Matthew 25:31-46 - The Parable Of The Sheep And Goats; The Final Judgment.

Matthew 25:34-36, 40 (NIV)  Then the King 
will say to those on his right, Come, you who 
are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, 
the kingdom prepared for you since the creation 
of the world.  For I was hungry and you gave me 
something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me 
something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited 
me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I 
was sick and you looked after me, I was in 
prison and you came to visit me.. I tell 
you the truth, whatever you did for one of the 
least of these brothers of mine, you did for 

Mat 25:34-36, 40 (CWB) Then as Judge and 
King He will say to those on His right, `You are 
my Father's children because you are so much 
like Him.  Come!  Now is the time for you to be 
given a permanent home in His kingdom which He has 
been looking forward to giving you for quite 
sometime.  Everyone could see the change that took 
place in your life when you decided to become one 
of God's children, because you cared about 
others as you would care about me.  When others 
were thirsty, you gave them water.  When they 
were hungry, you gave them food, and when they 
were lost and homeless, you took them in.  When 
they had nothing suitable to wear, you gave them 
clothes.  When they were sick, you visited them and 
comforted them, and when they were put in jail, you 
didn't forget them.'. `I know you didn't realize 
this because a transformation had taken place in 
your life and kindness and compassion became a 
permanent part of your nature.  What you so caringly 
did even to those who are thought the least of, 
you did for me.' 


   Some missed him.
   Some miss him still.
   We expect God to speak through peace, but 
sometimes he speaks through pain. 
   We think God talks through the church, 
but he also talks through the lost. 
   We look for the answer among the 
Protestants, but he's been known to speak through the 
   We listen for him among the Catholics but 
find him among the Quakers. 
   We think we hear him in the sunrise, but 
he is also heard in the darkness. 
   We listen for him in triumph, but he 
speaks even more distinctly through tragedy. 
   We must let God define himself.
   When we do, when we let God define 
himself, a whole new world opens before us. How, you 
ask? Let me explain with a story. 
   Once there was a man whose life was one 
of misery. The days were cloudy, and the nights 
were long. Henry didn't want to be unhappy, but 
he was. With the passing of the years, his life 
had changed. His children were grown. The 
neighborhood was different. The city seemed harsher. 
   He was unhappy. He decided to ask his 
minister what was wrong. 
   "Am I unhappy for some sin I have 
   "Yes," the wise pastor replied. "You have 
   "And what might that sin be?"
   "Ignorance," came the reply. "The sin of 
ignorance. One of your neighbors is the Messiah in 
disguise, and you have not seen him." 
   The old man left the office stunned. "The 
Messiah is one of my neighbors?" He began to think 
who it might be. 
   Tom the butcher? No, he's too lazy. Mary, 
my cousin down the street? No, too much pride. 
Aaron the paperboy? No, too indulgent. The man was 
confounded. Every person he knew had defects. But one 
was the Messiah. He began to look for Him. 
   He began to notice things he hadn't seen. 
The grocer often carried sacks to the cars of 
older ladies. Maybe he is the Messiah. The officer 
at the corner always had a smile for the kids. 
Could it be? And the young couple who'd moved next 
door. How kind they are to their cat. Maybe one of 
   With time he saw things in people he'd 
never seen. And with time his outlook began to 
change. The bounce returned to his step. His eyes 
took on a friendly sparkle. When others spoke he 
listened. After all, he might be listening to the 
Messiah. When anyone asked for help, he responded; 
after all this might be the Messiah needing 
   The change of attitude was so significant 
that someone asked him why he was so happy. "I 
don't know," he answered. "All I know is that 
things changed when I started looking for God." 
   Now, that's curious. The old man saw 
Jesus because he didn't know what he looked like. 
The people in Jesus' day missed him because they 
thought they did. 
   How are things looking in your 
neighborhood? [Max Lucado Daily Devotional at 


