James 4:6 - Grace Is Needed Now More Than Ever.

James 4:6 (NIV) But he gives us more grace. 
That is why Scripture says: "God opposes the 
proud but gives grace to the humble." 


   To make it through the extraordinary 
crisis of a pandemic and social unrest, you need to 
treat yourself and other people the way God treats 
you: with grace, mercy, and forgiveness. 
   Grace means that God always gives you 
what you need, not what you deserve. If you got 
what you deserved, you wouldn't even be here. 
God gives us even more grace, as the Scripture 
says, God is against the proud, but he gives 
grace to the humble (James 4:6 NCV). 
   God opposes the prideful and arrogant 
because they think they can do it all by themselves, 
apart from God. They don't think they need God or 
his grace. They approach life - even life in 
turmoil - with the mindset, If it's to be, it's 
up to me. 
   But when youre humble and admit that 
you cant make it through this situation on 
your own, God opens the floodgates of heaven. He 
pours out his grace. And he expects those who have 
been shown amazing grace to then show that grace 
to others. 
   Everybodys having a tough time right 
now. To maintain your emotional health, you need 
to cut yourself some slack and do the same for 
others. Everybody's feeling the stress, particularly 
the millions of people who are out of work and 
concerned about the future - maybe even about how they 
will make it to the next day. Be kind. Be gentle. 
Even the hardest people to love are fighting some 
kind of battle right now and need your grace. 
   This will often take a lot of humility. 
With tensions high, its easier right now to 
return wrong for wrong, give a sharp answer, 
withhold the benefit of the doubt, and speak before 
   Your neighbor needs your grace. Your 
children need your grace. The person you disagree 
with politically needs your grace. The world is 
on the defense, and there is nothing that will 
disarm people more than being given unexpected 
   God has given you great grace. Go and 
extend that grace to others so they get a glimpse 
of what Jesus has done for them. [Daily 
Devotional by Rick Warren: 


Grace and More Grace
   Grace is not only God's undeserved favor 
that provides forgiveness and mercy when we sin, 
but it is also His power that enables us to do 
whatever we need to do in life. But He only gives it 
to those who are humble enough to admit that 
they need help. We all need help, but a prideful, 
independent attitude will cause us to keep trying to do 
things in our own strength, instead of admitting 
our inability and leaning entirely on God. 
   We should trade "trying" for "trusting." 
Instead of struggling and being frustrated because 
our efforts always fail to produce what we want, 
we can ask for God's help at the beginning of, 
and all the way through, each thing that we 
undertake in life. We can learn to lean on God, and as 
we do, it takes the pressure off of us. He can 
do more in one moment than we can do in a 
lifetime. Faith the size of a grain of mustard seed 
can do more than all the willpower and 
self-determination in the world (see Matthew 17:20). 
   Frustration always equals works of the 
flesh, which happen when we try to do in our own 
strength and effort what only God can do. We are 
partners with God, and as such, He will assign things 
for us to do, but we cannot complete what He 
asks us to do without leaning entirely on Him, 
let alone trying to do things He hasn't told us 
to do. For example, it is not our job to change 
our family and friends, but it is our 
responsibility to pray for them and represent Christ in all 
of our interaction with them. If you are ready 
for help, humble yourself, admit that you can do 
nothing without Jesus, and receive His wisdom, 
strength, and help! 
   Apart from You, Jesus, I can do nothing. 
I will fail completely without You, so I ask 
for Your help, and I will give You the glory for 
any success that I achieve. [My Time with God by 
Joyce Meyer] 


