at www.intouch.org] 


   When I was a young adult, a friend of 
mine said something that completely changed my 
career. He said, "Whenever I hit a wall, I pray 
about it." 
   As software developers, my colleagues and 
I use the phrase hit a wall when we don't know 
what else to do about a problem. We've tried 
everything we can think of. We've researched the 
problem, conferred with colleagues who might know the 
answer, and even consulted documentation. We've 
tried alternate ways to code the program. Nothing 
works. Often we'll spend days trying to get through 
a wall. 
   My friend said that after he prays, 
"Ninety-five percent of the time - not all the time, but 
95 percent of the time - I get an answer in 
five minutes." I was shocked. I'd always believed 
in God, but I'd never heard of anyone getting 
answers for problems on the job 95 percent of the 
   In the years since, when I remember to 
put my friend's advice into practice, I have 
found his percentage to hold. Without the 
technical insight from God, I would never have been 
able to accomplish the things I have in my 
   S. A. Miller, a missionary with Wycliffe 
Bible Translators, develops software for Bible 
translators. He is an editor, a speaker, and a writer. 
[The One Year Bible Live Verse Devotional] 


James 1:6: Faith vs Doubt. 

James 1:6: Faith vs Doubt. 


If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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