   I teach a lot of literature from the 
Victorian period, when the world was reeling from the 
publication of Darwin's theory of natural selection. 
People were losing their faith en masse because 
they could not reconcile this new science with 
their version of Christianity. People still 
struggle with a choice between science and religion, 
but for me that's a false choice. 
   I appreciate the discoveries of that time 
and the descriptions of what happens in the 
natural world. But it's a dark truth, for sure. The 
theory highlights the cruelty of the natural world, 
which is bad news for the poor, sick, very young, 
or elderly. Still, this truth only propels me 
toward God. It highlights our need to transcend 
natural instincts by taking a higher way. 
   Following Jesus means we take seriously 
our responsibility to eradicate suffering in the 
world. That's what distinguishes it from many other 
belief systems. Jesus inverts the idea of natural 
selection, calling us to deny ourselves, pick up our 
cross, and follow Him into soup kitchens, 
hospitals, prisons, and homeless shelters. Wherever 
people suffer"that's where Jesus leads us. And as 
we participate in building His kingdom, we 
become supernatural agents, taking on divine love 
that overcomes the natural way of things. by Gwen 
Ford Faulkenberry 
   Faith Step: Where might you follow Jesus 
today in order to alleviate suffering? Visit your 
local nursing home. That's a great place to start. 
[Mornings With Jesus 2019 Devotional by Guideposts and 


   I began the blog in this space last week 
with the disclaimer that I wasnt sure the 
story was true. I check sources carefully and if 
there is any doubt I either admit my hesitancy, or 
I omit the story. So here is my entre to last 
weeks blog: 
   I dont know if this story is true. 
Ive never started a piece like this before. 
Ive written in this space every Monday evening 
for more than six years and Ive never started 
even once with this beginning. I almost always 
know more about the story than I know about this 
one. But I think its true and its big 
enough I know youll be blessed. 
   However, no sooner had the blog hit the 
streets last week than I got a note from a dear 
friend " our family physician " saying he had 
found the original. So the story is true.  
   Here are a couple of specifics: It 
happened in Louisville (I had just said it was from 
Kentucky). The trash company is Hometown Hauling, and 
the trash man is Jake Bland rather than Gus. 
Other than that I got it right. So now maybe the 
story is even more persuasive than before. 
   One Thursday morning Molly didnt put 
her trash out at the curb. She was an older lady 
and it had happened before so Gus, her trash 
man, wasnt terribly concerned. But when the 
cans were not there the next week, he was 
worried. Gus got the name from his dispatcher and 
called up the customer. Maam, he asked, 
I see you havent put your trash cans out 
for a while. Are you ok? Im doin all 
right, she replied. The lady who comes in to 
help me was afraid of the virus So? 
asked Gus. So she stopped coming. I dont 
have any trash these days because Ive run out 
of food. 
   Well, maam, thats not ok. 
Tomorrow is my day off; when I finish my run today 
Ill stop by. When Gus arrived he asked her to 
make up a grocery list. Maam, this list is 
too short, he told her. Reluctantly she added 
some more items. Suspecting he didnt have the 
whole story he asked if he could look in her 
fridge. It was stark naked empty.  
   Next morning Gus showed up with a dozen 
bags filled to the top with every kind of grocery 
she could need. Molly was speechless. Gus said, 
Maam, you maybe didnt think you had family 
living nearby. Well, you do now. Till your lady can 
come back and help, my wife and I will see that 
you have everything you need. 
   I love this story. A trash collector 
sensed that here was a lady with a need and church 
broke out. Here is a guardian angel, cleverly 
disguised as a garbage man, doing kingdom business. I 
dont know that his prayer that morning was, 
And Lord, help me find someone today who needs 
something more than having their trash hauled away. 
   But it wouldnt surprise me. Gods 
people are like that. [By Don Jacobsen; NAD Prayer 

