Luke 6:12 - Praying All Night.

Luke 6:12 (NLT) One day soon afterward Jesus 
went up on a mountain to pray, and he prayed to 
God all night.  


   In the estimation of the rabbis, it was 
the sum of religion to be always in a bustle of 
activity. They depended upon some outward performance 
to show their superior piety. Thus they 
separated their souls from God, and built themselves 
up in self-sufficiency. The same dangers still 
exist. As activity increases, and men become 
successful in doing any work for God, there is danger 
of trusting to human plans and methods. There 
is a tendency to pray less, and to have less 
faith.  Like the disciples, we are in danger of 
losing sight of our dependence on God, and seeking 
to make a saviour of our activity. We need to 
look constantly to Jesus, realizing that it is 
His power which does the work. While we are to 
labor earnestly for the salvation of the lost, we 
must also take time for meditation, for prayer, 
and for the study of the word of God. Only the 
work accomplished with much prayer, and 
sanctified by the merit of Christ, will in the end 
prove to have been efficient for good. 
   No other life was ever so crowded with 
labor and responsibility as was that of Jesus; yet 
how often He was found in prayer. How constant 
was His communion with God. Again and again in 
the history of His earthly life are found 
records such as these: "Rising up a great while 
before day, He went out, and departed into a 
solitary place, and there prayed." "Great multitudes 
came together to hear, and to be healed by Him of 
their infirmities. And He withdrew Himself into 
the wilderness, and prayed." "And it came to 
pass in those days that He went out into a 
mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer 
to God." [2 Mark 1:35; Luke 5:15, 16; 6:12.] 
   In a life wholly devoted to the good of 
others, the Saviour found it necessary to withdraw 
from the thoroughfares of travel and from the 
throng that followed Him day after day. He must 
turn aside from a life of ceaseless activity and 
contact with human needs, to seek retirement and 
unbroken communion with His Father. As one with us, a 
sharer in our needs and weaknesses, He was wholly 
dependent upon God, and in the secret place of prayer 
He sought divine strength, that He might go 
forth braced for duty and trial. DA362,3 


   My friend recently climbed Mount St. 
Helens and reached the summit. She said, It was 
a very challenging climb but truly 
rewarding. Friends congratulated her for the feat, 
since she was in her fifties. Shed also climbed 
the peak in chilly, windy weather. I had to 
push myself to reach the summit, she said. 
With jubilation, she added, Thank You, Lord, 
for giving me the determination to complete the 
   I also know other people who love to hike 
in the mountains. Aside from getting good 
exercise and reaping its health benefits, being close 
to nature has a calming effect on ones soul. 
Reaching the summit gives one the opportunity to 
experience an awesome view. But I also sense that being 
in an isolated place like the mountains makes 
us more sensitive to Jesus. Alone with Jesus, 
surrounded by His creation and away from the noisy 
crowd, we can become more in tune with Him.  
   Jesus would often go to a mountain by 
Himself or with His disciples to pray to His Father. 
When His disciples got too busy, He urged them to 
go to a secluded place where they could rest. I 
sense that call too. So every morning I step out 
of the house and breathe in deep gulps of fresh 
air. I take in the lush scenery as I look at the 
trees. Then I spend quiet time with Jesus, hearing 
Him speak as I read the Bible. Its a 
refreshing experience to be in touch with Him. by 
Marlene Legaspi-Munar  
   Faith Step: Find a quiet place where you 
can pray regularly. Consider scheduling a 
personal retreat this year in a place surrounded by 
nature. [Mornings With Jesus 2020 Devotional by 
Guideposts and Zondervan] 


Great teachers of our faith tell us that 
prayer is the life breath of the believer. Are you 
easily winded these days? Jesus needed a place to 
be completely alone, where he could concentrate 
and focus His attention on God the Father. He 
chose a mountain.  We need this same 
concentration.  Some of us pray as we drive, others send up 
arrow-prayers throughout the day. Neither is wrong. But 
God deserves our utmost respect and effort.  
Prayer of that kind comes only when we give time to 
it, and place for it. When Jesus was praying 
like this, He might pray all through the night. 
Have you? Has anything ever been that important? 
There is a private and wonderful place the 
believer finds when he or she purposes to persevere 
in prayer. We should not struggle like Jacob, 
who wrestled and lost his hip for it. Rather, we 
should set our face to communicate with our God. If 
you will do this, you will find that special, 
mysterious place of close communion. And you will not 
want to leave it. [In His Time; Walk With Wisdom] 

Do you find prayer tiring?  Prayer is 
communicating with the only perfect Being there is. It 
seems that as we pray, it takes a lot of energy:  
energy to stay focused; to continue to listen when 
you hear nothing; and sometimes energy when you 
yourself are not clear about the matter you are 
bringing before God.  King David, in his song of 
praise for the successful transfer of the ark of 
the covenant to Jerusalem, shares in his song 
his secret of being the only man whom God 
called, "a man after My own heart."  David says to 
ceaselessly follow after God, and His strength!  It is 
in God's strength that we can persevere in 
prayer.  As we access this strength, we are able to 
seek God without tiring.  David goes on to tell 
us to reflect on the wonders God has wrought on 
behalf of His people, and you, including His Word. 
If you want to communicate with God, and 
overcome your own weakness and the distractions of 
the enemy, seek God's strength. You'll find it!  
[In His Time; Walk With Wisdom]  

   Jesus went apart to cure his loneliness.  
He needed the silence of eternity as a 
thirsting man in the desert needs water.  And he 
essentially needed the silence of eternity which was 
interpreted by love.  For he who was love incarnate had 
his own needs to love and be loved.  His deepest 
need, and likewise ours, could be met only by God. 
 Ultimately no human being, no matter how 
close or dear, can fully satisfy our need for 
love.  Those who imagine they can end up devouring 
one another. 
   Jesus longed for time apart to bask and 
sunbathe in his Father's love, to soak in it and 
repose in it.  No matter how drained he felt, it 
seems that this deep, silent communion refreshed 
him more than a good night's sleep... 
   Human love and friendship indeed enrich 
our lives and partly meet this need - but not 
entirely, for at the core of our being [is] ...a love 
longing for God which will only be met by converting 
our loneliness into deep solitude, by fleeing 
the sweets and cordials that may give temporary 
satisfaction, and finding the real thing in Him.  
[Margaret Magdalen; Time with God devotional SB] 


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If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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