   The Lord keeps His distance from the 
proud. We can relate; no one likes to be around 
those who are full of themselves. Arrogance has a 
way of alienating people. It alienates God, too. 
   In human relationships, we are repulsed 
by extreme cases of arrogance and annoyed by 
mild ones. We tolerate degrees of it in people 
with other redeeming qualities but are impatient 
toward those in whom it is conspicuous. We let it 
slide with those who can benefit us but quickly 
reject those who can do us no favors. And while we 
spot pride easily in others, we hardly notice it 
in ourselves. We have sliding scales of 
judgment based on our personal preferences and 
experiences. In other words, our perception of pride is 
   God's isn't. He detects pride immediately 
and precisely wherever it exists, and it always 
pushes Him away. It doesn't cause His love to fail 
- nothing can do that - but it certainly takes 
the pleasure out of the relationship. He can't 
honor those who elevate themselves; if He showered 
His favor on them, they would receive it as 
affirmation of their inflated self-esteem. He's too good 
for that. That's why He lets the proud fall and 
keeps His distance.  
   If you crave God's Presence, ruthlessly 
eliminate pride. We'd prefer that God give us the 
right attitude, but Scripture tells us to humble 
ourselves (James 4:10; 1 Peter 5:6).When He can trust 
you to remain humble - truly unassuming, not 
falsely modest - He is freed to enjoy and bless the 
relationship without fueling annoying attitudes. Good 
things come to those who aren't ruined by them.  
   Lord, I know where I stand before You. 
I'm not worthy of Your favor, but You give it 
anyway. I accept it as a gift - a free gift based 
entirely on Your goodness and not my merit. I know 
You don't have to bless me, but I'm so glad You 
do. And I'll remain forever grateful. [The One 
Year Experiencing Gods Presence Devotional by 
Chris Tiegreen re Psa. 138:6] 

   We often make plans without even 
consulting God. Then we pray and ask God to bless our 
plans, even though we didnt ask him to take part 
in them. We just assume that our plans are his 
will. Then, when our plans dont happen on the 
timetable we want or they dont happen at all, we 
get angry with God. Thats called pride, and 
God hates pride. 
   There are probably a lot of people you 
wouldnt want to oppose, but you really dont want 
to be opposed by God. Theres no way youre 
going to win that one. When youre prideful, the 
Bible says youre in opposition to God at that 
very moment. In fact, youre operating as an 
enemy of God anytime you get full of pride. 
Thats how serious it is. So, what does it mean to 
surrender yourself and your plans to God? 
   Romans 6:13 says, Give yourselves to 
God, as those who have been brought from death to 
life, and surrender your whole being to him to be 
used for righteous purposes (GNT).Surrendering 
means saying, God, Im going with your plans 
for my life, not my own. Ive got plans, 
Ive got dreams, Ive got goals, Ive got 
ambitions, but I know that you put me on this earth for 
a purpose, and Im going to intentionally 
choose your plan for my life instead of my own. 
   Surrendering to God is the best path to 
success because instead of him becoming part of your 
plan, he will make you a part of his plan. [Daily 
Devotional by Rick Warren: 


   Even though both men and women have 
emotions, we process them very differently. Generally 
speaking, women talk, while men act. Most of the time, 
when a woman is upset about something, she'll 
talk about it. (And talk and talk and talk) Most 
guys don't usually do that. One article I read 
said that men talk on average about 7,000 words a 
day, while women say 20,000 words a day - with 
gusts up to 30,000! 
   Sometimes when my wife needs to process 
some difficult emotions, she'll invite one of her 
woman friends over to talk (usually for hours). 
That works well for her, but I have never in my 
life had a dude call me and say, "Hey Craig, 
could you come over to my house and sit with me 
for half a day on my sofa and drink some tea so 
we can talk? For most men, talking doesn't 
feel like it accomplishes anything. Instead 
"doing something does. 
   The problem most of us face, women as 
well as men, is that we often allow our emotions 
to determine our actions. When we let our 
feelings call the shots, we're much more likely to 
cave to temptation. We sin, which only makes us 
feel worse and gives women more to talk about and 
men more to do something about. 
   While being emotion-driven often leads us 
to do the ungodly thing, being Spirit-led never 
does. If you truly want to do what's right, 
letting your emotions take over will rarely get you 
the outcome you want. 
   Feel what you feel, but do what God wants 
you to do. 
   Lord, give me the strength to be obedient 
today no matter how I may feel when things go 
wrong. [Daily Power by Craig Groeschel] 


James 4:6 - Proud or Humble Living?:


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If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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