   What I Learned About Love From a Lady I 
Dont Know 
   I dont know the ladys name. I know 
what people call her but I dont think thats 
her real name. Let me tell you what I learned 
from her 
   There is in her city a Bridge Community. 
I mean it is a community that lives under one 
of the major bridges not far from the center of 
town. She fell in love with them. All three 
hundred of them. She wanted to tell them of Jesus 
love, but her heart said, You cant tell them 
about how much Jesus loves them if theyre 
   So every Tuesday for the last 15 years 
she has taken her crew of volunteers under the 
bridge and provided a hot meal for all 300 of them, 
adults, children, elderly, the working poor, those 
with passports and those without. She raises the 
money, trains her helpers, buys the food, and 
drafts a religious leader from the community and 
gives him/her eight minutes to tell them how much 
Jesus loves them. And they listen. 
   She also solicits clothes and distributes 
them. Through some of the trained medical and 
dental professionals she drafts she provides some 
simple health care. And job skills. The project has 
been going on long enough that many from the 
Bridge Community have been able to work their way 
out of poverty; some of them even come back now 
on Tuesdays to help. And scores of them show up 
regularly in area churches. 
   She explains, Nearly 400 times in 
Scripture God speaks of His love for the hungry, the 
homeless, the sick, and those in prison. They 
represent the ache in His heart for the needy. 
Rather that wring her hands, she gathers her people 
together to pray that God will lay on their hearts 
the same compassion He has. And then they work 
to demonstrate that love in tangible ways. She 
has taught me much. 
   But theres more. Recently she visited 
one of the nations in the Islamic world. About 
98% of the population claim loyalty to a 
different god than the Creator. As she walked the 
streets of the capital she found herself praying, 
God, I want to be so bold as to ask that you will 
show us how we can reach a million people in this 
city with the gospel. She mused, I thought 
God would be pleased that I should make such an 
audacious request. But then in my heart I sensed 
Gods reply. I thought I heard Him say, But 
there are 4 1/2 million people here, what do you 
suggest I do with the other 3 1/2 million? She 
said, I had no answer. 
   I learned so much from this precious lady 
who is half my age and whose real name I 
didnt even know. I learned that (1) if I wish to 
represent the heart of God I must be ready to offer 
help to those in need, and (2) that I need to 
expand my prayer commitment to the lost. All of 
them. By Don Jacobsen of NAD Prayer Ministries 


The Touch of God
   In Scripture Matthew 8:2 is symbolic of 
the ultimate outcast: infected by a condition he 
did not seek, rejected by those he knew, avoided 
by people he did not know, condemned to a 
future he could not bear. And in the memory of each 
outcast must have been the day he was forced to face 
the truth: life would never be the same. 
   The banishing of a leper seems harsh, 
unnecessary. The Ancient East hasnt been the only 
culture to isolate their wounded, however. We may 
not build colonies or cover our mouths in their 
presence, but we certainly build walls and duck our 
eyes. And a person neednt have leprosy to feel 
   The divorced know this feeling. So do the 
handicapped. The unemployed have felt it, as have the 
less educated. Some shun unmarried moms. We keep 
our distance from the depressed and avoid the 
terminally ill. We have neighborhoods for immigrants, 
convalescent homes for the elderly, schools for the 
simple, centers for the addicted, and prisons for 
the criminals. 
   The rest simply try to get away from it 
all. Only God knows how many individuals are 
living quiet, lonely lives infected by their fear 
of rejection and their memories of the last 
time they tried. They choose not to be touched at 
all rather than risk being hurt again. 
   Some of you have the master touch of the 
Physician himself. You use your hands to pray over the 
sick and minister to the weak. If you arent 
touching them personally, your hands are writing 
letters, dialing phones, baking pies. You have 
learned the power of a touch. 
   But others of us tend to forget. Our 
hearts are good; its just that our memories are 
bad. We forget how significant one touch can be. 
We fear saying the wrong thing or using the 
wrong tone or acting the wrong way. So rather than 
do it incorrectly, we do nothing at all. 
   Arent we glad Jesus didnt make the 
same mistake? If your fear of doing the wrong 
thing prevents you from doing anything, keep in 
mind the perspective of the lepers of the world. 
They arent picky. They arent finicky. 
Theyre just lonely. They are yearning for a godly 
   Jesus touched the untouchables of the 
world. Will you do the same? [Max Lucado Daily 
Devotional at maxlucado.com] 


Matthew 25:31-46 - The Parable Of The Sheep 
And Goats The Final Judgment. 



If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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