Galatians 6:2 - Bear One Another's Burdens.

Galatians 6:2 (NKJV) Bear one another's 
burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.  


   When problems overwhelm us, God's grace 
comes to us in many forms. Sometimes he empowers 
us directly. Sometimes he guides us through his 
Word. And sometimes he works through other people. 
He wants us to accept their encouragement and 
practical help. Will you be humble enough to ask for 
help from his people? 
   He never meant for us to go through life 
on our own. That's why the Bible speaks of 
God's people as limbs of one body: Christ's body. 
"The eye cannot say to the hand, 'I don't need 
you!' And the head cannot say to the feet, 'I 
don't need you!' (1 Corinthians 12:21). We all 
need each other to face what life dishes out. If 
you're in over your head or just feeling lonely, 
ask someone for help or a listening ear. 
   Accepting help from others honors them 
and enables them to fulfill the design God 
created for them. [The Daniel Plan 365-Day 


Church Broke Out (Redux)
   I began the blog in this space last week 
with the disclaimer that I wasnt sure the 
story was true. I check sources carefully and if 
there is any doubt I either admit my hesitancy, or 
I omit the story. So here is my entre to last 
weeks blog: 
   I dont know if this story is true. 
Ive never started a piece like this before. 
Ive written in this space every Monday evening 
for more than six years and Ive never started 
even once with this beginning. I almost always 
know more about the story than I know about this 
one. But I think its true and its big 
enough I know youll be blessed. 
   However, no sooner had the blog hit the 
streets last week than I got a note from a dear 
friend " our family physician " saying he had 
found the original. So the story is true.  
   Here are a couple of specifics: It 
happened in Louisville (I had just said it was from 
Kentucky). The trash company is Hometown Hauling, and 
the trash man is Jake Bland rather than Gus. 
Other than that I got it right. So now maybe the 
story is even more persuasive than before. 
   One Thursday morning Molly didnt put 
her trash out at the curb. She was an older lady 
and it had happened before so Gus, her trash 
man, wasnt terribly concerned. But when the 
cans were not there the next week, he was 
worried. Gus got the name from his dispatcher and 
called up the customer. Maam, he asked, 
I see you havent put your trash cans out 
for a while. Are you ok? Im doin all 
right, she replied. The lady who comes in to 
help me was afraid of the virus So? 
asked Gus. So she stopped coming. I dont 
have any trash these days because Ive run out 
of food. 
   Well, maam, thats not ok. 
Tomorrow is my day off; when I finish my run today 
Ill stop by. When Gus arrived he asked her to 
make up a grocery list. Maam, this list is 
too short, he told her. Reluctantly she added 
some more items. Suspecting he didnt have the 
whole story he asked if he could look in her 
fridge. It was stark naked empty.  
   Next morning Gus showed up with a dozen 
bags filled to the top with every kind of grocery 
she could need. Molly was speechless. Gus said, 
Maam, you maybe didnt think you had family 
living nearby. Well, you do now. Till your lady can 
come back and help, my wife and I will see that 
you have everything you need. 
   I love this story. A trash collector 
sensed that here was a lady with a need and church 
broke out. Here is a guardian angel, cleverly 
disguised as a garbage man, doing kingdom business. I 
dont know that his prayer that morning was, 
And Lord, help me find someone today who needs 
something more than having their trash hauled away. 
   But it wouldnt surprise me. Gods 
people are like that. [By Don Jacobsen; NAD Prayer 

Cowboys in Wheelchairs
   Little Matthew and Stephen came to one of 
our Family Retreats to volunteer alongside their 
mom and dad. They pushed wheelchairs, carried 
lunch trays, held Bibles, and played games with 
kids in wheelchairs. The boys had a blast, plus 
it provided great insight as to how disabled 
kids deal with daily struggles. 
   After the retreat was over, Matthew 
received a Lego City for his birthday. Their father 
observed his boys snap together a cowboy and Indian 
fort. They built walls, watch towers and a group 
of teepees. "What's that?" Dad pointed to an 
odd conglomeration of blocks. 
   "It's a ramp," they replied. "It's there 
so people in wheelchairs can get in the fort." 
The boys started snapping together little 
wheelchairs with square wheels. (Square? It's the 
thought that counts). The cowboys rode wheelchairs 
instead of horses. So did the Indians. The boys 
constructed ramps into the general store, livery stable, 
and the jail. (I suppose that shows disabled 
people are sinners, too). 
   "They came up with the idea themselves," 
their father told me. "It came naturally." 
Hobnobbing for a week with kids in wheelchairs changed 
Matthew and Stephen. They will grow up to be adults 
who think, What can I do to make life easier for 
my disabled friend? It won't be a fearful world 
of "us" and "them," but a world where it comes 
naturally to put in a ramp, widen a door, reach out a 
hand, or open a heart. It will be a great world 
when it happens, and Matthew and Stephen are 
paving the way. 
   Think of a family member, neighbor, or 
coworker who has a disability. Is there anything you 
can do to make his or her life a little easier 
for them? If so, you will fulfill the law of 
   Lord, open my eyes to the needs of 
others. Help me to carry their burdens and so 
fulfill your law... the law of love. [Joni Eareckson 
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If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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